Eibach meet 2013 location

May – Eibach Meet

eibach meet 2013 location

S Talk - SoCal Eibach Honda Meet Pt.1 - SoCal Eibach Eibach has hosted one of the fastest growing Honda meets in the. Hype Event: Eibach Meet (Gallery). May 19, May 19, While the location was scenic, it was also incredibly hot! As well as at least an hour. It has historically been held at the Eibach HQ, but the event has 24th, ; Location: Hollywooooooood, CA; Posts: 20,; Vehicles:

Here is videos from years past: We had an overwhelming requests for Honda Tech T shirts.

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We sincerely appreciate their time, commitment and effort throughout the day. These are the people who helped make this meet so successful! It takes a huge effort from everyone to make this day run smoothly and our amazing team of volunteers helped everything run without a hitch. It's is because of these people that this meet happens.

If you saw someone in a red shirt know the hard work they put in all day. It takes many people to put this on and teams from front gate, the track, plate covers, parking, registration greeters all make things happen so smoothly. I cant thank these people enough. I would specifically like to thank JDMRides. These guys stuck it right out to the end.

Eibach Meet 2013 Coverage. Part 2

Hands down to these guys. They went over and above. Also, thanks to Jay, Colin, Marco and Bret who spent countless hours behind these scenes setting the event ready and doing all the things that need to be done ahead of time.

I cant even explain how many hours these guys put in to get this meet organized. I truly appreciate their time.

eibach meet 2013 location

I know people who have repainted their cars and changed up their entire car just for this meet. It sits low on SSR mesh wheels and has an uncommon H23 engine swap. Thanks to his air suspension setup, Arnel was able to sport his new carbon fiber lip.

eibach meet 2013 location

If you know the guy who owns this car, please ask him to contact us! We wanna shoot more photos of it!

eibach meet 2013 location

I love the Nardi 3-spoke woodgrain steering wheel inside this EF sedan. This actually reminds me that I need to get one for myself. Also notice the Budweiser tap as the shift knob, haha! Personally, I am not a fan of these older style mesh wheels on newer, rounder cars.

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To me, it looks out of place… but what do you think? This RSX had great fitment with its Enkei RPF1 wheels, unlike a few cars out there that went way overboard and could not pull off a good look.

eibach meet 2013 location

Something that has been really popular of late is customization and personalization of parts. Whether it be stickered up panels or tagged wheels like these highlighter green ones, it is a way to differentiate yourself from others.

Whether it looks good or not on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder. Nowadays, re-barreling is the only option to get timeless classics like these in a good spec. It must have taken at least five or six hours to get to the Eibach meet! These massive stepped lips dwarf the tiny wheel faces! Who would have thought???