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Although she would not divulge the age of her coach, she did reveal the battle with her nervesa battle she Chalking up the bars, Svetlana Baitova was hoping to be the first Soviet female gymnast to bring an American Cup title home. Karolyi and his gymnasts have owned this competition since its inception in where he and Nadia Comaneci paired to win their first title.

Now, six titles later, he sees this as a very important competition. Brandy Johnson and Chelle Stack are new blood. The judges will remember what they saw here. The Soviet girl, Baitova she is one of the best in the world. She is going to become Phoebe's best promoter all over the world," he said.

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I was really focused on what I had to do," said Mills. That was the first time I saw genuine concern over losing. They know every year the Olympic champion comes out of the American Cup. They wanted to win here," stated Karolyi. After her fall and the 9. I have been training and preparing 23 very hard for quite a while to come here and compete well.

Just down the interview table, Mills, all smiles, was basking in the false lights of television cameras. I was really focused on what I had to do," she said. This was a big boost for Mary Lou and Kristie for them and I hope it's a big boost for me. Only on my final pose on floor was I confident I won the meet. It was one of three 9. Baitova attained one for her roundoff onto the horse, layout back somersault with a double twist vault.

Stack also received a 9. Ther e was another Am e rican gymnast who qualified for the final competition but was unable to compete due to a two athlete limit. Her demis e came on beam where she fought like a sailor but finally lost out to her balance and fell.

This, the single miscue in her entire performanceslipped her behind Stack and prevented her from making it into finals. The irony was in the previous day's practice, her beam was as steady as a rock, but her bars were giving her fits.

Why this unequaled popularity? Because our concern rests with the athlete. Because we believe gymnastic apparatus should enhance an athlete's performance, never hinder it. It's no wonder American Athletic is the choice of champions. Shouldn't it be your choice, too? Bring out the best in your athletes, bring out MI American. For information about the complete line, call Ken Cysewski at toll-free today.

Men's Competition What shaped up to be a three-way race for the title after the preliminary competition, turned into a solo sprint to the finish as Romania's Marius Toba virtually ran away with the Cup. This marked the first time the United States and Romania had shared an American Cup title since when Comaneci and Bart Conner shared the spotlight. Thba blew past all competitors and set the tone of the meet on his very first pass on floor, his first event.

Dennis has suffered through more injuries than Dan, but has been improving steadily. I do not try to coach them the same way.

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I want them to explore their own identity and to find their own styles. I like to look a little different. One of my hobbies is drawing and I enjoy that in my spare time. I'm pretty good at it, I think. His compulsory vault kept him from doing that. The outcome was what I expected and what I wanted. I trained to come in the top three and this is only the beginning. I just couldn't expect any better gymnasts to coach.

Their priorities are really in the right place. Their goal is to become Olympians. Dan, on the other hand, was "95 percent. He trained very hard. I couldn't expect anything more from him.

Right now I want my gymnastics to be fun and to be the best. The Championships of the USA was just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to be revealed.

All he would say is that it is on high bar and it is something like his double back over-the-bar recatch move which is spectacular in its own right. All I can say about it is that I am just going to have to go for it. That's why I've got to increase my strength. I will need a lot of power to complete it," said Dan.

She is a big part of my training and has been an inspiration to me. Unlike most other USA gymnastsboth Haydens are married. What discipline the Haydens don' t get at home from their wives, they receive from Tomita, who comes from the highly technical Japanese school of gymnastics.

He is instilling those philosophies on the eager-to-Iearn Haydens. For him, the most integral aspect of their talent is not their physical attributes, but what comes from within. Koji Gushiken won the Olympics all-around not by being physical, but by his heart. They are not only great gymnasts, they are great individuals.

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That's what makes them so special," Tomita said. The immediate elicited response felt from a Daggett glance was a man who had something on his mind.

It was a leaner-looking, stronger Daggett that stepped off the plane at Indianapolis International Airport for the June meet. Of all the accomplishments this veteran international competitor had racked up in his illustrious career, a Championship allaround title was not among them.

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For Jennifer Sey, the script for her performance couldn't have been written any better. Following a disheartening injury in front of the World Championship audience, this determined member of the Parkette gym rehabilitated herself right onto the victor's stand which included consistent performance despite an injured ankle.

It was a gutsy performance and a definite highlight for the "Thrill of Victory. Consistency, consistency, consistency was the name of Daggett's tune as he used compulsory scores ranging from 9. Overall, Hayden's scores were higher than Daggett's, that is except for one.

This was his best performance since the Olympic Games. Two of Dan's scores, a 9. But as is the case the majority of the time, the consistent performance outweighs occasional greatness.

One gymnast who showed signs of greatness was Rob Brown of the University of Minnesota.