30 seconds to mars meet and greet photos 2013

My Meet and Greet with 30 Seconds to Mars | Adventures In Wonderland

30 seconds to mars meet and greet photos 2013

VIP Meet & Greet with 30 Seconds to Mars Shannon Leto, 30 Seconds, Vip. Visit . Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from 30 Seconds to Mars. .. 30 seconds to mars - Google Search Good Charlotte, Asking Alexandria, 30 Sec. Upcoming Dates. Jun Klam, Austria. Castle Clam Festival. Tickets. Jul3. Enter Shikari slam 30 Seconds To Mars for 'exploiting their fans' 30 Seconds To Mars for 'exploiting their fans' by charging for meet and greets after gigs. Rou Reynolds (@RouReynolds) June 19, Below - Photos: 30 Seconds To Mars perform exclusive gig on top of London's O2 yesterday.

Also Aunty Cris highly appreciated the possibility to go to the bathroom by asking a security guard for permission. Aunty Cris felt really happy to queue again. After waiting another hour, at 5: Aunty Cris thought that was totally a VIP snack…. And VIP owners could drink healthy water! Aunty Cris ate nothing but she could see that the snack satisfied the hunger that many Echelon had.

30 seconds to mars meet and greet photos 2013

She knew most of them had eaten for the last time at 1. The Echelon had to be really grateful. They were enjoying a VIP snack. It was an unimaginable experience, discovering new flavors of products that had never tasted before as croissants or candies while they were sitting on the floor.

30 seconds to mars meet and greet photos 2013

Aunty Cris compared this moment with the one she had when she went to Madonna concert. It was 6 pm. Aunty Cris and company had been locked in a room almost three hours under the control of the security guards like if they were prisoners.

They had nothing to do but wait for a band that seemed to take forever. Aunty Cris asked AIW spokeswoman to report her on the whereabouts of the band but no one knew anything.

Aunty Cris was pleased to be surrounded by such an efficient organization. Finally, Aunty Cris could get some news. So they decided that they would do it afterwards. The evident solution to this type of contingency is always leaving a day off between gigs when they are held in different cities. But obviously they would rather Echelon suffer the consequences instead of paying the cost of a hotel stay for the entire crew. Later, the Echelon got taken inside the venue. Aunty Cris decided to get a seat with good visibility near the stage because she realized that her chances to be placed on first row were low due to the great number of people who had bought VIP tickets.

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Aunty Cris enjoyed the show but was not experiencing anything new in comparison with the previous tour. She knew Jared was known for innovating every now and then. She also noticed that the band enjoyed more playing depending on the city they were acting. Barcelona was definitely not one of them. After the concert, the Echelon returned to the room where many hours before they had been waiting for over 3 hours.

It was getting late. AIW members were in a hurry. They were following orders of the band who were tired. A few minutes later, the band got in waving to everyone.

Jared apologized for not approaching people because he uses to catch a cold in contact with people. The Echelon was a source of viruses and diseases to Jared. Aunty Cris said to Jared that Shannon, for example, was also in contact with many people and did not get so sick as often as him.

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Jared looked at Aunty Cris with that kind of look that would have disintegrated her. Owner of AIW Jared asked the Echelon where they were coming from, who had tattoos and who wanted to show them. If you got to ask or tell them something they did grace, they could stay in front of you much longer. I felt really bad after, and I hope I didnt come off as rude.

We were allowed into the show area early so we could buy our merch and get a good spot. I hurrily bought my merch and was able to grab a barricade spot between where Jared and Shannon was going to be. The whole night was amazing. MARS exceeded my expectations for how the show was going to be. All 3 of them played beautifully live, and they have amazing stage presence. I was also a little surprised that Jared pays so much attention to the crowd, he saw me not jumping up and down during one of the songs and pointed to me and told me to jump lol.

I have no idea how he does it, the whole time he was on the barricade he was bouncing up and down. If that was me, I would have totally lost my balance and have fallen off onto the ground haha.

30 seconds to mars meet and greet photos 2013

Oh but they added a PS at the end. As any marketing worker will tell you, you have to sweeten things up if you are delivering bad news. Some people spend months making a gift for each member, their heart and soul is poured out into that gift.

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Jared said on the VyRT chat: The whole experience of what? So where is the Meet and Greet? This could have been so easily solved by replying to us. We do not believe in nagging and complaining, but in offering solutions for the problems we are faced with, so here are some solutions that the Echelon have come up with: Unfortunately the band will not be able to accept gifts in person until further notice.

Therefore, this new arising issue is a non issue. Often, those gifts need an explanation as to what they mean, or why they are especial. Collect all the presents when we enter the venue and have the concierge or security staff check each and every present while we are watching the show. Since we know those are sold at a higher price at the Mars Merch Store. Also the posters are made of very poor quality and some fans travel far to these concerts.