Aurora and maleficent relationship goals

Maleficent: Elle Fanning as Aurora | Emanuel Levy

aurora and maleficent relationship goals

Healthier waistlines for them and healthier self-. If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines. What if Disney princesses had realistic waistlines? Healthier . Maleficent and Aurora form a friendship so close that Maleficent – not a The Relationship Between Social and Physical Pain,” Psychological. Maleficent is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 16th animated feature Maleficent confirms that Aurora will grow in grace and beauty, "beloved by all who know her", but as revenge for not being invited, she places a .

Maleficent: Elle Fanning as Aurora

She does an excellent job embodying the role and making Maleficent fun to watch. About every other scene features a close-up of Jolie, slight eyebrow raise, full red lips, cheekbones and all. Yes, visually Maleficent is perfect. But, the new tale does come with its flaws. Vengeance for a spited love and cruel boy are what drive Maleficent to her evil nature — a trope used countless times.

Where the film truly impressed me was the different tale it told as Aurora aged. That is where it got interesting. That is what drew me in. Interactions with the older, almost year-old, Aurora Elle Fanning also proves interesting.

It becomes a relationship that is in stark contrast to the one shown in the animated film. In fact, Aurora probably had triple the amount of screen time here than she did then.

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Although to be fair, she was actually in a sleep-like death in that film and really is only in a sort of power nap in the new tale. In this relationship is what will cause the most stir: Prior to sporting her iconic black attire, Maleficent had a pair of feathery fairy wings, wore a brown dress, and was always barefoot with an anklet on her left ankle.

After healing a tree, Maleficent befriends and falls in love with a young peasant boy named Stefan, upon being alerted to his presence by Knotgrass, Thistletwit and Flittle, a trio of pixies. As an adult, Maleficent is betrayed by Stefan, who uses iron to burn off her wings so that he can ascend the throne of the human kingdom, as per a bounty declared by the dying King Henry, who bore a grudge against her.

Taking a raven named Diaval as a servant, a now hate-filled Maleficent names herself ruler of the Moors and her outfit changes to a darker one. When she learns that Stefan is now king and has had a newborn daughter named Aurora Elle Fanning with his wife, Queen Leila, acting on the notion that true love is nonexistent, Maleficent places a curse on the newborn Aurora to sleep forever unless she receives the kiss of true love, as revenge on Stefan.

Because the three pixies that were assigned to look after Aurora proved to be incompetent, however, Maleficent cares for and saves the child from afar in order to ensure that her curse is completed, only to eventually develop a maternal affection for her. That love proves essential for a repentant Maleficent to undo her own curse when she kisses Aurora on the forehead. After waking from her sleep, Aurora helps restore Maleficent's wings to her when Stefan attempts to kill Maleficent, allowing her to defeat Stefan.

aurora and maleficent relationship goals

Soon after Stefan's death and Aurora's ascension, Maleficent crowns Aurora as the ruler of the Moors to unite their kingdoms forever under one throne. Jolie is set to reprise the role in Maleficent II. Mistress of All Evil: A Tale of the Dark Fairy[ edit ] This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. Two years following the events of the film, a specific solar eclipse has an effect on fairy magic that causes Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to feel weak. The spell on Diablo is negated enabling him to find Maleficent's remains and use her staff to revive her. On the day of the celebration, Maleficent storms in and places a curse upon the castle turning every soul with the exception of Aurora to stone.

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Tortured and desperate, Aurora pleads for mercy upon Phillip and her people going as far as to asking Maleficent to turn her into stone, as well. Maleficent refuses as she's unable to place a curse on the princess due to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather's protection spell, but she is able to grant a wish resulting in Aurora sacrificing her life in exchange for her loved ones and people. With Aurora once again put into a sleep-like state, the kingdom citizens are freed including Phillip, who rushes to the Forbidden Mountains to save his bride.

Maleficent and Aurora

There, a battle between Dragon Maleficent and the prince takes place. It is difficult for Prince Phillip since he doesn't have the Sword of Truth with him. The evil dragon attempts to bite Phillip with her venomous fangs, but she accidentally strikes her own tail, killing herself instead.

When Maleficent is defeated once and for all, Phillip once again wakes Aurora with a kiss of true love.

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Kingdom Hearts[ edit ] Maleficent appears as a major character in the Kingdom Hearts video game series, voiced by Susanne Blakeslee in the English versions and Toshiko Sawada in the Japanese versions. She has appeared in every game in the series except for Kingdom Hearts: She seeks to control the Heartless and use them to take over the many worlds, with Pete acting as her second-in-command. A memory-based hallucination of her appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memoriesplaying out the same role as the first game, and she is resurrected in Kingdom Hearts IIwhere she finds herself competing against Organization XIII for control over the Heartless and Kingdom Hearts, and ends up aiding Sora more than once against them.

In the prequel Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleepshe encounters Master Xehanort and is inspired to start her mission to unlock Kingdom Hearts, unaware that Xehanort is using her as a pawn in his own schemes. She is defeated, but flees her homeworld before she can be finished off. Dream Drop Distanceshe attempts to take control of Disney Castle and the Datascape, but is foiled each time and forced to retreat. She also appeared as a villain in the film Mickey's House of Villains.

In the episode "Halloween With Hades", Hades falls in love with her. Kingdom Keepers[ edit ] In the book series by Ridley PearsonKingdom KeepersMaleficent appears as one of the first Overtakers encountered as she intends to leave the confines of Disney World to take over the world. She recruits Jez with a spell due to the girl's abilities as a fairly almost like a fairy, but fairly human could reveal her plans, but fails.

She breaks the seal to revive Chernabog as they escape in an ice truck to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is said that the temperature goes down when she is around; later it is revealed she does this because warm temperatures weaken her magic. In the fifth book, Maleficent and the rest of the Overtakers ride the Dream on its first cruise, using Tia Dalma to revive Chernabog at full power.

She meets her end in the sixth book when the Keepers' leader, Finn, rips a hole in her with his DHI powers. However, at the end of the seventh book, Tia Dalma enacts a ritual to resurrect Maleficent.

aurora and maleficent relationship goals

Maleficent states that since people no longer believe in dreams, it is the perfect time for her to return to power and make the Magic Kingdom "The Place Where Nightmares Come True". But Mickey leads the crowd in a chant of "Dreams Come True! She makes an appearance through her voice in HalloWishesa Halloween -themed fireworks show along with UrsulaJafarand Oogie Boogie.

Susan Blakeslee provides Maleficent's voice in those cases. World on Ice[ edit ] Maleficent appears in the new version of the show Disneyland Adventure replacing The Incredibles villain Syndrome. When she terrorizes the resort, she puts the entire kingdom to sleep and puts Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck into Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

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Diva Villains[ edit ] Maleficent is part of the "Diva Villains" line-up, a sub-franchise of the main Disney Villains franchise. Maleficent is the last "diva" to appear in the event at Disneyland, just as the Evil Queen and Cruella de Vil are complaining on Madam Mim 's behavior. A version of Maleficent plays a role in the storylines for the American fantasy drama TV series Once Upon a Timeplayed by Kristin Bauer van Straten as a witch who is able to take the form of a fire-breathing dragon.

Maleficent is first introduced as the "only friend" of the Evil Queen from Snow White. She is also somewhat responsible in her use of magic: She does have a bit of a temper, having gone after two generations of Sleeping Beauties: Queen Briar Rose and Princess Aurora, her daughter.

All three of them had combined their talents to obtain it while having to avoid the Chernabog.

aurora and maleficent relationship goals

Maleficent has a daughter named Lily whose egg was separated from her due to Isaac who was the Author at the time; he was responsible for recording the stories but chose to alter them instead setting Snow White and Prince Charming down a path where they would be forced to choose between accepting that their daughter, the as-yet-unborn Emma, had free will and thus could become evil, or choosing to corrupt an innocent "as yet unformed in the ways of old and evil" and transfer Emma's potential for darkness into the chosen vessel.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, being controlled by Isaac, proceeded to transfer Emma's potential for darkness into the egg containing Lily; Lily was then transported to Earth alongside Ursula and Cruella de Vil, who were attempting to rescue her on Maleficent's behalf It should be noted that Snow and Charming had been unaware that their chosen vessel would be sent to another world, not having asked about its fate; however, once realising that the egg contained a human infant as opposed to a dragoon, they did attempt to prevent the hatching egg falling into the portal.

She also returned in the second season as a wraith when Captain Hook was used as a distraction while Regina looked for a powerful object, the failsafe, so that she could blow up Storybrooke and escape with Henry; Hook was able to defeat Maleficent and escaped with the help of Greg and Tamara.

Upon being resurrected by Rumplestiltskin due to her ashes being exposed to Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan's blood, Maleficent works with Rumplestiltskin, Cruella de Vil, and Ursula to ensure that villains and not heroes would be the ones with happy endings.

During this time Maleficent makes a deal with Rumplestiltkin. Despite her not fulfilling her end of the bargain, Rumple, empathising as a parent who has lost a child, agrees to show her the fate of her child anyway.