Red special meet up 2013

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red special meet up 2013

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We support any peaceful and lawful resistance as we continue to keep up the pressure amongst those in the Government and NFU who understand the science and therefore the reasons why a cull is not the way forward in eradicating bovine TB.

But it said shooting badgers, which could prove inhumane, was not the answer.

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In some areas we could see badgers disappear altogether. These widespread killings will simply not solve the problems of bovine TB in cattle. The only real answer is vaccination for them both, better biosecurity and control of cattle movements.

Why is the cull of badgers happening? Ministers say culling of badgers is necessary as part of efforts to tackle spiralling rates of tuberculosis in cattle.

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What is the evidence to support a cull? It is widely accepted that badgers spread TB to cattle, and it is estimated that around half of herd infections come from badgers. The Government also points to experience from other countries, including Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, which all successfully tackled TB in livestock using culling of wildlife which spread the disease.

Why is it so controversial? Experts, including some involved in a previous long-term trial, have raised a number of concerns about the policy, including that the gains will not be very large and costs could outweigh the benefits.

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Animal welfare and wildlife groups claim killing badgers will be inhumane and the policy is not backed up by the science. Farmers say the disease is devastating their businesses and lives and that everything possible must be done to tackle it. What will the pilot culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire involve? About 5, badgers will be killed across the two areas, either by shooting of free-running badgers, cage-trapping and shooting the animals or a combination of the two.

How much will the cull cost? The costs of carrying out the culling are being borne by the farmers. What else is being done to tackle the problem? The Government insists it is pushing forward with vaccination, but it is a long-term strategy. A vaccination for badgers is available but has to be injected, and a oral vaccine which can be put in bait is still some way off, according to officials.

WMN online poll highlights the great divide The deep divide in public opinion over the badger cull was exposed in the exclusive online poll run by the Western Morning News. It ended with almost two-thirds saying they were opposed to the cull. In all 7, people voted against the cull, with 5, in favour. The report on the trial said: Indeed, some policies under consideration are likely to make matters worse rather than better.

Recap: Seattle Scalability Meetup @ Redfin HQ

This is the cost of carelessness, lax attitudes to controls and even fraud. A substantial amount of the expenditure is in compensation to the cattle industry for lost stock. Action is now being taken thanks to EU pressure.

red special meet up 2013

In England, the industry, not the taxpayer, will have to foot the bills. Cage trapping and killing badgers instead of injecting them is likely to cost as much as vaccination. The current cost-saving proposal of shooting in the open without trapping is seriously flawed, dangerous and possibly inhumane.

red special meet up 2013

Most badgers killed will be uninfected. Badger vaccination has a role to play in the long-term control of the disease but it will not cure a badger that is already infected. That is a statement of the obvious. The TB vaccine is intended to protect uninfected animals, not cure them. The vaccine can only slow the progress of the infection and reduce its severity. Meaningless unless the NFU says who made this estimate and when, which areas were involved, whether the figure is for herd breakdowns or individual infections and whether the estimate had been scientifically validated.

New Zealand has a vastly different landscape and many millions of introduced possums against aboutUK badgers at the last estimate. This is more cost effective but the long-term solution for controlling TB in possums as well as badgers and cattle is clearly vaccination.