Mimaroparaa meet 2013 calendar

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mimaroparaa meet 2013 calendar

Feb 27, The first day focused on the conduct of the 1st semi-annual meeting of the ANG PARANGAL" Joint Regional Nutrition Awarding for. Says Sophie Brown of time magazine in November Although standards for an evacuation center is still not met. .. indicated by the number of athletes joining sporting events from to MIMAROPA RAA . MAGBOO.8 Annual Calendar of Events Relating to Sports Activities 5 MONT DATE. For Calendar Year (CY) , the City Government of Calapan generated a total . support of the MIMAROPARAA MEET as Due from Other NGAs or in the form of conference conducted on June 20, with concerned City officials and.

For workers, the shift has been just as harsh. Low-skilled laborers in fading industries are facing a contracting labor market and stagnant wage growth, even as statesponsored venture capitalists plow stunning amounts of money into technology and pharmaceutical startups.

Last year, China accounted for 90 percent of newly minted billionaires, overtaking the US for the most in the world. Signs of a growing divide are everywhere. Although reliable wage data is hard to come by, some consumption patterns are suggestive. Highway transportation, preferred by the Chinese everyman, is down 19 percent on the year. Air travel, still mostly for the rich, is up 11 percent.

International flights are increasingly popular: Chinese flying to Japan to buy toilets, Thailand for beach holidays or Europe for luxury goods are faring quite well. Yet in many ways, China remains a developing country. An urban worker earns nearly three times as much, enjoys better public benefits like schooling, and gets an enormous wealth boost from real-estate appreciation. As bureaucrats in Beijing continue creating jobs for bankers and subsidizing startups, this is creating some alarming tensions: The number of strikes and workplace protests surged to a record 2, last year, double the amount in China needs to address this divergence quickly.

Although the government is offering cash to laidoff workers, the bigger problem is helping them make the transition to new jobs and new lives. The first step should be relaxing rules that prevent workers from moving. Successful economic transitions require letting labor flow freely, and restrictions on where migrants can work, and where their kids can go to school, only inhibit this process.

Retraining programs are also crucial. Many rural towns in China have become magnets for online retailers, as small-time shop-owners enter the digital age; local residents need to have the wherewithal to capitalize on such changes.

Finally, Beijing must address housing costs. In most major cities, and especially those with flourishing economies, low-skilled and migrant workers have been largely priced out. One result is that ruralto-urban migration, once an unstoppable growth engine, has effectively ceased.

A program to sell empty housing held by state-owned developers to migrants at affordable prices would help. So would easing restrictions on housing investment for lower-income groups.

Yet its challenges are enormous. The yawning gap between winners and losers is making life much harder for a government seeking to boost growth and maintain stability. Without changes, China may very well end up with neither. Bloomberg entered into over 20 preliminary agreements through 40 rounds of talks initiated by five administrations. Despite these numerous preliminary agreements, substantive issues have yet to be threshed out by the parties because of suspensions, impasse or outright breakdown of past negotiations.

On the first commitment: The common goal of the aforesaid negotiations shall be the attainment of a just and lasting peace. And preparatory to the formal peace negotiations, the parties agreed to recommend the following: Specific measures of goodwill and confidence-building to create a favorable climate for peace negotiations; and b.

mimaroparaa meet 2013 calendar

The substantive agenda of the formal peace negotiations shall include human rights and international humanitarian law, socio-economic reforms, political and constitutional reforms, end of hostilities and disposition of forces.

On the second commitment: Both parties agreed on the procedure and holders of identification protected by the Joint Agreement on Safety And Immunity Guarantees. This refers to all duly accredited persons in possession of documents of identification or safe conduct passes are guaranteed free and unhindered passage in all areas in the Philippines, and in traveling to and from the Philippines in connection with the performance of their duties in the negotiations.

This list became problematic in negotiations with previous governments and their reconstitution and updating is a big step in removing a hurdle to the process. On the third agreement: On the fourth agreement: The CPP-NDF expresses its gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte for his efforts to fulfill his promise to order the release of NDFP consultants and his commitment to cause the release of those who are sick, elderly, overlong detained, and women based on humanitarian grounds.


On the fifth agreement: At present, according to the NDFP, there are about political prisoners. On the sixth and final agreement: Understandably, both parties expressed their elation and confidence over the conclusion of the five- day peace talks. The Filipino people should be happy as well. Indeed, all persons of goodwill should be supporting this process.

The resumption of talks will be on Octoberin Oslo Norway. With the preliminaries having been concluded, the parties are now set to start working on the substantive agenda through the various working committees. We can only remain optimistic that the ceasefire would hold, the parties learn from past mistakes and refrain from making any action that will cause the breakdown of the negotiations.

Many tough issues still have to be tackled; in spite of the trust and enormous goodwill that has been generated, there will be crises and deadlocks that can be foreseen for this process.

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But then again, the difficulties will be overcome by the sincerity and dogged determination of the parties. Only then can we say that peace with the NDFP has been finally achieved. And the nation will be much better for it. Two of the vans, which were not being used by the Odicata couple, were offloaded because of the presence of armed men in them; the other half of the convoy was allowed to proceed.

The Odictas had just arrived at the Caticlan ferry jetty and were walking off the vessel before boarding their two vans when they were cut down. It is still unclear as of yesterday if their assailants were with them on the ro-ro ferry or if they had been waiting for the couple in am- bush at the port. Did the Odicta drug syndicate die with the murder of Dragon, who got his name from the dragon tattooed on his chest? What about the protectors of the Iloilo drug trade in government—will they get off the hook as well, now that Odicta is gone?

The success of the entire anti-drug campaign of the government could hang in the balance. For years, analysts have been urging China to shift its economy away from heavy industry and toward services and consumption. Yet now that Beijing is taking heed, the costs are piling up. Most obvious is a deepening gulf between winners and losers. A recent study from Peking University found that China has become one of the most unequal countries in the world.

The richest 1 percent of households own a third of total wealth. As the government tries to transition away from coal and steel and toward tech and finance, this divergence is likely to worsen. The rustbelt province of Liaoning, long reliant on steel mills, is now in recession. In finance-focused, high-tech Shenzhen, real-estate prices have risen by more than 60 percent in a year, Peace Alvarez said the only way to permanently prevent the issuance of such protocol plates is to legislate a law for the purpose or amend existing laws to prohibit lawmakers from using the said special plates.

The law should apply to all. There should be no special privilege when it comes to issuance of vehicle license plates issued to all public officials. Araja T HE He alleged the family of the then president and their business partners in the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. Even Mariano has not been spared from the smear campaign, he said. On April 24,the High Court issued a landmark decision, ordering the distribution of close to 5, hectares of the Hacienda Luisita to about 6, farmer-beneficiaries based on the valuation of the land.

SC bares acts vs 13 judges, lawyers By Rey E. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno admitted that while there are corrupt members of the judiciary, the SC has never veered from imposing sanctions on them, such as dismissal from the service, and disbarment for lawyers, among other penalties.

It is a complex problem, which has to be confronted though a variety of independent initiatives to strengthen integrity and prevent opportunities for corruption among members of the judiciary.

mimaroparaa meet 2013 calendar

She said the SC also suspended 13 other judges, fined 88 others, 18 were reprimanded, 31 were admonished and three has their retirement benefits forfeited. Ong, a senior associate justice of the anti-graft court-was dismissed from the judiciary by the SC due to his links with businesswoman and alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles. A HOUSE leader has asked Congress to enact a measure that allows the state to support surviving spouses and children of slain judges, justices and other officials of the judiciary.

Abu cited a report by Amnesty International showing that from tosome 22 judges have been murdered or assassinated in the Philippines, which translates to two judges being killed each year.

He also cited Section 2 of R. Duterte visited on Monday the wake of a police officer in Catbalogan City, Samar and a wounded comrade confined in a private hospital in this city.

Duterte awarded the Philippine National Police Medal of Valor posthumous to the slain police officer. The junior police officer was shot dead while attempting to serve a search warrant to Ernesto Gonzales, 49, for involvement in illegal drugs trade and illegal possession of firearms on Aug. Malate drug dealer slain MANILA Police District policemen killed a suspected drug dealer during a police buy-bust operation in Malate late Sunday night, while a second suspect was able to flee and evade police pursuit.

PO3 Roel Candelario said undercover police asset was attempting to buy P worth of methamphetamines or Shabu from the suspects known by the aliases Aries Demonyo and Bekbek. The suspects arrived at the scene on a sports utility vehicle SUVand the police operation went bad as Aries alighted from the vehicle and attempted to frisk the asset.

The police were forced to prematurely spring their trap and Bekbek was able to drive away and evade police pursuit. Police gave chase to Aries and was killed when he attempted to fight off his police pursuers. Cruz IN BRIEF The House deputy speaker said the daily job-related risks that judiciary officials face should be counterbalanced by providing them with a grant that will encourage them to fully perform their duties and responsibilities. The establishment of a special development area, particularly an eco-zone for light industries located at the Urban Development Area Lumangbayan and Guinobatanhas been promoted and now serves as growth area which generates employment and spurs economic opportunities.

Such industries focus on agro-industrial based activities such as food processing, handicraft making, furniture making and other related activities. Calapan plays a major role in the Philippine economy as one of the major food suppliers in the country. The city is also a major exporter of rice supplying to Metro Manila and major parts of Luzon making it both an agriculturally-progressive and urbanized city.

The five major crops are ricecitrusbananarambutan and lanzones. The top five industries in Calapan are trading, tourism, services, marine and aquatic, and food processing. It plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the province and its adjacent areas. Trade and commerce[ edit ] Trading and commercial activities are mainly confined in wholesale and retail trade. Other thriving industries are manufacturing, financing, tourism, food and beverages and services.

In recent years, the city has witnessed the influx of private investments that increase income and employment opportunities.

The City Investment Code encourages new and existing entrepreneurs to increase their investments. Agriculture[ edit ] Majority of the vast agricultural lands of Calapan is devoted to rice production.

Other crops grown in the area are citrus fruits such as calamansibananalanzonesrambutanmangococonut and vegetables. The Port of Calapan Port of Calapan is the primary seaport serving the city which connected through routes to the Port of Batangas City in mainland Luzon.