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Orange County Choppers - Corvette Bike #occ . Orange County Choppers Wall Calendar: Founded in Orange County Choppers has grown into one of . Orange Coast College's Swap Meet operates Rain or Shine every Saturday and Spaces for the OCC Swap Meet may be purchased at the Bursar's office. September 2, Updated Member News, Swap'n'Sell. .. May 12, Added new Event Media Galleries (May Meeting, OCC Corvette Show), updated .

I did make it back in time for the events though, and found myself a vantage point from where to take pictures. The games here are extremely popular and they have no problem getting line ups of participants.

They have the traditional ones like; The Slow Race, wienie bite, balloon toss and so on but they always throw in some new game, twist or variation just to keep people on their toes. Then there is The Mud wrestling pit. A couple of girls went at it first and were soon joined by a couple more and soon a couple of guys decided to challenge the bevy of already mud-coated ladies and soon discovered that these girls were no push-overs.

It is all just good clean or not so clean fun. The winner gets a cash prize A collection is gathered from the spectators and everybody has a good laugh. I was picked up a golf cart already packed with a large contingent of very attractive, very exuberant and extremely accommodating ladies who took sympathy on me, made room for me and assisted me in my quest for my missing companions and had a great time along the way. Now having found my friends it was time to say a few goodbyes and make our way out of this magnificent property and work our way towards home.

It is hard to leave when you know that the party has only just begun but I had other places to go and other wonderful people to see and that is the life I now lead. We headed towards home on this glorious late afternoon travelling through some of the prettiest countryside in the province until it was time to split off G and The Krazy Bitch headed home to attend to family stuff and me off to another event. Yet another wonderful day in Critter Country!

Thanks guys and gals! See you next year at the Final Frontier! AOA 34th National Party The welcoming committee was on the job, as expected and had the road blocked in both direction just down the road from the clubhouse and I went through the ritual before being allowed to proceed to the party.

They were all cordial enough but it just seems like such a waste of time Theirs and ours, but mostly our because they are being well paid! It is harassment, pure and simple but that is what they are able to convince somebody is necessary. I pulled in and received the usual warm greeting and managed to track down a cold 50 and made my way around. The place was packed. It was good to see that the club doing so well these days and holding a fine event such as the National Party on this beautiful piece of property that these guys managed to save from demolition and turn into a clubhouse to be proud of and can easily accommodate such a gathering.

There are just so many events and parties and I can only get to so many. That is one of the prices you have to pay to do this job.

On one hand you get to meet so many great people and get invited to some of the best parties but time and distance ultimately dictates what you can do in the course of any given day.

There was a huge array of food laid out by the catering company and the line-up was long. Prince Phillip says he doesn't give a toss, he's still going. The cost of living has now gotten so bad that my wife is having sex with me because she can't afford batteries! Some bastard's just pinched a pair of my wife's knickers off the washing line.

She's not bothered about the knickers but she wants the 12 pegs back. The brick doesn't follow you home after you lay it. Remember the 7 qualities for the perfect girlfriend Or in other words They've got a new machine in. Only used it for half an hour, as I started to feel sick. They've sent my form back! Drobkin was a world-famous cardiologist who earned his undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees in his home town and then left for Manhattan where he quickly rose to the top of his field.

Soon he was invited to deliver a significant paper, at a conference coincidently held in his home town. He walked on stage, placed his papers on the lectern, but they slid off onto the floor. As he bent over to retrieve them, at precisely the wrong instant, he inadvertently farted. The microphone amplified his mistake resoundingly through the lecture room and reverberated it down the hall! He was quite embarrassed but somehow regained his composure just enough to deliver his paper.

He ignored the resounding applause and raced out the stage door, never to be seen in his home town again. Decades later, when his elderly mother was ill, he returned to visit her.

He reserved a hotel room under the name of Cohen and arrived under cover of darkness. The desk clerk asked him, "Is this your first visit to our city, Mr. Drobkin replied, "Well, young man, no, it isn't.

I grew up here, received my education here, but then moved away. I bet that's true of your incident too. Drobkin replied, "Son, I doubt that's the case with my embarrassment. With terrible pain in his voice, and without moving a muscle, Fred replied, Just received this warning When you drink Vodka over ice, it can give you kidney failure, When you drink Rum over ice, it can give you liver failure, When you drink Whiskey over ice, it can give you heart problems, When you drink Gin over ice, it can give you brain problems.

Apparently, ice is really bad for you. Warn all your friends and lay off the ice. Never take a beer to a job interview. Always identify people in your yard before shooting at them. It's considered tacky to take a cooler to church. If you have to vacuum the bed, it is time to change the sheets. Even if you're certain that you are included in the will, it is still rude to drive the U-Haul to the funeral home.

When decanting wine, make sure that you tilt the paper cup and pour slowly so as not to "bruise" the fruit of the vine. If drinking directly from the bottle, always hold it with your hands. A centerpiece for the table should never be anything prepared by a taxidermist. Do not allow the dog to eat at the table, no matter how good his manners are. While ears need to be cleaned regularly, this is a job that should be done in private using one's OWN truck keys. Even if you live alone, deodorant is not a waste of good money.

Use of proper toiletries can only delay bathing for a few days. A drunken cowboy lay sprawled across three entire seats in the posh Amarillo Theater.

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When the usher came by and noticed this, he whispered to the cowboy, 'Sorry, sir, but you're only allowed one seat. The usher became more impatient: The usher marched briskly back up the aisle, and in a moment he returned with the manager. Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move the cowboy, but with no success. Finally they summoned the police.

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The Texas Ranger surveyed the situation briefly then asked, 'All right buddy what's your name? Bill's father 2nd Try Sportster forward us photographs after the event and of course we saw the two of them at a variety of events over the past couple of years.

Bill says that in his life before Melissa he owned 5 motorcycles over the years saying that he never could come up with the money to buy the Harley that he always wanted and with three kids in his first marriage there was constant demands for money in places other than going into motorcycles and judging by the way he spat when he referred to getting hosed in his divorce he had some assets before. She says that he had always told her that he wanted an FXST which is one of the earliest of the softails that came out after A.

Melissa insists Bill only bought this bike cause it was what she had always wanted a shiny new Sportster with a lot of chrome and some rode that bike for years but unfortunately the bike was stolen before Bill himself had a chance to take the bike for a ride himself when he came of age.

He says his uncle is a long distance trucker who would go on the road for 4 or 5 month stretches so Bill grabbing a ride on his uncles Harley was pretty certain when he was in Kimbleville which is where his uncle is at.

Bill himself lives and works in St. Thomas which was the location of the original shoot that ended up being cancelled and Kimbleville is somewhere about half way between St. Yes this did invite us to the wedding as well although our schedule was still a little nutty. We could not attend in person although they did pink pinstripe just to personalize it. Bill on the other hand says that he would really like an Electra Glide and would like to hand this one off to Melissa once they had settled down after their marriage and got their finances in order.

Hopefully all went well for the two of them and of course if they did get around to getting that other bike you never know you might just see the two of them showing up in the mag again at some future date.

Not For Sale Engine Year: Screamin Eagle Transmission Year: Chrome Front End Type: None Wheels Front Size: I can remember my Dad telling me the New Year was the time when we forgave all those that offend us and start over with a clean slate. I know those are pretty big words because it is probably the hardest thing to do to many that have offended us over the year, I too. Updated printable calendar on Calendar page, updated Member News. Added lots of new Event Media Galleries finally!

Updated Member News, Members' Rides. New look now online! Updated Member News, Swap'n'Sell. Added new Event Flyers to Calendar. Added new Event Media Gallery, fixed broken links. Updated Member News, Calendar. And a big welcome to all our new members!

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