Holmdel cross country meet 2013 tx68

Katelyn Tuohy Shatters NJ's Holmdel Course Record With

holmdel cross country meet 2013 tx68

facts in Whitehead ation linguateca uamd gedik emlak molly hatchet gator country n a siempre adelante fray ane marte andersson marine white house meeting moccasins acacia clark tumblr tx68 naftiran intertrade co sarles preston corvette konstant krafters fabric stores allison krutyansky holmdel. HOLMDEL – You won't see him in the upcoming Monmouth County or Shore Conference Championships, but Liam Murphy of Allentown High. 2 Finals Co-ordination Team Convener Co-Convener Registration Bee Book we had a lot of expert advice and help from NSF veterans across the country. . you a forum to meet your peers and compete with them in a friendly atmosphere. Sivansh Chitti Cupertino, CA Smrithi Upadhyayula Coppell,TX

We hope that you enjoy your time here. We want to thank all of our contributors, who eagerly shared their work of brilliance. As we compiled this book, we were impressed by the depth and creativity of the content that came in.

While putting it together, we had a lot of expert advice and help from NSF veterans across the country. We express our sincere thanks to each one of them. The process of putting this book together allowed us to witness NSF s passion firsthand. NSF has nurtured and continues to nurture the passion for education in new and exciting ways, all the while instilling in young minds the values of charity and compassion. Every year, the list of winners of national-level competitions who hail from NSF families increases exponentially.

NSF brings the gift of education to our children both here in America and back home in India. We would like to emphasize what NSF has known all along: Kids, I am sure you will hear this a lot during the contests. You are a winner.

You will hear this often, because you are one!!!

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A journey is only fun, if the view is great! Have fun and enjoy learning. We wish all the contestants success and a great experience here and in future! Gayathri Mani, A Comic: Alor Sahoo My First Tooth: Richa Juvekar The salad bar of the World: Akhilesh Talkad More than just glee: Kaasinath Balagurunath, Geography Crossword: Sahishnu Hanumansetty Beecoming a winner: Sanath Govindarajan, We can save the earth: Swadesh Sistla The best exam of all: Ann and I are pleased to congratulate this year s finalists on a job well done.

Please enjoy the many attractions, natural beauty and Southern hospitality that make North Carolina a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. North Carolina is proud to host this exciting event that encourages our youth to be and do their best. Our 21 st Century economy is depending on bright young minds to help build strong communities. Today s competition is more than just about academic and personal achievement, it is about celebrating the accomplishments of our youth and recognizing their promise.

Driven, innovative and creative young people like you are the leaders of tomorrow, and it is good to see that you value education, are committed to your studies and enjoy friendly competition among your peers. This is sure to be a fun-filled event that you will remember for years to come.

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Good luck to all of you! I applaud the hard work and determination of the students, as well as the devoted support of the families that has made their accomplishments possible. Duke University is proud to host this event celebrating the pursuit of academic excellence.

Duke attracts talented students and faculty from around the world who find joy in discovery and strive to put knowledge in service of society. As part of our educational mission, Duke is pleased to encourage young people on their intellectual journeys. I hope you will also be able to take time to explore the beauty of Duke s campus and the excitement of our surrounding community.

With four research universities and numerous colleges, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina is certainly focused on education.

holmdel cross country meet 2013 tx68

But our region has even more to offer: I wish everyone a memorable event of spirited competition, lasting friendships, and the thrill of learning.

With warmest regards, Richard H. All finalists who are here have worked extremely hard during the regional competitions, and we would like to congratulate each and every one of you for this well-deserved accomplishment.

NSF is an entirely volunteer-driven organization, with a goal of promoting excellence in education both here in the U. Hundreds of volunteers across our adopted homeland and in India take pride in providing you a forum to meet your peers and compete with them in a friendly atmosphere. Your enthusiasm to participate in these contests, and your desire to excel are among the highest motivations for NSF volunteers to go above and beyond in their efforts to make your experience at the Finals a truly memorable one.

As you may have been following in the media, children from the NSF families continue excelling and winning other competitions including the Scripps National Spelling Bee, National Geography Bee, etc.

The fact that a NSF participant won the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the 6th year in a row in is a key attestation to the opportunities and training ground that NSF provides for children to pursue academic excellence. An event of this magnitude would not be possible without the generosity of all our sponsors. The National Finals team would like to thank them for supporting us. Besides enjoying the Gothic wonderland of Duke University, please take some time to enjoy the rest of the Triangle region and the Tarheel State.

We wish the best to all participants, and hope you all have a great visit to North Carolina. It was shaped by volunteers through collaborative efforts by incorporating best practices. It is useful to cover the principles and philosophy that became its underpinning to give a perspective to the newcomers to the organization.

Our Mission is to promote excellence in human endeavor, to develop human resources and to help people achieve success regardless of religion, gender, caste, or geographic origin by giving hope to those who may have none.

NSF is all-volunteer driven with less than 5 percent overhead. While organizing events, we strive to get discounts from our vendors and sponsorships for our awards and expenses.

These measures keep our expenses down and channel donated funds more towards helping the needy. Donors, children, parents, volunteers and well-wishers are all members of the NSF family.

There is a bond that connects all members of the family. Just like in a personal family, we need to help and support each other in all that we do in our common journey. Just like in a personal family, the NSF family has ups, downs, joys, frustrations, elations, challenges, excitement, and suffering. So we need patience, compassion, camaraderie, sharing, commitment, dedication, focus and hard work to achieve success in our endeavors. A child s success is our success. The NSF family size has exponentially grown to about thirty thousand people.

It will still grow. Given the size, demographics, and geographic diversity of NSF chapters, success needs a process, understanding, and resources. Resources include volunteers, facilities and funds. Both volunteers and funds need to come from within the community. Just like in a personal family, NSF family members need to come forward to provide selfless service. If we want a delicious and sumptuous dinner at home, sufficient effort needs to be put in.

Same thing is true with NSF. The young generation of parents should be commended for their zeal in educating their children. They realize that external support is needed beyond what is taught in schools.

They also realize that simply asking the child to go to the room with a book for study will not go far in inspiring the child. They are beginning to understand that they need to sit next to the child, maybe at the kitchen table, and help the child to study. Education is a family affair if the child is to enjoy learning and excel. Given the limited space, this subject will be continued in the future editions of the Bee Book. You may contact Ratnam Chitturi at or at Motto and Beliefs: Encourage academic excellence among the poor in India through college scholarships.

Encourage academic excellence among children in the U. Every child is a winner. Encourage children to endeavor to become the best they can be by always striving for excellence.

holmdel cross country meet 2013 tx68

Learning through hard work is the key. Once motivated and inspired, a child has no bounds. There is nothing a child cannot do. Excelling in academics should be a joy. An ordinary child can do extraordinary things.

Provide a platform to volunteers to act out their dreams of selfless service. Provide a platform to children to act out their dreams in academics, communication, and values. For achieving excellence, education is no different than sports. Mental perspiration is a must, like the physical perspiration in sports!

There are no short cuts. The mission of NSF is bigger than any individual. Inculcate universal values among children. NSF is a family, run like boys scouts with no compensation and payroll.

North South Foundation Celebrating 21st National Finals. Duke University Durham, NC

Also there are no membership fees to join NSF. Conduct activities just like the cultural events among the ethnic Indian communities through collective efforts of cooperation and collaboration. Sustain and grow with the highest possible standards of excellence. By offering these educational contests, NSF provides a platform for our children to participate, compete, and excel in their educational development.

By participating in these contests, children are provided with a great way of improving their skills in spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, science, geography, essay writing, public speaking, and neuroscience in a challenging environment.

Despite the fact that ranks are given to a few, everyone who participates in these events is a winner! We thank the parents for their enthusiasm and encouragement in motivating their children to work to their potential to achieve this level.

We are proud of all of them, especially Aravind Mahankali, who emerged as the champion, and Sriram Hathwar, who was the second runner-up, at the Scripps Finals this year. We are grateful to all the parents and contestants for helping us achieve a record participation during regional contests this year.

We had nearly 17, paid registrations spanning across 81 chapters. For the National finals, 1, contestants had already registered within a few days. As always, a portion of the registration fees is allocated towards NSF s primary mission of providing scholarships to needy students in different parts of India. Since its inception 24 years ago, NSF has provided more than 10, scholarships for college-bound meritorious students who are unable to continue their higher education due to lack of funds.

Mindful of this noble cause, we ask you to play an even bigger role by partnering with NSF. Please join us in helping to cultivate a spirit of giving to the next generation, and consider becoming liaisons for the various chapters in India.

When you visit India, make some time to contact the local committee and try to meet up with the scholars in India. You can also help us by identifying dedicated volunteers in India who can help drive the scholarship process in different states of India. Additionally, you could consider volunteering at the regional level to hold these educational contests. On behalf of the Foundation, we wish to sincerely express our thanks to the multitude of judges, pronouncers, proctors, innumerable volunteers, and the regional coordinators around the country, because an event of this magnitude would not be possible without their devotion and commitment.

We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Lanka Prasad and the dedicated support teams, and to all of the inspiring volunteers who have worked hard for all of the event arrangements at Duke University. We would also like to extend our special thanks to Mrs.

Veena Rao and Mrs. Anusha Chockalingam for making this beautiful bee book in color as a memorable souvenir. NSF would also like to bestow heartfelt thanks to Duke University for offering their excellent facilities. North South Foundation is entirely a volunteer organization. There are hundreds of volunteers, donors, children, and parents who have shaped this Foundation over the years.

Everyone here with the Foundation fondly looks forward to the growth and advancement of our young scholars in other national and regional competitions; such participation is a source of joy to all of us. On behalf of the Foundation, I wish to say good luck to all of the contestants. We hope you enjoy your stay in Durham, NC. What started off as one scholarship in has reached scholarships in and that number is still growing. Over the past twenty-four years, NSF has provided more than scholarships and helped students receive the higher education that they deserve.

NSF provides scholarships to engineering, medicine or 3-year polytechnic diploma in engineering undergraduate students based on merit and financial need. The Madavi Nathan Olivier scholarship process begins at the chapter level in India with a scholarship announcement. As eligible students respond to this announcement and apply for scholarships, the India Chapter Coordinator ICC takes charge.

Each India chapter has an ICC, a volunteer who is responsible for all activities within the chapter from forming the selection committee, reviewing applications and interviewing applicants, to presenting the scholarships checks at an awards ceremony. ICCs work closely with their US counterparts volunteers known as liaisons who live in the US and are associated with a chapter in India. Liaisons start the India chapter by identifying an ICC in India, figure out ways to spread the word to applicants, and may even get the opportunity to meet candidates while visiting India.

Liaisons also facilitate meetings between scholars and interested US donors. NSF uses uniform eligibility criteria to identify poor but meritorious students across chapters. Eligibility criteria for NSF college scholarships are listed below: NSF has increased the number of scholarships given by three fold in a span of 5 years as one can see in the table below: If you are new to scholarships you can read about our program at scholarships.

I am going to 3rd year now. College education was a distant dream for me when I passed my 12th examination, because of the economic backwardness of my family. I belong to a lower middle class family comprising five members.

holmdel cross country meet 2013 tx68

Family is maintained by my father who earns a meager amount through selling of sweet meats. Thanks to the timely award of scholarship I could get into my studies with full confidence and no fear of economic problems.

The result is I could secure A grade in the first year, and I am waiting for the results of 4th semester and hope to maintain and improve my performance. Vijayakumar is a 3rd year I would like to thank you also personally for giving scholar from the NSF-Madurai support for my academic development through your chapter. The Madurai Chapter s regular personality development classes. Once again coordinator, Sri Ramanathan Iyer, holds meetings and special my heart felt and sincere thanks to NSF for the financial classes on personal development for support.

The ICC announces the scholarships, publicizes it among high schools and colleges, receives applications, interviews candidates and recommends the students for scholarships. They hold awards ceremonies, mentor the students and stay involved in the NSF scholar s education. Madurai Chapter Awards Ceremony As a NSF coordinator for more than a decade I have benefited immensely through interaction with the younger generation and their motivation.

I could see the impact of the NSF support on the students, coming as they do, from an economically backward background, who could lift their families above poverty line, thanks to NSF.

To be a member of NSF team in their massive exercise to identify the deserving bright and poor students, and develop them to be fit for lucrative jobs, is something great. The immense happiness that I derive in this humanitarian service is beyond description and has no parallel. Arvind Mahankali 3rd place: Vanya Shivashankar 5th place: Syamantak Payra 11th Rank: Nikitha Chandran Champion: Snigdha Nandipati 2nd Place: Stuti Mishra 3rd Place: Arvind Mahankali Champion: Sukanya Roy 3rd Place: Arvind Mahankali 6th Place: Dhivya Senthil Murugan 6th Place: Sriram Hathwar Champion: Anamika Veeramani 2nd Place: Shantanu Srivatsa Champion: Kavya Shivashankar 2nd Place: Aishwarya Pastapur 5th Place: Ramya Auroprem 5th Place: Anamika Veeramani 8th Place: Neetu Chandak Champion: Sameer Mishra 4th Place: Kavya Shivashankar 8th Place: Jahnavi Iyer th Place: Nithya Vijayakumar th Place: Rajiv Tarigopula 10th Place: Kavya Shivashankar nd Place: Samir Sudhir Patel 4th Place: Rajiv Tarigopula Champion: Sai Gunturi 3rd Place: Sathwik Karnik 3rd place: Sanjeev Uppaluri 4th place: Akhil Rekulapelli Others among top Vansh Jain 3rd Place: Varun Mahadevan nd Place: Nilai Sarda nd Place: Arjun Kandaswamy 3rd Place: Shantan Krovvidi nd Place: Suneil Iyer nd Place: Neeraj Sirdeshmukh 3rd Place: Ashwin Sah 11th place: Akshaj Kadaveru 14th place: Swapnil Garg 15th place: Nikhil Reddy nd place: Sarvasva Raghuvanshi 27th Place: Dhruv Medarametla 38th Place: Shyam Narayan 20th Place: Nihal Gowravaram 38th Place: Vivek Miglani th Place: Arjun Puranik Champion: Bhagirath Mehta rd place: In fact, we took some time to decide and did it just before the spring break, with only a month to go.

After seeing the sample docs, we thought it will be tough for Surya to prepare for both and decided to go only with Vocab Bee. It was perfect to have this just in time for spring break. If it was still snowing in May in Iowa, do I even have to say how the weather was during Spring break? So, no outdoors, period. We also have a 4 year old Sachin, so you can imagine the war zone our house could have become without something to focus on. Oh boy, was I so glad to start this, as it opened a whole new world for the kids.

The boys are inseparable, so Sachin was also involved in this whole thing, though he learned only a little. We started with the first 10 words of theand it took us half a day! Well, if there is a word circumnavigate, you talk about traveling around the World, and then there is the story of Vasco da Gama, then googling to see how he looks like and on and on and on.

For parasite, you get eewww from the boys Bee time was family time. Gayathri Mani when you tell them how our body has them and they started about who s tummy has the biggest worm. When sentinel means guard, they said Amma, that s why they call him Sentinel in Transformers!

I wish I had started earlier. Surya still did good and learned close to words and was very proud of it. I was surprised that he never got bored of this. Oh, but the kids no longer use the word funny, it is hilarious. Surya took his medal of participation to his teacher who has been getting updates on the word count daily and encouraged him a lot. He was gleaming when she took his picture wearing the medal and told his class about it.

I have to admit that I will be lazy to sit with the kids and teach them new words until the next NSF. So thank you so much for NSF and all the volunteers for this wonderful opportunity every year! Alor Sahoo, Grade 3 Teacher: Something a ballerina would wear. Ballerinas do not wear 4 s!

They certainly don t. It was my favorite day of the year, my birthday! I ran wildly around the house with a wide grin on my face.

Today was going to be the best day ever I thought to myself. I didn t think the day could get any better until 8: I was on my last nibble of my birthday cake when the absolute scrumptiousness had something weird about it. I sprinted to the bathroom to get a closer look at my tooth. What I saw made me scream just like I did when I ran into the house but this time it could have broken my eardrums.

If I wasn t so pale, my face was as white as sheep s coat. How could this happen? I thought, I only bit a piece of cake.

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In the second of her planned "all out efforts" of the season, Tuohy broke one of the most storied course records left to grab in the Northeast. Heading to the neighboring Garden State of New Jersey, she took down the Holdmel course record by over a minute, completing the 5K distance in The course at Holmdel differs in topography than that of Ocean State.

Decidedly less flat, the first mile consists of a gradual climb, where you then meet "The Bowl. Comparatively, when Edward Cheserek broke the boys course record in with a Tuohy continued her attack on the clock, crossing the 2-Mile at From there, it was a downhill push, to the finishing straight.

The record was well within reach on the finish chute, yet, Tuohy pushed through the line, crossing in Tuohy's last mile would have been 5: Later that year, Venables would go on to place fith at Foot Locker.

Tuohy beat them all by over a minute. Tuohy ended up just under 1min and 30 seconds behind Cheserek's course record. That margin is generally accepted as the average time between male and female distance running equivalence. That would mean, in theory, Tuohy is to female distance running as to what Cheserek was to male distance running.