Bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 9 - Meet the Candidates

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. .. She could also be heard on BBC WM with Joanne Malin on a Thursday Philip formed a relationship with fellow contestant Kate Walsh after meeting her ^ "The Apprentice, Series 9: Meet the candidates". BBC One . The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. .. ^ "The Apprentice, Series 9: Meet the candidates". BBC One. ^ "The Apprentice, Series Meet "The Apprentice Um, we think we might actually want Karthik Nagesan to win now". Digital Spy. 27 October The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. .. She ultimately won at the final, on 17 July BBC One. ^ "The Apprentice, Series Meet the candidates". BBC One.

Cunningham started off poorly in the beginning, with her erratic selling in the first task earning some ire in the boardroom by Lord Sugar. Her failed side-deal was also condemned in the boardroom review, but she dodged elimination after project Michelle Niziol did not bring her back for the final boardroom. In the next task, Cunningham became project manager due to her background in fashion, but poorly led her team and created a confusing advertisement campaign, which resulted in their loss.

While she was given credit for giving a good presentation in the task, Cunningham still earned considerable criticism for her losing her composure and being unable to control her emotions. Nevertheless, Lord Sugar gave Cunningham another chance, and she remained in the process throughout all ten tasks.

She was fired in the interviews stage after it was revealed that her business proposal was based on a model of a previous company that not only failed but sustained a massive loss as well. Natalie Hughes[ edit ] Natalie Hughes, aged 30, is the owner of a hair and beauty salon in Glasgow. She runs two beauty and clothing businesses, and she prides herself on having "the hustler's ambition.

This was later compounded by revelations that Hughes' brother was caught selling pirated goods from his market stall. She was promptly fired the following week for making no significant or positive contributions on either task, along with a poor defence of herself in the boardroom.

When she appeared on You're Fired, she revealed she had never even seen the programme before and merely defended herself because she was too proud to quit the process. She has a son, Ollie, and also serves as the account manager and creative director for her business.

Jeffery prided herself on her "infectious" enthusiasm and believed being nice wins in business. Unfortunately, she remained on the Nebula team during her time on the show and lost six tasks in a row, tying with Frances Bishop and Elle Stevenson from Series 11 for the record of most consecutive losses.

She was brought back to the boardroom twice for underwhelming performances but was spared both times when the losing project manager was fired instead. In the sixth task, Jeffrey did not step up to be project manager despite promising to do so the previous weekand did not ensure that her delegated items were at the supermarket she phoned.

This, along with the fact she hadn't won a single task, ultimately served as grounds for her elimination. Jeffrey received a considerable amount of attention for her taxi interview, where she claimed that she was fired for not being "enough of a twat.

He now works for a high-end retail store and negotiates with high-profile clients in his field of tech sales.

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Khelfa describes himself as ambitious and courageous candidate who "never gives up. However, he slowly began to earn disapproval from Lord Sugar, the advisors, and his fellow candidates for being stubborn and not listening to instructions.

List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series 9) - Wikipedia

While he was a successful project manager in the following task, his disregard for authority and "lone wolf" style of working slowly hurt him throughout the process. This ultimately became his undoing in Week 9 when he was fired. She describes herself as altruistic, extremely confident, and believes she has a gift for spotting a good business opportunity. Fluent in seven languages, King also compared herself to the Tasmianian devil cartoon, claiming she will torpedo her way to the win.

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

In the third week, she was criticized by Mukai Noiri and Paul Sullivan for her trades in the confectionery task, but she later exposed them in the boardroom for ganging up on her in an attempt from both men to cover up their mistakes. In the following task, she shocked her entire team by announcing she wanted to leave the process, after finding the experience too overwhelming. After her exit, she explained that the limited communication with her family and realizing that her partnership with Lord Sugar would not be a good match were the ultimate reasons she left the process.

She lives in Newry with her son whom she had at 16 and works throughout the UK and Ireland doing make-up for film projects and fashion shows. She says her hunger and passion pushes her to succeed, and she puts maximum effort into everything she does, with her son being her primary inspiration.

Despite suffering two losses as project manager, McCoy was widely known as a contender throughout the process, delivering solid performances in several tasks and was considered a very hard worker.

She made it to the interviews stage, but was the first to be fired out of the five finalists for having an over-ambitious business plan.

The Apprentice: Meet the Candidates 2018 - BBC

He describes himself as "the next billion dollar unicorn" and says his friends would describe him as a born leader who takes charge and blazes a trail. Similarly to Jessica Cunningham from this series and Melissa Cohen from Series 6, Nagesan also developed some infamy due to his over-the-top personality, along with his monobrow and some quirky metaphorical sayings.

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

Despite his off-beat presence, he became a favorite to win on Digital Spy and Radio Times. Married with a son, she is also the founder of three companies that deal in mortgages, property, and lettings. A self-professed workaholic, Niziol describes herself as relentless and has no fear of anyone else. Niziol was elected project manager for the first task, but preceded to have a poor showing of leadership, and the lack of communication and pricing strategy led to her becoming the first fired candidate of the series.

Born in Milburn in PenrithOliver is the founder of a sausage manufacturer that supplies in supermarkets in both the UK and internationally. He also believes his greatest business skills lie in his marketing ability and his powers of persuasion. Throughout his time in the process, Nohl-Oser was repeatedly criticized for lacking presence and for making minimal contributions.

He was elected project manager by Lord Sugar in the confectionery task, due to his background in food production.

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

Despite his expertise, Nohl-Oser severely struggled in transitioning from making sausages to making sweets, and was fired for failing on a task related to his industry. He has also lived in Egypt and India. Noiri gave up his position as a senior communications manager to focus on his business proposal, and believes his charm is one of his strongest qualities.

Noiri's track record in the tasks was consistently poor, starting with underwhelming sales in the first task.

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016

He was elected project manager because of his fashion expertise, but preceded to create a shoddy advertising campaign, which was followed up with awful leadership. While his team lost the task for these glaring errors, he was put through to the next round. In the third task, he changed his team's deal with a wine company and lost money in the process. Once again, he was given another chance. Mordaunt had a successful track record, being on the winning team for six consecutive weeks, and only being in the final boardroom twice in the last two weeks, before the interviews stage.

However, Lord Sugar stated that he could not build a business, and fired him in week Monaco" because he lived in Monaco. Natalie Panayi[ edit ] Age: Panayi also stated that "Lord Sugar could learn from me". Lord Sugar disagreed and stated that Panayi "overestimates her abilities".

Jordan Poulton[ edit ] Age: Poulton was educated at Bramcote Preparatory School, [42] a former independent school for boys in the suburb of Bramcote in Nottinghamshire and Oundle School[42] a boarding independent school in the town of Oundle in Northamptonshirefollowed by Worcester College at the University of Oxford. The interview terminated early. Poulton also claimed to be able to solve a Rubik's cube in 3 minutes, however failed to do so during another interview.

He was fired in Week 11, coming fifth place in the competition. Zeeshaan Shah[ edit ] Age: I take inspiration from Napoleon; I am here to conquer", and stated that "Zeeshaan Shah will go down in history". He also has a self-declared IQ of

bbc apprentice 2013 meet the candidates 2016