Gda 2013 ending relationship

gda 2013 ending relationship

for the financial year ended 30 June Page .. effectively in all material respects in relation to financial reporting risks. Mr Ng, in his. Gdańsk is a Polish city on the Baltic coast. It is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and Politech gda elektrotech Gdansk diabelski mlyn . It maintained relations with the trade centers Bruges, Novgorod, Lisboa and A new war broke out in , ending with the Battle of Grunwald (), and the. beyond 10 December as an open-ended unlisted diversified .. that are incurred directly in connection with the issue of those Units and.

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Due to the special status of the city and significance within the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealththe city inhabitants largely became bi-cultural sharing both Polish and German culture and were strongly attached to the traditions of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The Danzig Research Society founded in was one of the first of its kind. Prussia and Germany[ edit ] Friedrich Eduard Meyerheim 's painting of the waterfront Colorized photo, c.

An attempt of student uprising against Prussia led by Gottfried Benjamin Bartholdi was crushed quickly by the authorities in Inafter France 's defeat in the Napoleonic Warsit again became part of Prussia [44] and became the capital of Regierungsbezirk Danzig within the province of West Prussia.

The city's longest serving president was Robert von Blumenthal, who held office fromthrough the revolutions ofuntil With the unification of Germany under Prussian hegemonythe city became part of Imperial Germany the German Empire inand remained so untilafter Germany's defeat in World War I.

gda 2013 ending relationship

When Poland regained its independence after World War I with access to the sea as promised by the Allies on the basis of Woodrow Wilson 's " Fourteen Points " point 13 called for "an independent Polish state", "which should be assured a free and secure access to the sea"the Poles hoped the city's harbour would also become part of Poland. However, since Germans formed a majority in the city, with Poles being a minority, [48] the city was not placed under Polish sovereignty.

Freie Stadt Danzigan independent quasi-state under the auspices of the League of Nations with its external affairs largely under Polish control. Poland's rights also included free use of the harbour, a Polish post office, a Polish garrison in Westerplatte district, and customs union with Poland.

gda 2013 ending relationship

This led to a considerable tension between the city and the Republic of Poland. The Free City had its own constitution, national anthemparliament Volkstagand government Senat. It issued its own stamps as well as its currency, the Danzig gulden. Thereafter, the Nazis under Gauleiter Albert Forster achieved dominance in the city government, which was still nominally overseen by the League of Nations' High Commissioner.

The German government officially demanded the return of Danzig to Germany along with an extraterritorial meaning under German jurisdiction highway through the area of the Polish Corridor for land-based access from the rest of Germany.

Hitler used the issue of the status of the city as a pretext for attacking Poland and on Mayduring a high level meeting of German military officials explained to them: For us it is a matter of expanding our Lebensraum in the east", adding that there will be no repeat of the Czech situation, and Germany will attack Poland at first opportunity, after isolating the country from its Western Allies. Germany attacked Poland on 1 September after having signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union this includes the Secret Part with the upcoming treatment of the Baltic States in late August and after postponing the attack three times due to needed time for diplomatic, peaceful solutions.

The German attack began in Danzig, with a bombardment of Polish positions at Westerplatte by the German battleship Schleswig-Holsteinand the landing of German infantry on the peninsula.

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Outnumbered Polish defenders at Westerplatte resisted for seven days before running out of ammunition. Meanwhile, after a fierce day-long fight 1 Septemberdefenders of the Polish Post office were tried and executed then buried on the spot in the Danzig quarter of Zaspa in October In a German court overturned their conviction and sentence.

About 50 percent of members of the Jewish Community of Danzig had left the city within a year after a Pogrom in October[54] after the Kristallnacht riots in November the community decided to organize its emigration [55] and in March a first transport to Palestine started. In earlyjust Jews were still living in Danzig, most of whom were later murdered in the Holocaust. On the first day of the war, approximately 1, ethnic Poles were arrested, some because of their participation in social and economic life, others because they were activists and members of various Polish organisations.

InHitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Unioneventually causing the fortunes of war to turn against Germany.

gda 2013 ending relationship

As the Soviet Army advanced inGerman populations in Central and Eastern Europe took flight, resulting in the beginning of a great population shift. After the final Soviet offensives began in Januaryhundreds of thousands of German refugees converged on Danzig, many of whom had fled on foot from East Prussiasome tried to escape through the city's port in a large-scale evacuation involving hundreds of German cargo and passenger ships.

Some of the ships were sunk by the Soviets, including the Wilhelm Gustloff after an evacuation was attempted at neighbouring Gdynia. In the process, tens of thousands of refugees were killed.

The city also endured heavy Allied and Soviet air raids.