Clraa meet 2013 iba zambales

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clraa meet 2013 iba zambales

meet sponsored by the Education Department in Iba, Zambales, in the Central Luzon Regional Athletic Association (CLRAA) meet so that. – Schedule of Nurses on the Conduct of CLRAA Meet Training – Reiteration of DBM Circular Letter , and Preparation of Disbursement. Random Photos – Food from Zambales and Beyond .. Let's start the year with this awesome article from Dalo 's blog. however, it is pleasing to know that the province of Zambales, particularly in Iba, which was the Although CLRAA Meet is all about friendly athletic competition and display of sportsmanship.

clraa meet 2013 iba zambales

Garcia complained of dizziness at the second round of the match and the referee stopped the fight immediately. He was immediately brought to the hospital where he lied in state of coma for days.

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The doctor diagnosed him to have suffered of internal hemorrhage and was declared "brain dead. His father, grandfather and twin brother was at his bedside. His mother is expected to arrive from Japan where she was working. The Bulacan team withdrew all 10 amateur boxers from the Regional meet. The team also recommended the abolition all combat sports such as boxing, taekwondo and arnis in future athletic competitions of the DepEd.

Bulacan, Philippines: News: 16 Dec - Bulacan wins back to back victory

Bulacan won the overall championship of the CLRAA, but they were not happy having lost a team member. According to GMA news, the twin brother Ralph Raven Garcia said it was he who was supposed to be competing in the CLRAA, but Jonas told him to stay and went on to join the Bulacan team in his place and instead suffered the tragic fate. Assistant Secretary Umali said they are now studying the possibility of excluding boxing and other contact sports like wrestling, wushu, arnis and taekwondo from the Palarong Pambansa, resulting from Garcia's accident.

The women at the center carry plastic bags of goods as they walk past a store.

Comatose 16-year-old boxer had volunteered to compete in twin’s stead

Lines of store, such as the souvenir store on the left, can be found underneath elevated roads. Traffic is a problem in Metro Manila because of congested streets like this one.

Sections of the street are used by drivers as parking spaces tricycles and pedicabs in this casewhich limits the space and blocks the flow of vehicles. A man and a woman were cleaning up their makeshift stall in Manila after selling their goods.

clraa meet 2013 iba zambales

A man on a motorcycle drives by a establishment that has a wall covered by writings. The participants raised their glasses during the launching of the new campaign TxtMed. I have not so much stories to share so I browsed through the files in my phone and found the photos I am sharing with you today.

I am not a professional but a person who likes taking photos. These photos were taken using my Zenfone Max.

CLRAA: Malolos tanker first triple gold medalist | Inquirer Sports

A man checks the quality of the rice after the husks were removed from the grains. Rice is a staple food in the Philippines. A woman walks on a flooded section of a street in Manila. Dirty water, such as this can cause diseases, including leptospirosis.

clraa meet 2013 iba zambales

Road projects that remain unfinished clogs the streets. Urban areas require more streets to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles that pass by city roads. Traffic is a serious problem in NCR.