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The following is a list of characters in the A&E drama series Breakout Kings. Contents. 1 The Team. Charlie Duchamp; Ray Zancanelli; Shea Daniels; Fritz Gunderson; Philomena "Philly" Rotchliffer; Erica Reed; Dr. Lloyd Lowery; Julianne "Jules" Simms. Relationship with Lloyd . Julianne and Lloyd share a very friendly relationship since. Julianne Simms is a member of the group the Breakout Kings. Thanks to Lloyd's advice, she writes a letter to the parole board when he is considered for. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

His experience and "street smarts" allow him to provide a working knowledge of how convicts think and move. He has girlfriend Vanessa whom he deeply cares for. In the episode " One for the Money ", he told his girlfriend Vanessa that he needs to follow the rules if he ever wants to see her again, before leaving a small diamond from the jewelry store in her hand.

But when he tried to escape using a knife he swiped while they stopped for lunch at a restaurant he was sent back to the Coxsackie Correctional Facility with his sentence doubled. He returned on the episode Off the Beaten Path to help the team find a deranged and crazy man in the Adirondacksa place he knew about.

However, he only leads them to the trail as Erica states they can continue without his help as she once tracked a man here. Fritz is tied up to the van and at the end of the episode, he is sent back to Coxsackie with a plate of ribs, a case of beer and a Hustler magazine.

Philomena "Philly" Rotchliffer[ edit ] Philomena "Philly" Rotchliffer Nicole Steinwedellwas one of the four initial convicts and former fugitives chosen by Ray Zancanelli to help catch other fugitives, using their expertise as criminals to do so.

But she was sent back to the Muncy Correctional Institution with her prison sentence doubled when she accessed her bank accounts in Denmark to fund an escape plan. She is Philly's replacement on the team. Unlike the rest of her teammates she was hand-picked by Charlie Duchamp instead of Ray Zancanelli. She was raised by her father, who himself was a bounty hunter. He was tortured and killed in retaliation for the capture of a gang member, and Erica hunted down and killed five of the six people involved in the murder.

Barely 20 at the time, she killed her victims and hid their bodies so flawlessly that she was only convicted of weapons charges. She has a daughter who currently resides with the child's father Denny but she has little to no contact with her, despite her desire to be more involved with her.

The murder of her father and the loss of her daughter causes her great pain and anger. Beneath her stoic demeanor, Erica has a volatile temper she constantly fights to keep in check, but it can, and sometimes does, violently erupt.

She even slept with him at some occasions without the team knowing about it. Ken Reily Michael Reilly Burkethe man from the video loop at the Marcum Institute encounters Ronnie walking towards him and asks for a ride.

Erica and Lloyd learn from Arturo that Ronnie was attacked since he talked ill about his daughter and realize that Ronnie wanted to get hit. The team later learn that Mo Blakely, one of Ronnie's previous employees was murdered by Ronnie. At the crime scene, they learn he was searching for something. Lloyd trains Shea to disguise as one of Ronnie's employees to get information from Ronnie's accountant. In the meantime, neighbor Pete comes to meet Erica. Ray yells at her to keep her prison blues off the floor.

Pete stands there, stunned as Erica lies and tells him that she was in prison for mortgage fraud. Pete replies that half of the people he does business with should be in prison, so he understands.

At the office, the phone rings and Ray answers and then tells Lloyd and Erica that Gary Margolis' parole was denied, and, based on how he performed at the hearing, he isn't ever getting out. For a moment, Julianne and Lloyd high-five each other, and after that they get a hit on Curtis' phone. Using which, they locate the place but find Naomi alive but Curtis and Ken murdered.

Julianne flips through Ken's camera, looking at the hundreds of photos he had of his kids. Ray, nearly defeated, tells the team that it was like they were chasing a ghost. Lloyd pauses with a massive realization. Ronnie was a ghost on purpose! She called the shots and pulled the triggers.

Shea tells the team that she's the meanest, most vicious person he has ever met.

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Shea continues to tell that that one night, after she tried hitting on Shea and he wasn't interested, their business relationship ended. Charlie tells Shea that he's running point on the case. Shea knows a lot of the people close to her and will have to keep a low profile, though. Ray throws him a bag of clothes. Shea is changing in the bathroom when his phone rings.

It's his girlfriend, Vanessacrying. She's sitting in a chair with a gun to her head. Carmen's crew has her. Vanessa tells Shea that Carmen knows he's working with the Marshals and if he helps them catch her, she's dead. Shea, furious, tells Vanessa to put whoever is there on the line, but before she can get any words out, someone in the room slaps her, takes the phone away and disconnects the call.

He tells her that the message was delivered to Shea. Carmen looks at a wall where photos are arranged in a hierarchy.

Where in the World is Carmen Vega

At the top are mostly black gang members, while closer to the bottom is Carmen's crew. Carmen points to the photo of Sebastian and furiously asks why they're all the way at the bottom. Cesar tells her that while Sebastian was in charge, they lost a lot of territory, but Carmen won't settle for any excuses.

She's still angry that Sebastian couldn't keep up the payments to the prison guards. She points to the top of the "pyramid" and tells her crew to find "Flow-Flow", the leader at the top. Cesar turns to T. He hesitates, but Carmen nods at him and he moves. A man named Buntz, wearing a worn business suit, ss brought in by two of Carmen's men. He's a little nervous and confused, and is carrying a leather samples case. Carmen graciously welcomes him and leads him over to a chair to wait for her.

Cesar leans close to Carmen and tells his mother that her men don't respect him. Carmen tells him that they'll be his men soon enough. Ray, Charlie, and Shea arrive at the funeral home, now a crime scene. Shea is in the back seat on his cell phone, and watching Ray and Charlie talking to some cops.

Shea, on the phone with his friend Damani, tells him to do whatever he can to find Vanessa and wondering how the hell Carmen knew he was working with the Marshals.

Charlie and Ray ask him if he has any leads and Shea lies and tells them that roosters have apparently changed because he doesn't have anything yet. They seem to accept this, for the moment. Flow-Flow leans back in his chair at a strip club, getting a lap dance. Suddenly, there's a ruckus up front people scream and scatter as Carmen's crew storms in the front, gunning down the club security.

Jade, the stripper giving Flow-Flow a lap dance, screams and dives under the table. Flow-Flow and his crew whip out handguns to return fire, but Carmen's crew sprays them with bullets. Flow-Flow, now on the floor, reaches for his fallen gun, but Carmen steps on his hand and points her gun right at him.

Lloyd Lowery/Julianne Simms

He looks up at her, pleading and telling her he didn't kill her son. She looks at him and tells him no kidding. Carmen pulls the trigger. Charlie, Ray, Shea, Lloyd, and Erica enter the strip club, which is now crawling with officers.

Eight distraught strippers sit at the bar, all in bathrobes. Ray tells the cons to start asking around to see if they can find anything out. Damani tells Shea that he's skipping town. He doesn't want to wind up dead like Flow-Flow. Shea tries to talk some sense into him, but it's too late. Lloyd stands in front of the eight distraught strippers asking for any information about "the dead guy. Lloyd nods and motions her forward.

The walk over to a corner and he clutches her bathrobe at the navel. Lloyd notices, looks, does a quick exhale, and then pries his eyes away from her cleavage. Jade tells Lloyd what she heard. Moments later, Lloyd is standing around the rest of the team, who are all in shock.

Charlie can't believe that Carmen had her own son wacked, but Erica tells them it created the perfect opportunity to plan an escape. The team looks at Shea for any leads or ideas, but he doesn't have any. Ray and Charlie walk over to Shea and guide him away from the Lloyd and Erica telling him that if he's thinking of past loyalties and not helping the Marshals, he's getting shipped back to Sing Sing.

Shea, almost forced to say something, tells Charlie and Ray that if Flow-Flow was involved with Sebastian, business-wise, only one person could've brokered that deal: The team enters the bullpen where Julianne tells them that all local airports and docks have been notified and are on alert. Lloyd, Shea and Erica sit. He checks the display of his phone, but no calls. Erica studies him, finally getting a little suspicious. Ray enters with The Mayor and points to the interrogation room.

Shea asks Ray if he can have first go at interrogating and Ray agrees. Shea heads toward the Interrogation Room and Charlie and Ray go over to Julianne's desk and turn on the intercom. Erica looks at Lloyd, now really suspicious and asks why Shea, who wanted to remain low-profile on this case, is now volunteering for the interview.

Shea walks into the interrogation room. Shea tells The Mayor, who's surprised to see him, that if they don't find Carmen, things are going to get ugly. Shea leans in and whispers that Carmen has his girlfriend captive. Ray and Charlie, listening at Julianne's desk, can't hear him. The Mayor says he can't help Shea, he has to worry about himself. Ray and Charlie, frustrated by the whispering, enter the interrogation room looking for an update. The Mayor tells that he wants Witness Protection before he tells them anything.

They tell him that unless he flips on every one he knows, they can't do that. So he can either take his chances on the streets or be put into protective custody until Carmen is caught. The Mayor agrees and Charlie and Ray tell Shea to leave the room.

Shea is pacing back and forth in the coffee nook. His phone rings and he picks up to hear Vanessa, petrified, on the other line.

She tells him, with guns pointed at her, that Carmen's crew believes that Shea is helping the Marshals. Shea assures her, and them, that he's not. The phone goes dead and Erica and Lloyd walk into the nook, suspicious.

Erica tells him that he either tells them what he's up to, or they tell Charlie. Shea studies them then finally tells them that Vanessa has been kidnapped. He tells them he's been trying to work some side angles and asks them to cover for him. Erica steps forward and tells Shea that if he tries to escape to save Vanessa, they all go back to maximum security, sentences doubled.