D autumn meet 2013 dodge

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d autumn meet 2013 dodge

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It asks for nothing and gives everything. To echo Galatians again, we should serve through love. We must embody a spirit of service, sacrifice, and selflessness.

We typically do not integrate these virtues with love, but I hope you can recognize that a self-sacrificing love is far more fulfilling than any personal gain.

d autumn meet 2013 dodge

Sacrificial love is not based on feeling, but is a determined act of the will. Sacrificial love is a joyful resolve to put the welfare and desires of others above our own. This type of love—agape love—does not come naturally to you or me; however, if we truly heed the words of John Service is not always glamorous.

Selfless love may be a counter-cultural idea, but can have world-altering effects. So how can we carry out a life of sacrificial love?

We must love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, and—to continue with an idea that has stuck with us since last year—we must love those the most that need it the most. Along with a graduation that saw Ann and my youngest son, Patrick, leave the Academy, we celebrated the return of hundreds of alumni—all of them with memories of the Academy but also accomplishments achieved by living out the kind of commitment Claire encouraged.

The result was a beautiful weekend shared with people who love each other and the school to which we belong. Tang began his speech by telling the story of Capt. He landed that plane thanks to his passion for improving upon the precision and excellence required of his profession through hard work and overcoming adversity.

Tang himself knows what it takes to work hard and overcome adversity. My parents, leaving nearly everything behind, fled to Hong Kong where they tried to rebuild their lives. Johnsbury Academy where she graduated insixty years ago. But I was barely 11, and in the turmoil of the times, it was not clear what to do with me. Johnsbury were difficult—home sickness, loneliness, and the struggle to learn English.

Yet, I realized that there was nothing to go back to in China, and that my parents had allocated a part of their limited remaining resources so that I could be educated here, and build a life in America. There was no choice except to move forward. He has been committed to the transformational role that education and Chinese art and culture can play in enhancing the position of Chinese Americans.

Tang shared with the Academy graduates his personal and touching stories of challenges and successes along the way. He left them with three pieces of advice that he felt were keys to his success: First, I found fulfillment in pursuing a productive line of work that I loved with some passion.

Believe in the ultimate dignity of your work and recognize that through continuous education, training, and practice—in other words, plain hard work—you can always improve.

Second, look upon adversity as an opportunity.

d autumn meet 2013 dodge

For me, the loss of China to the Communists that resulted in my displacement to St. Johnsbury, was an adversity that presented an opportunity. It focused my attention, and made me realize that I had to work hard to overcome my circumstances.

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Third, recognize that you are not alone. For me, my parents made what must have been a heartrending decision to send me away at the age of 11, because they felt that, under the circumstances, I would have a better future if I were educated here. Countless teachers, headmasters, counselors, and students helped me succeed in my efforts to advance.

Be grateful for all the support you have and will receive, as I am, and if you are ever in a position, help someone else. Besides, there is no greater reward than to know that you have been helpful to another.

In ending his speech, Mr. In great adversity this country and this town took me in, and provided me an education and the opportunity to build a very fulfilling life. Today, the times may again look difficult and uncertain for you, but be assured that great opportunities are out there. You have been well prepared, but this is a commencement, a beginning for you to reach for those opportunities.

As I look at you, I am full of hope and expectation for what you may achieve. I knew a girl who was scared of St. Jay A She had been homeschooled and liked it that way But her mom and her dad said girl you gotta go So she held on a few months, and what da ya know? Well, I guess you can see why I discarded this suggestion…. But, that girl, she made friends. She stepped back for one second from the homework and saw the faces of her teachers and classmates.

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She stopped checking her schedule every time the bell rang to find out where her next class was. When I first came here after being homeschooled, high school was the most terrifying thing I had ever faced in my life. I do the traditional in a box and fake scream mime. And that was how I felt, because what I really feared was not knowing.

I went from a school of two to a school of a thousand.

d autumn meet 2013 dodge

Now, I am going from that to a college of 12, Except this time, I have to leave behind my family. I am sure you have all been asked this question at least once—probably more.

What are you doing after high school? What are your plans?

Dodge Caravan

The latching mechanisms for the benches were easy to operate though removing and replacing the seats typically required two adults. This configuration was subsequently dropped. Base model curb weight 2, lbs. Safety features consisted of 3-point seat belts for the front two passengers, with simple lap belts for the rear five.

d autumn meet 2013 dodge

Seats on base models and cloth-trimmed SEs had no headrests, which were not mandated due to the van's "light truck" legal status.

However, the two front seats were equipped with non-adjustable headrests on the LE model and in conjunction with vinyl upholstery on the SE.

Side-impact reinforcements were mandated, and were at all seating positions front and rear.

d autumn meet 2013 dodge

Neither airbags nor anti-lock braking systems were available. Access to the rear rows of seating was by a large passenger-side sliding door enabling easy access in confined situations, e. Because only one sliding door was offered, the smaller 2nd row bench seat was shifted to the driver's side of the van, facilitating passenger access to the 3rd row seat.

The seat back of the rear bench could also be folded forward, providing a flat cargo shelf. The smaller 2nd row bench was not adjustable, nor foldable; it could only be removed entirely.

Cargo access to the rear was via a hatchback, similar to the one on the K platform station wagons. The hatch was hinged at the top and held open by gas struts. Brooke, Megan, and Zach are triplets who are in their last season at Jefferson. Along with their cousin Calli who is a ninth grader the Linse's each contributed points that enabled Jefferson to finish in third place at the meet. Each contributed points which helped the East Troy boys and girls teams win the Rock Valley Conference championships.

Above m long dash runners L-R: Below backstretch of the m race L-R: Whitewater sophomore Kailey Reynolds won the m and m dash events. Reynolds [ 5] is shown below in the finals of the m dash in which she posted a Above m dash athletes L-R: Dodge [Discus, 2nd, ' 04] and Morris [SP, 6th, 34' Brodhead head girls coach Ken Petersen.

Ken began his coaching career at Monroe HS in the early 's and then moved to Brodhead High School where he has coached track and field since Coach Petersen was most busy being meet director as the Rock Valley Conference has 12 Division 2 teams: Above HH finals L-R: