Moultrie swap meet 2013 oscar

Moultrie Automotive Swap Meet & Car Corral in Moultrie, GA. ()

moultrie swap meet 2013 oscar

Alex Perry Resort - Preorder now on Moda Operandi Elegant White for reception - maybe swap to a knit duster at night if it's an outdoor reception? . Viola Davis & Julius Tennon - The Cutest Couples at the Oscar After Party - Photos Catherine Newell-Hanson Hair: Jamika Wilson Makeup: Autumn Moultrie. Title: Spring/Summer Archon, Author: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, THE HOUSE ZETA DESERVES Meet the National Design Team Each Soror will bring a few gently used unwanted items to “swap” with .. Zeta Phi Beta through Epsilon Mu Zeta Chapter located in Moultrie, GA in The Next Event Date is FEBRUARY , This is a 2 Day event!-Moultrie Swap Meet is a 2 Day Automotive Event where you can find Parts, Tools, Literature.

We as graduate members constantly say that our undergraduate Sorors are: What do they really mean? Why are our undergraduates important? We are a multi-generational organization and that is a great strength. The issue with our undergraduate members is that they are always changing. Each generation is a little bit different; they value experiences differently. Without the internal generational diversity, it is very difficult to recruit and retain a diverse membership. Generation Y has a different set of needs, interests, and values as author Sarah Sladek conveys with convincing statistics, examples, and case studies.

These needs and interests have implications for every functional area of associations from advocacy to technology to websites. But one thing is certain — whatever choice you make from here on out, it will begin and end with Y.

We must provide them with the following: Many of our undergraduate Sorors already have leadership experience. On their college campuses or in their personal lives, they have led membership organizations of dozens maybe even hundreds of people. Many of our undergraduate Sorors have gotten a taste of leadership and they like it and many are very good at it, too. Their hunger to lead and make their mark is a great engagement opportunity for our organization.

This empowerment shows them a path toward further participation, gives them visibility into the organization, and provides recognition by veteran members. It also positions them as a model for other members and potential members to get involved. If we are going to survive, continue to strive, recruit and retain members, it is vital that we continue to invest in Our Lifeline, Our Future, Reminders of our Founders It has been an opportunity for the Sorority to bring to the forefront the great work undergraduates are doing all around the nation, Sorority, on campuses, and in local communities.

In remembrance of our Founders who founded our illustrious Sorority as undergraduates at Howard University, Undergraduates excitedly joined the initiative. This was an opportunity for us to become bolder in our efforts, challenge our strength, and grow our love for service.

Spring/Summer Archon by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated - Issuu

The two-day retreat featured a variety of workshops and leadership-building activities. Jones is working to have the pantry recognized as an official student organization. The Committee formally began its work on November 4, For nearly a year, the committee worked diligently to ensure that the 14th Edition of the National Handbook met the following goals: In addition to the new cover design, other new features include: The National Handbook of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated further serves to provide a framework and expectations for its members, chapters, states, and regions in implementing the policies and procedures of the Sorority.

It is a guide that will set the tone for a positive relationship; provide information important to the Sorority members, and information on policies, benefits, and leadership development. It will ensure uniformity and consistency from one administration to another. Information in the National Handbook should answer the who, what, why, how, and when questions that members and chapters may have about Sorority operations. As a guide and reference, there is abundant information about Zeta Phi Beta inside the new the National Handbook.

The new edition of the National Handbook is a white leather, three-ringed notebook, with an embossed shield on the cover. Each of the 21 sections has its own table of contents and numbering system that allows for additions without having to reprint the entire handbook.

Sections 17 to 21 have been provided for members to add the National Constitution and Bylaws, and Regional and State Bylaws to the National Handbook to keep all of these documents in one place. Black, Chair Marilyn A. Fish and Wildlife Service signed a historic memorandum of understanding in Washington, D. The five-year agreement was signed at the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference. The partnership also aims to boost opportunities for young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and math STEM careers, and give Zetas a greater voice on conservation issues.

In addition, the pact is meant to encourage African American students and professionals to consider Service careers. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, with its long commitment to health and community well-being, is a wonderful partner, and we look forward to forging many new connections. Fish and Wildlife Service helps Zeta expose our youth to more possibilities for leading healthful lives and promising futures. Zeta Phi Beta has a history of civic engagement, from challenging police brutality to promoting healthy living.

International President Mary Breaux Wright moderated the panel discussion. Key highlights of the discussion included the sexual exploitation of enslaved black women has led to the creation of jezebel, mammie, aggressive, welfare images we see in mainstream media. A niche has been created and the same can happen for content showcasing more positive imagery as it relates to women. Women represent only 25 percent of producers, 17 percent of editors, and 23 percent of production designers.

The most dismal numbers are those who play a huge part in the storytelling: The advertising industry has made strides by encouraging a diverse workforce in advertising, recognizing a diversity of talent, reevaluating messages that portray facets of multicultural life, working with entertainment and law enforcement to dispel stereotypes, exploring the depiction of people of color in reality TV and awarding networks that portray diverse characters.

How can you Get Engaged and combat the negative images? Women need to take ownership of their opportunities to create content. Who are the producers of your favorite TV shows? Who produces content you do not like? Maintain a strong social media presence advocating for balance. Consider running for office! By running you can influence policy, change the debate, and be a positive influence for other women.

While great strides in research, family support, funding and awareness programming have increased, pre-term birth remains a significant concern. Today, one in 10 U. Regarded as a major health-care crisis, prematurity distresses individuals, families, businesses and communities. When factoring race, disparities in premature birth are more pervasive. Additionally, marked the 12th consecutive year of the Zeta Prematurity Awareness Program ZPAPwhere thousands of parishioners in houses of Worship across the country heard the Prematurity Campaign message.

In its second year, the Zeta Ambassador Baby Program has introduced the Sisterhood to Sorors who have been directly affected by premature birth. These poignant stories illustrate the stages of pregnancy — often roller-coastering between feelings of euphoria, distress and relief.

She did not need any oxygen; just a feeding tube to help with her weight. After almost a month in the NICU, we were able to bring our sweet girl home. They have had various health issues and have undergone a series of medical procedures.

These special training events highlighted the very important partnerships and collaborations between the Sorority, adopted Adult Day Care Centers, and the various local chapters. Department of Health and Human Services. The campaign was designed to empower older adults to become more physically active. Sorority-adopted Adult Day Care Centers offered participants a variety of physical activity programs including daily range of motion exercises, chair aerobics, dancing and walking; among other physical movement activities and programs.

It is never too late for exercise to have a positive effect on the health of older people.

moultrie swap meet 2013 oscar

Research also indicated that regular physical activity reduced the risk of heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Despite the growing list of benefits of exercise for people of all ages, U.

Chapters, states and regions sponsor legal and financial workshops to teach and inform the public on various caregiving issues and proper preparation for aging. For more information on the program, visit www. The organization has chosen four talented, experienced and capable Sorors to execute the task of renovating and improving the house.

The design team will endeavor to restore the house to reflect timeless elegance, retain the historical and classic silhouettes while simultaneously creating a new, sustainable design that is welcoming yet functional, practical but opulent She specializes in designing custom interiors for residential properties. She is also a stager for real estate properties.

Johnson owns her own interior design company: It is her belief that design can enrich your life and your soul. A color consultant sinceshe also has over 15 years of experience as an IT and management consultant.

moultrie swap meet 2013 oscar

Her expertise includes creative design development, technical rendering skills with Revit, Photoshop and AutoCad, as well as training in European design and architecture while studying overseas. Her passion for Interior Design extends far beyond making spaces beautiful, comfortable or even simply functional. She firmly believes in the abilities of spaces to change lives.

An award winning interior designer and owner of Nikki Klugh Design Group, Klugh intends to work with the team to create an atmosphere within our house that encompasses the spirit of her signature philosophy: The first official leadership certification program was conducted with attendees in July for two and one-half on-site training days. This year the ZOL train made stops at the following depots: The ZOL curriculum is designed for participants to acquire and refine new skills and strategic opportunities for ongoing improvement of leadership skills.

Currently, the program is now conducted through four phases over a nine-month period: Notification of certification During the week of ZOL, 48 undergraduates spent a day and a half networking, sharing ideas, becoming more knowledgeable about the sisterhood, having dialogue with the International President and other national officers, and learning more about leadership in Zeta. One of the highlights for undergraduates was a trip to Howard University, the Whitelaw Hotel, and national headquarters.

It was nice to connect with other undergraduates from HBCUs and PWIs and brainstorm effective programming as well as share our knowledge about how to keep our chapters alive at our colleges and universities.

After attending the ZOL conference I believe that my future plans in Zeta are to be more innovative and to change things in the Sorority on small levels that make us more efficient. My fire for Zeta had been dimmed by a year of incomparable stress and disappointment.

Words cannot explain how refreshing it was to be in the presence of passionate and inspirational leaders and historians of Zeta. The facilitators and presenters provided us with information undergraduates need to continue leading their chapters on campus, as well as information that will help us take on higher leadership roles in Zeta.

The most rewarding thing was the opportunity to meet Zetas from different regions and learning the different views we have within Zeta. Many of us encounter the same challenges and learning how we approach them differently was very beneficial. After going through ZOL Training and the Undergraduate Retreat, I plan to focus on how I can continue to make an impact within Zeta, as well as my surrounding community.

Training consists of three delivery methods: Amicae and Amicae Sponsors spent two days, led by National Amicae Affairs Director Donnie Hull and Regional Amicae Coordinators, focusing on enhancing communications, networking, strategizing on tips to complete community service programs, and exploring the basic foundation for operating and managing a successful auxiliary.

Leadership Training sessions included Bridging the Communication Gap; Strategic Planning, where the attendees created vision boards; and Membership Recruitment with Marketing.

Moore and Heather D. Applicant must be an Honorably discharged veteran.

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Interested applicants may request an application beginning Sept. For more information, please call the Veterans Service Office at Love; South 12th St. Beachy and Marlene W. Rettos to Tyler J. Darr and Jennifer R. Darr; Cambridge Rd. Bairas to Christopher L. Lauvray and Melissa S. Lauvray; Ridgewood Dr. Darr to Randall H. Lingo to Chad E. Lahna and Corie L. Miller and Fannie J. Miller, trustees to Allen P. Miller, trustees to Abe N. Miller and Elizabeth A. Addy to Dalton R. Hammond; East 6th St.

Dille and Patricia J. Dille to Sheri M. Fortune and Leah M.

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Fortune and Mary A. Redman to Debra S. Lorenz; South St. Sword, deceased, to Christopher W. Stocker and Kim A. Gaumer; Sunset Dr. Hackenbracht, deceased, to Oscar P. Cool to Brian M.

Helmick to Violet M. Durbin; Cemetery Dr. Severs, Trustee and James A. Nemeth; Chestnut St. McMorris, deceased, to Marilyn C. Schumaker fka Wendy S. Richesson to Todd J. Schumaker and Wendy S. Schumaker; Cassingham Ave. Schumaker; County Road C. Dean Woodward, deceased, and Jewel F. Woodward to Jewel F.

Moultrie Swap Meet

Drizzle with vegetable oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Bake for 20 minutes or until nearly tender, turning once during cooking. While squash is cooking, steam green beans until they turn color and start to become tender. Do not overcook; they will continue to cook in the skillet. While beans and squash are cooking, melt butter in large, non-stick skillet.

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