Beelzebub oga and hilda relationship

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beelzebub oga and hilda relationship

The Prince of Lust shows up in Oga Tatsumi's life and makes a mess out of his relationship with Hilda Read to find out more./ Completed. Kunieda Aoi (Beelzebub) · December 12, ·. RELATIONSHIPS: Oga Tatsumi . Aoi Kunieda has a crush on Oga ever since she had met him in the park. Prediction: Hilda loose there memories about Oga and get start to love him. That brings . in a while. Nice to know that you read Beelzebub too.

Hilda aims her sword at his neck and told him she would be who he fights. Hecadoth, insulted, began to mock Hilda, who attacked him with her demon powers in retaliation, sending him up twenty floors above.

She was about to fight until Oga took the reins and told her she could tag out and let him fight all three of them. Behemoth puts Hilda in a cell next to Yolda who is being used to get the rest of the Pillars to Earth from the Demon World.

Hilda learns that Yolda is helping Behemoth because he promised her that once all the members of the 34th Pillars are brought to Earth he will let her be with En. When Hilda tries to convince Yolda to stop before she dies from exhaustion, she refuses. Hilda manages to switch places with Yolda on the last day of the transfer and learns that the transfer was already over and the two guards were planning on assaulting her sister.

Once Hilda learns this, she beats the two guards unconscious to protect Yolda. Hilda manages to beat five Pillars and allows her sister to escape, but Hilda is captured and crucified. Pillar Head Salamander decides to use his Lost Priminece, a fire which burns all of the person's memories. Upon hearing from Salamander that Oga was on his way to Behemoth, Hilda uses up a lot of her remaining energy to scold Oga from the top of the school, asking if he was stupid.

She commented on how reckless it was for him to go in there alone, endangering her master again. Oga, angered, answered back that he came to save her and she should just shut her mouth and wait for him. Hilda was shocked and did not speak from that point on. When Beel starts making noise at Oga to save Hilda, Jabberwock asks Oga if she is clouding his judgment, and shoots demonic energy at her, intending to kill her. The demonic cloud destroys the cross Hilda was bound to, but Oga appears holding Hilda in his arms unscathed.

Hilda, barely conscious, raises her hand to touch Beel's face, saying she is glad that he is all right, and blacks out. Jabberwock laughs at her and calls her stupid, which angers Oga. Memory Loss Arc The next day, after Akumano Academy was burned to the ground, Hilda wakes up and finds she does not have a recollection of who she is.

When she explains what happened to Oga's parents, they try to refresh her memory by explaining to her who she was the information was false.

She currently believes that she is Oga's wife, as well as Beel's mother. She is brighter and far more kind without the heavy burden to serve and protect her master, not remembering she had spent so many years killing her emotions. After all the pandemonium, Oga, tired from all the events that have happened, falls asleep.

He wakes up to find Hilda sleeping next to him. He runs away, afraid of this new behavior, while the confused Hilda calls out to him.

Memory Loss Arc

Determined to find a way for Hilda to regain her memories back because of her unusual behavior that even he can't take, they go to school. They met different people: They all failed to give her any recollection of her memories. On the roof, Hilda questions Oga if she really needs to get her memories back. She becomes scared that if she regains her memories, she will lose the feelings of happiness from that moment.

Hilda infers she'd rather not get her memories back since she thinks she's happier that way. Oga holds her shoulders and told her with a grim face that the Hilda they know was a violent and merciless woman, taking off all hope for her to regain her memories back. A small, violent conversation develops between the two women, with amnesiac Hilda thinking that Kunieda was her husband's wife. Kunieda disapproves of Hilda's conclusion and asked if she based that idea off hers.

Hilda then asks if she doesn't harbor any feelings for Oga, which Kunieda answered with a stutter. Kunieda then ran away, red. At lunch, Hilda and Oga go back to the rooftop. Hilda made a cutesy lunch box for Oga. Furuichi, filled with jealousy, tries to get the lunch box. Oga, after pushing him aside, tells him that the food was the only thing that got better when she lost her memories, then gulped it down. Furuichi then turns to Hilda to ask for a lunch box as well, only to see her face to face with Yolda.

Yolda shows a CD in her hand that she claims is a way for Hilda to get her memories back. Hilda refuses the offer. Yolda shouts that she should get her act together, which Oga agreed on.

Hilda's eyes teared up, and she asks the gang if she was really that unwanted. Hilda then runs away. When Yolda, Oga, and Furuichi watched the tape, they see some of the Pillars by the river trying to catch crayfish. They soon discovered that the only way for her to get her memories back, as described by Salamander, is to get a kiss from her "Prince Charming". Oga threw the keyboard at the screen and destroyed the computer, as he assumes that he is her "Prince Charming".

He asks Furuichi and Yolda, with the evilest face, if they heard something, and feigned ignorance. Soon, all of the students knew about the kiss that was said to happen, making Oga hide for his pride.

Lamia appears out of nowhere and gives Oga a potion that Dr. Forcas made specifically to restore Hilda's memories. Oga then looks for Hilda with Beel as a tracker. They find Hilda by the river, having been bullied by the Pillar's soldiers.

Oga then defeats them mercilessly. Hilda thanks him and grabs his arm to look at the scars. She then sees the potion, which he puts into his pocket.

Realizing that it was a cure for her to get her memories back, she promises to take it. She smiles and told him that even if the "new" Hilda might disappear, the "old" Hilda from before was probably happier.

Then the potion flew into the river, shocking everyone except Oga and Beel.

Love me with no spells Chapter 1: Hello Nii chan!, a beelzebub/べるぜバブ fanfic | FanFiction

Faking disappointment, Oga tells Beel that Hilda won't return to normal anymore. He told her that despite her personality change, she was still Beel's mother. Oga handed Beel to her and she gave him a light kiss. Oga commented that maybe it was better that way since the food she makes is better. Hilda then asks him if the food she made back then was really that bad and Oga answered honestly, telling her that it was like "attempted murder", only to realize that Hilda has regained her memories.

She answers with an evil smile that next time it won't be attempted murder, and beats the shit out of Oga. Lamia then asks her about the tissues that were sent from the Great Demon Lordwhich Hilda states are in Furuichi's possession, noting how he has been complaining about them since.

Her attention is immediately sparked after Lamia states that Doctor Furcas strictly advised against the usage of the tissues. Despite the dangers, she laughs it off, stating that even Furuichi would not be so dumb as to use the exact method for summoning Demons with the tissues. They find the homeroom for the Ishiyama delinquents and discover that Furuichi has already undergone the summoning ritual. Upon this revelation, Hilda remarks with disappointment that the situation ended up like she had suspected.

Oga asks Hilda why they are present. Before she can answer, Yuka and Chiaki begin fawning over Lamia, prompting her to say that they will need to change locations. Afterward, they see Furuichi in the hallways and Hilda tells Oga that he should observe for himself if he wants to know more. She glances at Oga briefly when he says that he will be the one to defeat Furuichi before Hilda focuses back on Furuichi. After learning that the toxins can be fatal, Hilda becomes surprised.

Hilda's emotions turn to anger after Oga states that he will be using the bathroom -- something she interprets is another way of saying that he will fight Furuichi. She scolds him for his apparent recklessness and is subsequently silenced after he repeats his statement. Hilda immediately becomes stunned to see the powerful Demon[19] becoming further shocked by the subsequent intensity of the fight.

Hilda then watches as he then collapses beside his close friend. With Behemoth still present, she asks why he is still there and remarks that he would have been able to easily kill Oga while lending Furuichi his powers. Hilda listens to the old man as he talks, then watches as he disappears into the sunset. When Furuichi hands back his tissues, she insults him for wasting a gift from the Great Demon Lord.

Afterwards, she then takes them back with the intention of burning them, adding that Furuichi should not be using them again and thus will not have to rely on them. The group then continue on their way home. She explains that she wants him to protect her master whenever she is unable to help him herself, knowing that she will not always be beside him.

Misaki explains that it is when Santa Claus comes and gives gifts to good children. After much thought, Hilda concludes that Gorgonzola is a definite winner.

This angers Hilda and they erupt into an argument. Hilda asks if Oga remembers her, which he replies with a shocked face. The next round was organized in tournament form. The two babies --Baby Beel and Black Beel -- start fighting. Black Beel punches Beel, causing him to fall into Hilda, touching her lips. Saotome states he is happy that Hilda had lost her memories, as he knows Hilda hates him for groping her chest. Oga remarks that Hilda would have destroyed the gymnasium and that Saotome was going to get killed.

beelzebub oga and hilda relationship

Hilda interrupts the conversation, asking if she should destroy the gymnasium. Both Oga and Saotome show faces of shock as Hilda returns back to normal. Partners must put the balloon in between them so it will not fall. They then have to wear sandpaper gloves — meaning if they touch the balloon, it will pop. After explaining, Hilda agrees to take the challenge — winning it with whatever it takes.

Saotome laughs, asking if Oga had trained. He punches Oga, resulting in the Oga-Hilda pair to fall down. Hilda uses her demon powers to break the fall.

In the end, the Oga-Hilda pair managed to win by using teamwork — but mainly Baby Beel as bait. For this challenge, the women face off - trying to get the card that the speaker says before the other person.

Written on the card is an attack, where the men would use to get the other off the mat. Hilda, not knowing how to play, gets the wrong cards - allowing Shizuka to easily win for Toujou to attack Oga. Hilda does manage to get a card, but alas the card had a useless move.

Finally getting the game, Hilda tries to get another card; sadly, she gets the wrong card. Shizuka grabs the right card with the attack 'chop' written. Toujou smirks and proceeds to chop Oga, however to their surprise, Oga had ripped the map. The last challenge is the 'Head on Battle', where the objective is to steal the other pair's star. Since Izuma lost the motivation to continue because Shizuka lostAoi resulted in reluctantly accepting Aiba's help.

Aiba declares that he will win and take Aoi, as after the last battle between the two he had trained very hard. The fight starts, but Hilda gets distracted by the sense of Demonic power from Aiba and warns Oga. Aoi takes advantage of this and slams Hilda down to the ground. Aiba takes the star and it looks like a victory for the Aoi-Aiba pair, but Baby Beel had already taken Aoi-Aiba's star.

Thus, a draw was declared. Oga becomes aware of Hajime Kanzaki's status as among the four Tohoshinki. Being the somewhat sadistic and irresponsible teen that he is, Oga seeks out Kanzaki in an attempt to force Beel on him. His logic was that "strong men" were most appealing to Beel, and that the most malicious of characters would satisfy his needs.

When the two meet, the discussion takes a dangerous turn as Kanzaki sends one of his own men flying with a direct attack after annoying him. Beel was touched on the head by Kanzaki. Oga realized that Kanzaki was rejected as Beel did not react, and in retaliation, sent Kanzaki flying. Leaving Kanzaki's men completely shocked, Oga leaves the area feeling rather disappointed. Oga faces Himekawa, the second member of Touhoushinki.

Yolda kiss oga.png

The next step for Oga was handling the other menacing forces of Ishiyama. The second step was Tatsuya Himekawa, another thug who uses his money and influences to gain dominance.

He was approached by Kanzaki and easily took care of him, and afterward, Himekawa went to handle Oga directly. He kidnapped Furuichi and Hilda, who was later revealed to be drugged both were seen with severe burns.

Oga was flooded from head to toe in his room, and was immediately disgruntled. He went to the warehouse where Himekawa held the two kidnapped friends. He blasted through Himekawa's reinforcements and made his way to Himekawa himself. However, Himekawa turned out to be a more competent opponent than Kanzaki.

His weapon was a stun rod. With fluid movements, he had Oga on the ropes momentarily. However, Oga simply stated that the shock he received from the rod was nothing compared to Beel's tantrums.

With Beel's power, Oga was able to send Himekawa flying. Himekawa was later shown feeling somewhat bitter in the hospital, along with Kanzaki. Although he did not seem any more out of the ordinary, he was commented on by many of the juveniles that pollute the school.

Oga takes Beel to the park as what he calls his park debut. There, he meets a young girl wearing glasses and pushing a stroller Aoi Kunieda in disguise. Oga attempts to become friendlier as he does not want to be thought of as cruel or uncaring. He sits near the girl and strikes up a conversation, the girl was later revealed to be one of the four Touhoushinki: Aoi Kunieda, the leader of the all-female Red Tails gang. Although she wears a disguise at the park as a means to protect her reputation, Oga is completely oblivious when the two square off.

He is unable to identify her, although it appears as though Beel was able to make the distinction less apparent. Aoi was the one looking for Oga as he was said to be "breaking a difficult and dangerous balance", an allusion to his complete destruction of both Kanzaki and Himekawa.

Aoi quickly proves herself to be a competent fighter, with rapid speed and a clear understanding of martial arts. She wields a wooden sword, and although not an actual sword, she yields the same results as though it were metallic, slicing the window barrings and their reinforcements. Many of Aoi's opponents were surprised whenever she fought with a wooden sword and asked if a wooden sword could actually "cut" things.

Become demon lord' s mother. Oga is quick to the challenge and avoids fighting her. Aoi is shocked to see that Oga is carrying a child, and is thrown completely off guard when he asks her to become Beel's mother.

The delinquents surrounding them awaiting to watch the two fight were all shocked as well. Although it was merely his means to ditch the demonic child, Aoi took this as more of an invitation to become his partner, and as such, she became infatuated with him. Oga's troubled road through Ishiyama continued when the final member of the Tohoshinki was revealed.

Oga left his house after Beel showed signs of their severed bonds. He was launched out of his window after showing a hurt and emotional Hilda his theory of leaving Beel. Although he was only referring to the electric shocks, Hilda smashed him through the window and ordered him to leave. While walking through the park, Oga was attacked by Tojo's top fighter in an alleyway.

Their fight was only a means of testing Oga's power, and as such, the subordinate left without any signs of anger or tiredness, a statistic Oga picked up on well. A confused Oga wondered about the relation the two shared. The subordinate answered calmly and then exited the alleyway, missing his next hit on Oga which was sure to be a devastating blow.

When Oga awoke the next morning, he noticed that Baby Beel and Hilda were missing. Furuichi pondered this and spoke openly on why Oga was taking the situation so lightly.

A jubilant Oga was cut short on his celebrations, and was forced to go search for the two by his estranged sister. Oga went to look by the river-bed as that was where he first found Beel. Tojo and his subordinate were there, and Beel was also present, this time riding on the back of Tojo.

A fight ensued, and with that Oga began to notice issues with Beel. His glazed eyes were unfocused and the attachment to Tojo was almost abnormal.

Oga concluded that the power he had was enough to draw Beel towards him. Oga demanded to know how he found Be'el in the first place. Tojo answered honestly that he found Beel roaming the streets. He then took a few jabs at Oga's terrible parenting skills. Beel was set to be the prize of the fight, and Oga was quickly beat to the point where he succumbed to serious injuries. Oga took the upper hand, catching him of guard until he noticed the Zebul Spell contract on Tojo's upper arm. Oga vs Tojo Tojo sent Oga flying, then took Beel and left the scene.

Oga returned home, bitter and angry, to find Hilda and a ghost-like creature in his stairway. The ghost-like creature turned out to be the demon doctor, a physician that is in Muumuu form, whom Hilda called to assist with the examination of Oga and Beel.

Oga immediately struck a nerve with the two commenting on both their looks assuming they were low-class demons. He wondered why the demon doctor was so animated. The doctor continued his examination of Oga with a few minor interruption in the form of Lamia his assistant. The doctor determined that the severing of the bond was because Oga was not powerful enough to keep up with Beel.

A bruised Oga relinquished his role as surrogate father momentarily, in an attempt to regain his strength. Oga wondered aloud whether Beel was better off with Tojo. He was snapped back into reality by Hilda and his fighting spirit eventually returned. While taking a shower, he was interrupted by Kanzaki's subordinate. Oga does not take to this smoothly however, and with blatant disregard, he tries to turn down the offer. However, he sees reason and the three make their way to the school.

Unfortunately the trio is ambushed by local gangs, a tactic used cleverly by Tojo. Kanzaki and Hajime fend off two opponents each and were dumbfounded to notice Oga handling the rest on his own.

Unfortunately, the thugs continue to emerge, and the trio find themselves growing tired. Aoi jumps in and fends them off one by one protecting the three from further harm. On his way, he notices fireworks being set off, and he continues on his way towards the location of the fireworks.

He inquires to return it, stating that perhaps a fight over him would be more suitable.

beelzebub oga and hilda relationship

Oga states his relation to Beel being more caring and out of friendship, then going to say that it is up to Beel to decide. The once warped Beel regains his composure and glazed look, and he creates a demon circle with strange markings. A forcefield is created and the electricity it generates prevents anyone from entering. Oga penetrates the shield, doing more damage to himself. He gives Beel the same cocky smile he gave him during their training sessions. The two bonded once more and a "revival" of their core was created.

The fight between the two was full of complacent blows and rigorous hits. However, Tojo repelled the attack and made a blitz behind Oga with a killing blow in mind. Oga dodges and sidesteps him and returns to Beel and Furuichi's location Furuichi being there on his own accord.

Beel feeds Oga some power, and the contracting Zebul Spell is generated. Beel crawled to them and with his eyebrows knitted tightly he said: The man was wearing a normal attire of a white shirt with a few of the buttons undone, and tight jeans.

Not the unusual guy at first sight, but what the daddy noticed was this man's hair and eyes color. They were the same shade of green as baby Beel and En's; except for the few blond locks entangled in his braided long hair, that was resting on his right shoulder.

What Oga didn't really notice or rather didn't even think was important, but what any fangirl would never miss, was the fact that the said man was extremely handsome. Damn, you could even say he was gorgeous and you still wouldn't have described even half of his true looks. Leaving anything aside, Tatsumi had a really bad feeling in his guts about this man. Taking baby Beel in his arms Oga noticed the way the man was looking at them and that irked him in a strange way.

Whoever this man was, if he managed to get that face out of her, he definitely was bad news. Just as Oga was about to turn to the man and ask him what the hell did he wanted with them, he saw the guy was gone from his previous spot. The next moment the green-haired man was in front of Hilda.

In an instant he had her hand in his and was looking straight into her terrified eyes. But couldn't you at least leave a message for me? I go on a mission and when I come back my favorite girl is gone. Do you have any idea how worried and sad I was?

Do you have any idea how hurt my innocent heart was, huh? Why don't you try and see how hurt can the human trash make every part of your body, including your heart? The man raised his head and turned around to look at the source of the disturbance. Why would you bring that amateur's name here? The man squinted his eyes at Oga as he examined him closer.

And as his eyes landed on the similar green haired baby, he gaped and spread his hands towards it. Look how much you've grown up!

Who's that weirdo here?