How to meet the cast of walking dead 2013

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how to meet the cast of walking dead 2013

The Walking Dead, season four, episode eight. the main group, such as Rick's meeting with the crazed Cara in the season opener (wasn't it. Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes; it premiered on October 14, , and concluded on March 31, Season 3 picks up in the spring with Rick and his group finding the prison. .. Cast and crew will arrive in Senoia on May 31 to film “the episode that premiers the town,” Riley said. Critics Consensus: Six seasons in, The Walking Dead is still finding ways to top itself, despite slow patches that do little to advance , AMC, 16 episodes.

There were twisted morals too, as Michonne didn't deliver the kill-stroke to the Governor — in zombieworld, leaving a man to die is now more brutal than actually finishing him off yourself. There was a strong indication that baby Judith had been eaten, with the bloodied baby seat. We didn't see it happen, but that might be the show discovering where the line should be drawn.

Overall the show seems to have returned to its comic-book roots, which is great because the harshness is what makes those stories work. All in all, this half-season expanded the show's scope, with regular excursions away from the prison as well as a larger cast to explore.

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The action moves a lot more quickly when the show cuts between various characters. On the negative side, the pacing is still off, and there are too many convenient characters. The Governor's tale seemed to be a lightning rod for this.

At the time, killing off his Woodbury attack force at the end of last season seemed to come from nowhere; now, it seems as if the writers did it because they hadn't used the Governor properly. It was nice to see his two-episode story, which explored whether he could change his evil ways short version: The Governor's new army arrived out of the blue and his rousing speech wasn't rousing enough for them to follow his plan as eagerly as they did.

The only character who reacted realistically was Tara, who went into shock "We shouldn't be doing this … he chopped a guy's head off with a sword! But as Rick said when his son dragged him away from the burning prison: So where does the show go next? Illness and a tank attack have whittled the cast back down to manageable numbers. They are split up again, so we'll no doubt spend a few episodes waiting for them to regroup after separate adventures in the wild. Glenn and Maggie are apart. Beth has become emotionally numb but is secretly still emotionally fragile, and later forms a bond with Daryl.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2013

Coleman as Tyreese WilliamsSasha's peace-keeping older brother and one of the few survivors of Woodbury and Karen's boyfriend. Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha WilliamsTyreese's younger sister, who is seemingly fiery, ruthless and cold but deep down is a compassionate young woman.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2013

She has also developed an attraction to Bob. He also develops an attraction to Sasha.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast - IMDb

The Prison[ edit ] Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuelsa young girl, who has joined the prison community and suffers from psychological problems. Kyla Kenedy as Mika SamuelsLizzie's younger sister, who has also joined the prison community.

Sunkrish Bala as Dr. Caleb Subramanian, a doctor, who has joined the prison community and is more commonly known as "Dr. Luke Donaldson as Luke, a young boy, who has joined the prison community. Sherry Richards as Jeanette, a former Woodbury resident, who has joined the prison community.

Vincent Martella as Patrick, a young teenager, who has joined the prison community.

The Walking Dead (TV Series – ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Melissa Ponzio as Karen, Tyreese's new love interest and the lone survivor of the Woodbury army massacre. Kyle Gallner as Zach, a survivor, who has joined the prison community and forms a relationship with Beth. Chambler family[ edit ] Alanna Masterson as Tara Chamblera police academy attendee, who was surviving with her family before encountering The Governor.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2013

Danny Vinson as David Chambler, is the father of Tara and Lily and the grandfather of Meghan who suffers from terminal cancer. Martinez's camp[ edit ] Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinezone of The Governor's most trusted allies, who leads a new group of survivors. Kirk Acevedo as Mitch Dolgen, a former tank operator, who has joined Martinez's new group. Juliana Harkavy as Alisha, a former member of the army reserves, who forms a relationship with Tara.

Abraham's group[ edit ] Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Forda former soldier trying to get Eugene to Washington, D. Josh McDermitt as Dr.

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Eugene Portera scientist, who claims to know what caused the outbreak and is being escorted by Abraham and Rosita to government officials in Washington, D. The Claimers[ edit ] Jeff Kober as Joe, leader of a small group of heavily armed marauders called the "Claimers", who live by the philosophy of "claiming".

Davi Jay as Tony, a right-hand of Joe and member of Joe's group.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2013