Region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

Events Season – USA Gymnastics Region 2

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

Level Regional Championships VENUE: Greater The winning regions will also be determined at the conclusion of the competition. 35, Competition Name #2, Region 4 Championships Meet L10, , FX, , Regional L10, , AA, , Lincoln Junior HighSchool, 7, 8th, 33 chevy chase rd, erial, NJ, , , [email protected], Parkettes. Programs from Livonia have finished as state gymnastics is coming off its best performance of the season at last weekend's regional meet, the state champion in and state runner-up in , , , and 11, , 2: 03 p.m. Get a First Look At This New ChevyKelley Blue Book.

Every participant wore red, w hite, or blue Juni or Olympic shirts which gave the march a highly patriotic look. After a few short introductions and pep talks, the "O lympic" torch was li ghted by a runner and all were ready to d ispatch themselves for a bit of practice at their own site of competition o r a good night' s sleep in the huge Bursley Hall on North Campus.

Outside, shuttle buses were always handy to transport athletes, coaches, judges and other officials to and from the dormitories. The next day, August 14th, gymnas ts had ample time for warmups all morning. Judges met to review the compulso ri es, and were all given poplin jackets to wear, comp liments of Chevrolet. Two national judges were on hand to act as superior judges: Linda Morton and Mike Mildonis of Ann Arbor were responsible for organizing the meet, and a good j ob they did down to the last meal.

They even had box lunches for everyone to take when they knew we all wouldn't have time to go back to the dorm at lunch time.

Jeanette with her easy southern drawl gave an exce ll ent impression. She was truly interested that thi s be a good meet experience for all concer ned. She urged all judges to be o n hand at the end of th e meet w ith th eir records to exp lain to coaches and gymnasts what they co uld do to improve their performances.

Prot ests we re hand led in a very positive way. Although they were not all honoreda wr itten reco rd of th e performance of the gymnast in vo lved was given to the protesting coach with suggestions as to where each gymnast could improve. Prot es ts were actual ly kept to a m inimumand not one single angry outburst was noted.

Un like performances seen at t he district levelthese gals worked uniformly at a high leve l almost all in the high 7's and low 9' s. As has been noted before in regional competitions there were more high scori ng gymnasts in the year group with some 64'70 scoring Patricia won the yea r leve l and Carr ie won th e level.

Hav in g judged on ly va ulting and floor exercise, I ca n personally report on ly on these two events. Yamas hitas and twisting va ults were the cho ice. No one achi eved the perfect Yami as newl y out lined last year by the USGF Women 's Techn ica l Comm ittee, but a few showed a good co ll ege try at it. Those doing twi sts often showed late take off from the board with resulting f lat preflight, and yet most we re fa irl y good va ults.

On floor, a tremendous amount of dance difficulty and origina lity was shown. Most performers had exce ll ent form. Most girls had max imu m tumbling difficulties includin g twisting moves.

Tumbling comb in ations lacked origina li tyand in a number of instances, f ull va lu e. A lth ough they had ne'lr p erfect formthey did not fare we ll sco rewi se. On th e other hand, one ga l had th e high es t, mo st bea utiful tumb li ng I ha ve se en for a lon g tim e, with very littl e in th e way of dance, and she also did not fare well. As always, floor exercise must be a wel l balanced combinat ion of dance, acrobatics and tumbling and t hose w ho di splayed th is scored we ll.

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

At the conclus ion of the optiona l events on A ugust 16th, meda ls we re given to the first six all-around in each age group. Resu lts are b elow along w ith a few snapshots I managed to shoot between judging sess ions. The competit ion is gea red to t he Olympic motto: We co uld no t send reporters to the meet and res ults were not always sent us as it was thought we might not use them. It seemed usefu l to provide a recapitul ation of all the competitions we co uld get our hands o n to provide a hi sto rica l co ntinuity of gymnastics.

Unfortunately, we st ill lack the resul ts of that first JO Gymnastic Championship. The following lists ca rry names, hometown or region, and all-around total for the top six gymnasts in each age division as well as for the t rampolinists, where this informati o n was ava ilable to us.

Patricia Lanterman 12 Cindy Malinchak 2 Debbie Wilcox 10 Jill Carter 8 Mary Beth Eigel 6 Amy Tubi s 4 Carr ie Englert 4 Denise Rive t 7 Elaine Hodges 8 Diane Preves 1 Nancy He ller 6 Kurt deVarona 13 John Ba sa laga 2 Ron Ga limore 4 Tad Bosticka 9 Mark Lee 10 Kurt Wei 55e nd 1 Boys Senior Division yrs. Kurt Thomas 1 Harley Danner 14 Marty Sharpe 13 Dick Hancock 9 Mike Papentonio 2 William Summerhays 1 Girls Trampoline 18 and under Sa rah Fruschte 7 2.

Michike Daw kins 13 An n Kilonyi 4 Barcey Thurston 1 Linda Spitzraegel 8 Barbara Marvin 9 Boys Trampoline lU and under 1. Mark Langeneckert 8 Robbie Bo llin ger 6 Doug Buchheister 7 Billy Skewis 9 St uart Go ldstein 1 knoxville, Tenn essee Colorado Springs. Spokane, WashinlJlon Girls Inte rm ediate 14 and under 1. Dian e Grayson 6 2. Joan Moo re 2 3. Claudia Fizell 4 4. Cathy McGartlin 9 5. Kathleen Den nison 7 6.

Kim Chace 4 2. Peggy Rowen 12 3. Deborah Mu llen 13 5. Margaret Pyle 2 6. Kerri Reynolds 9 Lucre zia Conners 12 3. Regina Bowers 8 4. Co le Dowaliby 1 S.

Simone Biles dresses 'for the survivors' while winning 5th U.S. title | CTV News

Diane Sargent 7 6. Tammy Sepaspou r 13 1 4. Debbie Fike Cypress, CAl 2.

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

An n Carr Philadelphia PAl 3. Bobby A Hunt Louisville. Jud y Putman Gulfport. Ma ri anne SiSlrunk Palm Beach. Debbie Hung Albany CAl 2. Penny Graves Fo rt Myers, Fl 3. Jeanie Beadhe Baton Rouge.

Michell e Baker Peabody. Donna Payton Lou isville, KY 6. Pat McGary 2 2. Cindy Hall 6 3. Ruthann Eckert 4 3. Barbara Fleming 13 5. Ci ndy lellon 9 6. Carolyn Riddell 1 Kath leen Dennison 7 2. Dee Dee Breaux 9 3. Barbara Mason 14 4. Candi Breese 2 5. Connie leach 8 6. Ma rgaret Ray Coombs lu Connie Leach 8 2.

Diane Sepke 6 4. Polly Della Gioia 1 5. Kathy Moore 9 6. Debbie Hall e Seatt le. Colleen Stu riale bel City, OK 3. Sue Galligan Niantic CN 4. Vicky Greenwell l ouisvi ll e. Jea nine Burger Beaver Falls. Krist in Holeman IssaquahWA 4. Debby Guy Birmingha m. Judy Putnam Gu lfport. Wayne Chand ler 1 2.

Jo h n O'Connell 6 3. Burr Bachler 3 4. Greg Ski nner 12 5. Mason Kauffman 14 5. Brad Blackwood 8 Tiger Taylor 4 2. David Eby 6 3. Scott Eva ns 7 4. Jon Hallberg 2 5. Tommy Collins 9 6.

Steve M9nroe 12 Wayne Chandler 1 2. Tiger Taylor 14 3. David Sa nders 9 6. John Basa lyga Baden, PAl 5. Kurt DeVarona Sa nta Clara. Bart Conner Morton Grove. Kurt DeVa rona Santa. Paul Simon Williamsvi ll e, NY 6.

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Kenny Reeves Garland, TX Randy Ma rtin 13 2. Roger Holdeman 10 3.

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

Bill Hudgins 9 4. Rust y Sperlin g 1 5. William Goodwin 4 Bi ll Hudgins 9 2. Stanley Gladstone 2 3. Jo hn James Pellikan 10 4: Richard Gaylor 8 5. Robert Quintales 6 6. Blane Nasvesch ik 1 Richard Russell 9 2. Richard Seikumas 1 3.

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

Lenny Kravitz l0 4. Ron Nissen 1 2 6. Bill Hammond 6 John Hallberg C laymon t, DE 3. Gymnastics Championships, Sunday, Aug.

It was a statement. One Simone Biles felt compelled to make even as the organization she competes for struggles to find a compassionate and compelling message to sexual abuse survivors. The Olympic champion designed the leotard she wore while winning her fifth U. It's the designated colour for survivors of sexual abuse, a group that includes Biles, who revealed in January she was among the victims of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.

region 2 gymnastics meet 2013 chevy

In the end, it simultaneously served as a beacon to her otherworldly gymnastics while also highlighting the need to keep the Nassar victims at the forefront. It's a balance USA Gymnastics can't seem to locate.

Biles' electric performance came hours after USA Gymnastics president Kerry Perry spent 22 minutes talking around the fallout of the Nassar scandal without offering much in the way of substance in her first extended public comments since taking over last December.

Perry danced around the question when asked if the organization planned to do anything specific to honour the survivors. Ultimately, USA Gymnastics did not, though Perry said she envisions a day when the organization and the victims stand "side by side.

She has opted against providing specifics about her experiences with Nassar. In a way, her boundary-pushing gymnastics and thoughtful fashion choice will send a stronger message than any words ever could. Two years after winning four gold medals in at the Summer Games, Biles has somehow reached another level. She posted a two-day total of Biles' margin of victory was greater than the gap between Hurd and 11th-place finisher Jordan Chiles.