Csra swap meet 2013 movies

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csra swap meet 2013 movies

February In Every Issue . The mile course gives runners a tour of Augusta's historic downtown and Summerville .. Yikes, that doesn't just happen in movies or on TV shows? . Along with Lance, Debra, and Kyle, we also had the pleasure to meet Adam's oldest *Swap And Assist Shop (Reopening Jan. The annual CNN Slide Show will be held at the CSRA clubhouse, CSRA clubhouse at the bottom of the ramp. 50th Annual CSRA Spring Swap Meet. Title: Echoes Magazine Spring/Summer , Author: Young Harris in the Warner Bros. film Trouble with the Curve that was partially filmed on the YHC campus in Klosinski, a junior business and public policy major from Augusta. Every evening, the group met to swap stories and highlight each.

Shelby Campbell, a senior from Blairsville, enjoys the one-on-one time she experiences in her small Spanish class that encourages intensive study and lively discussion. Every single day, they find ways to become excited and thrilled with language and culture. Santiago is also fluent in English and Portuguese and speaks French. She has never forgotten how listening to music in English helped her learn the language, and she brings music into the classroom whenever she can.

She also makes connections by discussing Spanish films and books with students. Santiago was instrumental in developing a top-notch study abroad program at the College that gives all YHC students the opportunity to spend a summer, semester or year overseas. She is most proud of a direct agreement she brokered with the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.

This fall, Ana Maria will begin pursuing a degree in international studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her research allowed her to return to San Juan, where she underwent the overwhelming task of pouring through thousands of old newspapers and ancient microfiche files.

Santiago speaks four languages. Santiago also works to help students find informal ways to speak Spanish outside of the classroom and engage the campus and local communities in meaningful experiences that foster awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures. Santiago hopes to establish new events on campus such as a Spanish film festival and musical performances ranging from a Flamenco guitarist to a tango dance troupe.

Her easy and energetic manner exudes a blend of old world meets new, which she incorporates into her life and work. Today, the world again finds itself in a period of economic instability following the subprime mortgage debacle in the U.

As we saw with the Asian Contagion, economic problems do not stay small or localized. Business decisions are not solely responsible for these economic issues. Many governmental policies contributed to both of these worldwide situations. Indeed, economists and political pundits have spilled gallons of ink attempting to describe the causes of these economic crises. Business and government activities are becoming increasingly more globally interdependent.

We are proud to claim him as an inspiration for developing an academic major for the future that recognizes the global business and government interconnection. The business and public policy degree prepares students for an ever-changing and fast-moving economic world through a curriculum that stresses critical thinking, reasoning and strong communication skills.

Our goal is to prepare students for modern and future global conditions. Business and public policy majors seek to answer questions concerning why government does what it does and why businesses and organizations do what they do.

csra swap meet 2013 movies

Students interested in public administration are challenged to consider the impact of government decisions on business. Students interested in business are challenged to consider the motivations and concerns of government policymakers. The final piece of our program takes these elements and globalizes them.

Our department recognizes the intertwining of Dr. Nathan Gray worldwide businesses and governments, and it has implemented courses that stress the globalization of economic affairs.

The course covers factors associated with doing business internationally, but it also expands that view to include the role and goals of government policymakers. We hope to enrich the experience with a study abroad component that will allow students to see how companies deal with the special circumstances associated with engaging in international business. Other courses recognize new and intertwined global realities. Our students study leadership challenges posed by multinational organizations and discuss how cultural differences can affect marketing decisions of international companies.

They analyze governments and cultures of other countries noting why and how the U. We also encourage our students to explore the business and government world in foreign countries.

Last fall, two seniors spent the semester in Europe. Ian Calhoun, of Young Harris, honed his Spanish skills in Barcelona while realizing the necessity of global business in the future. Josh Gilliland, of Hiawassee, studied at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, where I also spent an undergraduate semester several years ago. He explored the English parliamentary system of government while broadening his horizons for a meaningful cultural experience.

Our department is enthusiastic about pioneering this important and essential degree program that prepares students for the present and the future.

We will continue to expand opportunities for students to learn about, recognize and experience the global dimensions of business and government.

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Gray joined the Young Harris College faculty in His research interests include K education policy and reform, and he has published several articles concerning school finance and school choice policies. He received his B. He earned his Ph. His inner compass led him from his hometown of West Palm Beach, Fla. Earl was always intrigued by the idea of working abroad and experiencing new cultures firsthand, and he fittingly found his calling in the field of education during his collegiate studies.

The country has amazing geographical diversity, rich history, beautiful architecture, interesting people and great food—and the ALC is an excellent community resource. The facility is involved with many community service efforts, including special needs education and scholarship programs. Prior to taking on his current vocation, Earl served as an English Language Fellow for the He has served in a number of roles U.

Department of State for several all over the globe that have utilized his years through a program administered by unique education and training.

Approximately fellows are Marrakesh—a place that is familiar to sent around the world each year on him, since he also interned there more educational projects such as teacher than 10 years ago.

Once being an educator became an option for me, I started to look into ways to teach internationally. Some of my conference colleagues and I strolled on a Mediterranean beach in Antalya, Turkey. He was evacuated from his post in Uzbekistan shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept.

Unfortunately, those countries were closed, at least for a while. This is a great group of English students and teachers at Ankara University in Turkey. Earl jumped at the opportunity to assist the Red Cross International Services sector with this endeavor.

Listen to those older, wiser mentor figures when they offer you advice and counsel, whether it is solicited or not. Respect their experience and appreciate their concern for you. Then, follow your inner compass. As time passes, he still remembers his alma mater in north Georgia that helped shaped him. All the way from his current home in Morocco, Earl described YHC as a place that creates a special and meaningful experience for all those who attend.

csra swap meet 2013 movies

Is it the beautiful location? The access to caring and professional educators? Yet YHC clearly makes an impact and endures as a strong, fondly recalled milestone for many alumni.

I had never seen so many happen with increased empowerment of staff and teachers, strong financial stars. Upon arrival, I was tired, management, a clear and common filthy and happy. For instance, a trip to Paris, journey commenced, the faculty and France, with his French class led by YHC students who serve and are served by his Professor Emeritus of Foreign Language center will surely be inspired through his Meg Gring Whitley, Ph. Perhaps Earl has blazed a trail through life that they will even be motivated to make an took him from the Enchanted Valley on an indelible mark by following their own incredible journey to far-off places filled inner compasses throughout the world.

She also seems to have a gift for knowing where she should be. Clifton grew up in Fayetteville, where her family ties go back several generations. She attended the same high school as her father, who currently serves as mayor of the city. While she initially planned to attend a large public university, she had a change of heart when YHC landed on her radar. While her AP high school credits qualified her to opt out of introductory calculus, she decided to audit the class anyway as a refresher for future math courses.

Tough grading aside, Clifton praised her former professor as a mentor and role model who motivated her to succeed. She enrolled in Calculus II with Dr. She continued her education at Georgia Tech, double majoring in international affairs and modern languages with a minor in finance.

She then signed on as an analyst at a telecom expense management firm in metro Atlanta. She never imagined that her background in international affairs and finance could lead to a position with DWB, especially considering her lack of medical training.

A conversation with a friend prodded her to research the requirements for working with the organization. Clifton learned that DWB provides independent and impartial assistance to populations affected by armed conflict, natural and man-made disasters, epidemics, malnutrition and lack of access to proper health care.

She also realized that the organization needed employees with her skills to help support missions and projects around the world.

She hit the ground running, working on a measles vaccination campaign in the middle of one of the worst epidemics in a decade. There are exceptions to these rules of course.

The question is, when radio commercials are aired in blocks of three to five minutes at a time and yours is stuck in the middle of them, how memorable do you want it to be? Contact Mark at mark thealisongroup. Small biz moves to Georgia help offset job growth slowdown Job growth in has not been on the fast pace it was inaccording to a Georgia economist.

The year saw steady employment growth in the U.

csra swap meet 2013 movies

Mack Robinson College of Business. Texas has, because of falling oil prices; but other leading GDP states, namely California and Florida, have not seen this kind of deceleration. Some states, such as Michigan, have benefitted from the rocket rise of domestic 10 Buzz on Biz Dec. However, a multitude of announcements of small business headquarters moves in the technology and healthcare sectors will help counter economic hits taken because of a global malaise.

Health care has added 11, new jobs in the first nine months of the year and is expected to maintain its momentum in coming years to bolster overall job growth in the state. Bradford Health Services of Augusta is offering the free taxi ride home from Dec. Staff and patrons at local restaurants, bars and lounges may call for the free ride for anyone too impaired to drive.

To schedule a ride home call Bradford Health Services has been treating alcoholism and drug addiction for adults and adolescents for nearly 40 years. Its mission is to bring hope to its patients and their families and lead them on a path of recovery. This recognition validates all the steps we take to ensure patient safety. To earn this distinction Doctors had to meet accountability measures based on evidencebased practices.

Examples include giving aspirin at arrival for heart attack patients or giving antibiotics one hour before surgery. Aiken to put county office in North Augusta North Augusta residents will soon be able to take care of county business a little closer to home. Aiken County announced plans to open a satellite office in North Augusta in January.

This will allow North Augusta residents to conduct county business like paying tax bills and license fees without making the mile drive to Aiken.

Some non-routine business will still be required to be done at the county office in Aiken. Because the office is provided and it will be staffed with existing employees, the startup costs to the county will be small.

Aiken County is also looking for ways to expand its online capabilities for customer convenience. TaxSlayer has full-time employees but that swells to during tax season. The new contract, which takes The rate was 6. Much of the job growth came in trade, transportation and warehousing, 6,; professional and business services, 6,; state and local government, 4,; manufacturing, 3,; leisure and hospitality, 2,; financial activities, 2,; education and health services, 1,; information services, ; construction, ; and other services, such as repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services, Most of the over-the-year job growth in Georgia came in trade, transportation and warehousing, 23,; professional and business services, 20,; leisure and hospitality, 17,; education and health services, 16,; local government, 10,; manufacturing, 5,; financial activities, 4,; construction, 1,; and information services, This is their first government contract.

The number of initial claims for unemployment insurance, a measure of new layoffs, rose by 2, or 10 percent, to 29, in October.

Most of the rise in October was due to an increase in temporary claims filed in manufacturing, especially in textiles and transportation equipment. However, over the year, the number of claims was down by 3, or 9. The decline came in a number of industries, including administrative and support services, wholesale and retail trade, accommodations and food services, health care and social assistance, professional, scientific and technical services, and real estate, rental and leasing.

Local iHeart radio stations and Cares for Kids partners The award was established in to recognize a patientfamily advisor and a professional health care team whose partnership has resulted in authentic patient- and familycentered care practice and culture.

He created a culture of respect, dignity and support and embodied the providerpatient partnership for which PFCC is intended. GRHealth has been developing and integrating PFCC principles for more than two decades and is recognized across the globe as a pioneer and leader in this proven health care philosophy.

Those raising donations were divided into teams, representing a college. The record kettle totals came at a good time following recordhigh shelter populations this summer, normally a slower time for the shelter. Women and children made up the largest part of the increase. Volunteers are needed to ring the bell at red kettles.

Both manufacturing and industry are going strong, thanks to an influx of some large corporations, and construction is gaining ground. That has contributed topeople to South Carolina since Health care, especially for seniors, will be an area of growth, according to the economists. Tourism will be another area where South Carolina can boost economic growth. An Augusta University professor believes Americans should not change their plans because of the threat. Craig Albert, assistant professor of political science at Augusta University.

We have to go on with our daily lives. We have to encourage the lifestyle of a liberal democratic republic. Albert has appeared on national media broadcasts, including a live interview segment with Megyn Kelly for Fox News Channel about the Boston Marathon bombers.

That deal expires at the end of the year, meaning that on Jan. South Carolina was one of 26 states that had made such a deal with the internet sales giant, and is the last of those states to reinstate the sales tax. Allgood Professional Services was founded in Augusta in Dedicated to assisting hospitals with third party liability, commercial, and works compensation collections, Allgood Professional Services excels by combining extensive experience, unique processes, and most of all a commitment to creating relationships with our clients built on trust, transparency, and a completed dedication to performing at the highest levels of integrity.

Retailers in the state also believe it will be fairer to them since they have to pay the sales tax on all sales. A state cannot require a company to collect sales tax on purchases unless they have a physical presence in the state.

Amazon has two South Carolina distribution centers, in Lexington and Spartanburg. This is the second strike against University expansion plans in the past year. A year ago, University purchased 40 acres of land on the northwest side of Aiken a few miles from Aiken Regional Hospital with the plan of building a bed hospital.

That was in response to a study that found Aiken County needed 14 more hospital beds by For more information, contact Crystal Bradshaw at crystal tagonline. I was involved in promoting a furniture expo and thought Scott would be a good candidate for a booth there. Scott really wanted to buy a booth. He realized how much value the exposure would give him. But he just had no money for advertising. See, school had started and his kids needed some new shoes, and there was an issue at church that he donated some money too.

From now until the first week in January everything in sales tends to get turned upside down. Consider that in the U. That is a huge chunk of prime selling 14 Buzz on Biz Dec. In almost the next breath, Scott went on to tell me how he had just landed a job to build a kitchen in a beautiful new home.

How, he wondered, could others charge so much? And if you think that profit was too much, give the rest of it to the church to do good works. While there are ways to gain free publicity, the best and most effective methods cost money.

Effectiveness does not rely on price alone; effective advertising is advertising that gives you the best communication with your customers and potential customers. It may not all come in one fell swoop like it would have for Scott. Depending on your sales volume, it may just be adding some small change to the sales price of each item, or a few more dollars per billable hour. Yes, you might lose a customer or two by raising your rates, but people are used to the cost of living going up.

But now you can advertise and even give a little extra the next time the offering plate passes down your row. During the holidays, more than ever, you must have a concrete plan for sales activity. The brutal fact is it is harder to sell during the holidays and you basically have two choices: In sales, like it or not, activity is everything.

If you are not prospecting, questioning, presenting, closing, and taking the actions that move deals through your pipeline you will fail no matter what time of year it is. The challenge you face during the holidays is there is a much higher probability that deals in your pipe will stall and die because your prospects have an easy excuse to procrastinate.

Because of this you must be even more focused and on top of your sales pipeline. You also need to prospect even harder to ensure that your pipe is full of qualified opportunities going into January.

Maintain Activity or Pay the Consequences During the holidays it is so easy to allow your self-discipline to slip and relax. When you allow this to happen you face peril as your pipeline velocity slows, your closing ratio drops off a cliff, and many of your prospects disappear into a black hole.

Failing to effectively manage your activity and routine during the holidays carries two consequences. In the short-term it hurts your income in December and January when you need those commission checks the most to pay off holiday bills.

In the long-term it negatively impacts your sales pipeline during the first quarter of the new year — January, February and March. Make a Plan Now to Outsell the Holidays To keep this from happening to you, it is critical to develop a plan for outselling the holidays right now. Start by ensuring that you have your calendar properly blocked for daily prospecting and lead generation, as new and follow up appointments. Take into account all of your holiday activities and build them into your calendar so you avoid surprises.

You may have to do some work-arounds to get everything in, but the key is getting your month planned out in advance. Develop the discipline to review your calendar every morning during the holidays and hold yourself accountable to staying on track.

Next, set daily activity targets. Set prospecting targets, closing targets, revenue targets, and be sure you have a goal for the number of qualified prospects you will have in your pipeline the first week in January. Make a firm commitment to review your targets and progress each morning and afternoon — every day.

This forward planning process is a powerful technique that will keep you on track and focused during the holidays. Most importantly by planning in advance and committing to daily activity targets, you will find that you feel less stress, keep the commission checks rolling in, set yourself up to win in the new year, and still have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Gary Kauffman is Editor in Chief of Buzz on Biz and manages the content for print and web publications. You can reach him at gkauffman buzzon. Jeb Blount is the founder of Sales Gravy in Thomson. He helps sales teams across the globe reach peak performance fast through keynote speeches, boot camps, seminars, and on-site and online training.

Hire Jeb to speak at your next sales meeting or conference. Call at or visit JebBlount. As a business and computer owner, you can create your own forecast by making good decisions concerning replacement of aging systems and your IT infrastructure.

This follows a banner year in for desktop computer sales as Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP and customers replaced those machines to the tune of 82 million units in the United Sates. We were surprised, then, to see that for our rate of desktop sales remained solid and as we move into the predictions are for another wave of desktop replacement sales.

SAAC - Calendar of Selected Upcoming Shoreline-Area Antique Auto Events

As we all know, the market is fragmented, meaning that we use phones, tablets and convertibles to check mail, surf the web, purchase products and do many other things, but there is just no substitute for a desktop computer with a large screen or two and a printer. So, for the home computers that are older Vista or Windows 7 machines that would not comfortably upgrade to Windows 10, we suggest replacing those with a solid computer, designed to last for many years.

Laptops will also be replaced, but a slower rate than desktops and, just as with desktops, buying quality and choosing the correct operating system is key. A couple of days before writing this, a customer walked in with a familiar-looking beige computer with one of our logos on it.

His computer was built by Computer Exchange in August and was still in perfect working order. Because he had purchased very healthy hardware at the time, his computer will probably operate as long as he is happy with Windows When you think about what kind of computer to purchase, you need to realize that if you purchase good hardware, something in the midrange, or higher, you can probably continue to operate the computer for as long as you can stand the operating system.

As always, it boils down to, how much does it cost to own a good computer per year? A better-built computer will cost more, but will also result in a longer useable life and less down time and less time doing migrations.

On request, we can still build our new computers with Windows 7 or Windows 7 Professional and for many businesses and some home users Windows 7 will be the operating system of choice. Support for Vista ends this year, but support for Windows 7 will be available until at least Another frequent thing we are seeing is that customers accidentally or casually proceed with the free Win- dows 10 upgrade and this often causes problems.

We suggest backing up all of your data, uninstalling any anti-virus program and then proceeding with the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, you can then reinstall the anti-virus program. Speaking of migrations, here is my quote on that: You could lose some or all of your data and these failures invariably seem to come just when a project, paper or payroll is due. Plan your upgrades and let a technician do the migration work for you. For the home user purchasing a new computer from us, data transfers are free and delivery and setup packages are often on sale.

Business owners can always check with us to see what operating system they should go with. There are really several factors that will affect this decision. If you are unsure, please get in touch with me or any of my team directly and we can discuss the details of your situation with no obligation.

What will a new, rapid booting, fast computer with one or two monitors do for your company? It will improve productivity by around 35 percent or more, make you sleep better at night and be one less thing to worry about. So, what is your productivity forecast for ? Is it cloudy with a chance of data loss, and intermittent lockups, or are you looking at blue skies and a smooth, productive office? Computer Exchange specializes in computer solutions for home and business.

For answers to your computer questions, email him at charles computerexchange. GigaPower provides internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. It will also improve connection to the cloud and videoconferencing capabilities.

When that proved successful it continued to expand and, with the addition of Augusta, now serves 56 metro areas. It recently passed 1 million locations served and expects to soon reach 14 million 16 Buzz on Biz Dec. Several years ago I had offered to oversee a year-long project at my local church working with volunteers.

The project had started off with a bang, and there were early successes. It was beginning to look like I would not reach the goal and the project would fail. I had started the project strong, and was doing well in the middle of the year, but somehow, somewhere, the job fell apart.

He challenged me to get the project back on track and finish the year strong. I brought the core group together, looked back at our successes early on, focused on our remaining priorities, and re-energized them to finish the task. We finished the year strong, went over goal, and as a result, I learned a Business Advice Mike Herrington Highs and Lows Tax brackets can affect your benefits planning Tax brackets have an impact on funding insurance solutions to the needs of closely-held corporations and their shareholders.

As the end of the year approaches, many times we as small business owners get distracted by all the dinners, parties and year-end decisions we have to make, like who gets a bonus, how much, or if you are going to take an extra few days off. So, finishing strong is not in your plans. But, along with those things, you must also review the business. Look at the numbers and determine: Did you reach your yearly goals?

Did you stay within your budgets? Did you make a profit? Granted, these are numbers that you should be looking at all year, but many times owners wait until the end of the year to review them. Once you have looked at your numbers and see where you are for the year, make an appointment with your bookkeeper, CPA, or tax advisor. That way you can avoid unplanned tax issues or surprises. Identify the most important projects that need to be completed, focus on those and commit additional resources or time to them and make sure they get completed.

Tie up as many loose ends as possible. Every year, some of your business plans work and succeed, and some of them fail. During this review process, the team looks to identify what made the projects winners or losers. This exercise provides clarity to be able to see what may work in the new year, and helps eliminate repeating the practices and plans that failed.

Let them know how much For example, a corporation in the 15 percent tax bracket gets to keep 85 cents of every taxable dollar it makes, while an individual in the 35 percent tax bracket gets to keep only 65 cents of every taxable dollar he or she makes. Since life insurance purchased to fund a buy-sell plan must be paid for with after-tax dollars, it may make more sense to pay the premiums with 85cent dollars as compared to cent dollars.

Conversely, the marginal tax brackets of the corporation and shareholder employees can have an impact on the total cost of a selective benefit plan.


Benefits provided to corporate employees on a selective basis generally are either tax-deductible by the corporation or are not currently taxable to the employee, but not both. As a result, the relative impact of tax brackets should be considered in selecting a selective executive benefit plan that produces the most advantageous overall tax results. Lower bracket corporation — If the corporation is in a lower tax bracket than the shareholders, a stock redemption buy-sell plan can be funded with enhanced dollars, since premiums are paid by the corporation.

Higher bracket corporation — If the corporation is in a higher tax bracket than the shareholders, a cross purchase buy-sell plan may be more cost effective since premiums are paid with enhanced dollars by each shareholder.

Lower bracket corporation — When the corporation they meant to your successes. Getting everyone on board to celebrate the victories will help build momentum on the team that will carry over into the new year. Eddie will be sharing ideas and principles he learned in over 37 years of involvement and management in small business. Contact him at eddie greatdealsaugusta. Higher bracket corporation — When the corporation is in a higher tax bracket, selective benefits that involve tax-deductible corporate payments are generally more advantageous, even if taxable to shareholder-employees.

He has been serving clients in the CSRA since Contact him at or mike herringtonfinancialservices. From actual new laws to increases in thresholds, here are some of the changes that may affect you and your business. Long Term Capital Gains In taxpayers in the lower tax brackets 10 and 15 percent pay zero percent on long-term capital gains. Child and Dependent Care Credit The child and dependent care tax credit was permanently extended for taxable years starting in For higher income earners the credit percentage is reduced, but not below 20 percent, regardless of the amount of adjusted gross income.

The deduction is phased out at higher income levels. Standard Mileage Rates The standard mileage rates in are as follows: For tax years throughthe maximum credit was 35 percent for small business employers and 25 percent for small tax-exempt employers such as charities.