Chihaya and tai chi relationship goals

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chihaya and tai chi relationship goals

I wish I could be that passionate on reaching my goals like Chihaya does. Have I mentioned that Chihaya, Arata and Taichi are childhood. Taichi Mashima (真島 太一 Mashima Taichi) is an all-around student, as he is gifted in both studies Yet, he has feelings for Chihaya despite this relationship. Personally, I think it has to end with Chihaya X Taichi. chihaya wins queen match bc that was her ultimate goal in the series from the so it makes sense (to me) for their relationship to get some development in the future.

It's either you're blind or you just don't care. I suddenly feel sorry for those men. I still love you. The way he said it made her insides melt as she met his gaze, suddenly all serious. Those amber eyes made it hard for her to think, her thoughts unable to form completely.

But as he continued staring like that at her, she suddenly got impatient. She leaned forward and closed the gap between their faces, meeting his lips somewhat timidly as she stood on her tiptoes. She just realized that she hadn't actually given him a kiss in greeting since earlier, and though she knew it was no big deal for him, she knew she ought to do it.

Just as a proper girlfriend should. His response somewhat startled her, he leaned forward and wrapped an arm around her waist, and he obliged and gave her a proper kiss, somewhat sensing her hesitation. He ever so carefully brushed against her lips with his own, suddenly realizing how long he hadn't been able to see her, and just how much he actually missed her.

A moan bubbled up her throat as she felt his tongue flick out teasingly against her bottom lip, and her lips parted to give him access. Her knees nearly buckled as he slipped in easily, twirling around her tongue, exploring around her cavern, taking all the sweetness still remaining from the dessert he had bought for her earlier, - her favorite Ghana bars.

The taste of chocolate lingered around her lips and on her tongue, and he wasted no time in claiming it from her. His gentle attention on her lips became deeper and urgent, his hand coming up to brush against her hair, tilting her head back and she placed her hands against his chest to steady herself, her hands gripping fistfuls of his shirt as if her life depended on it.

I-I missed him so much… When she followed his movements so readily she was surprised to have him pull back, ever so slowly, breathing ragged and heavy, eyes heated with passion and desire that she had the grace to blush. She could see herself reflected against those amber orbs of his.

They stared at each other wordlessly for a full minute, and she began counting in her head seconds more when he finally spoke. You think I didn't? She was rather startled when he chuckled.

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They both jumped when they both heard the loud rumble of thunder in the distance, and she looked up in alarm. She saw what could only be described as a downpour, large droplets falling mercilessly around them. She heard him follow her. You can go watch tv here first, and I'll deal with the dishes. It wasn't like her to just do what he asked of her, she was a stubborn woman after all, and likes things her own way, - she knew that was why he had loved her in the first place, but she wanted to stay a bit longer with him, especially since moments like these to which she could have him all alone to herself were rare and few in between.

Sighing to herself, she got the remote for his television mounted on the wall of his unit's living room and opened it, flipping through the channels immediately. A few more minutes later he joined her on the couch, and she didn't protest when he shifted her position so that she was on his lap, his arms around her. Noticing her shivering from the combined cool air conditioning of his room and the weather outside, he grabbed a blanket placed on one of the couches and draped it over them.

You won't be embracing me like this if you do. If there was one thing she had always prided herself at, it was her honesty. She saw him raise an eyebrow at her, and then he chuckled. That's going to be the death of me. W-What was that supposed to mean?

chihaya and tai chi relationship goals

She wondered quietly as she sank back against him, just relishing his comforting presence and his scent which bathed her nostrils. He had a very nice smell — something like cinnamon which made her mouth water and settle her nerves. Stop that will you, you're tickling me. He understood, even without her finishing the thought. The courageous girl he had wrapped in his arms, for one ironic fact, was actually afraid of the big, bad thunder. Funny, because it wasn't like her to be afraid of something so… trivial.

But then again, Chihaya was not a normal girl — she had always been a walking contradiction. She loved things which other people do not appreciate, disliked things which they could actually appreciate. It seemed comical that this overenthusiastic, adorable, energetic girl would be frightened of something as… normal as thunder, but knowing that she could be scared with something like this made her more normal in Taichi's opinion.

Silence made it's way into his living room as they just stayed like that, wrapped together under a blanket. Her body seemed to calm down in his arms, and she nuzzled against him, unconsciously pressing her body against him even more, seeking his warmth that he stiffened.

If she keeps this up… I'm not sure if I could hold myself back. And just as the thought flashed in his head, he quickly dismissed it.

He will rein himself in. For her sake, he will do it. Just as he was mentally preparing himself, she suddenly murmured a question which completely caught him off-guard. He was suddenly nervous, and there was an unmistakable tension in the air. Where had that come from?

What do you mean? She kept quiet, though. He couldn't understand why Chihaya was suddenly quiet, and the silence was making him jittery. Seeing her blush suddenly set his heart beating faster against his ribcage.

What on earth was making her so embarrassed and stumped like that? She opened her mouth to respond, but she was cut off with the sudden announcement which flashed in the middle of the show they were tuned in, temporarily pausing the show.

People are advised to stay within their homes. I repeat, people are advised to stay within their homes. Winds are expected to pick up at a speed of a hundred and seventy kilometer per hour, and possible flood alerts in areas such as Kamakura, Nerima, Mizusawa and Tomoeda have been raised…" They stared at each other, both coming to the same conclusion. An hour later, Chihaya stood awkwardly in front of the full-length mirror situated in his living room, staring somewhat nervously at herself.

She was wearing one of Taichi's shirts which was somehow loose but was completely unable to hide her figure, and her shorts, which for some stroke of luck she had remembered to bring earlier, intending to use it as she supervised her club's practice, but forgot to use it anyway, which just about emphasized her legs.

She was going to stay here overnight. She is going to stay here overnight!

Taichi Mashima

The thought made her incredibly nervous. She knew she was somehow treading in that area which she and the girls had talked about a week ago. A gut feeing told her she was right on the edge of stepping in that line tonight. She clutched at her chest. Her heart was pounding so hard against her ribcage it felt as if it wanted to jump right out of it. I… I couldn't focus… She jumped when she heard a loud scraping noise come up behind her, and she turned to see Taichi carrying several pillows and a blanket, already in his pajama shirt and pants.

She saw his eyes widen a bit at her sleeping get up, but then he cleared his throat. She nodded, her cheeks flushing. T-Thanks for letting me borrow this…" She trailed off, then suddenly blurted out, "A-Are you sure you don't want me to go home instead?

I'm not going to allow you to step a foot outside. Just go home tomorrow instead. Just to let her know where you are. She doubted that that was the only thing her mother had said, since this is the first time she would be staying over a guy's house, much less her boyfriend's house.

But she didn't want to push him, not wanting to add to the tension already bathing the atmosphere between them. Make yourself comfortable in it.

chihaya and tai chi relationship goals

Go on, and good night. Instead they kissed each other goodnight, too quickly, might she add, then turned to walk towards his bedroom, leaving the door open so she could still see him somewhat, tentatively lifting the covers of his bed, and slipping under it, without him in it.

As soon as she was settled down, she turned on her side and closed her eyes. She hoped to get some sleep, wishing it wouldn't be futile as the storm continued raging on outside. She didn't see Taichi sigh as he went to flip the lights off. Might as well try to at least get some sleep… He dropped back to the couch as soon as he was finished setting the unit's alarm on.

With the storm outside and the occasional flashes of lightning, he could make out the lump on his bed which was Chihaya, and she was turned over on her side, so her face was hidden from his view.

Thank God she didn't bother asking more regarding her mother's response to his heads-up as to where her daughter is.

chihaya and tai chi relationship goals

Oh please take care of her, Taichi-kun! I know she'll be fine as long as she's with you. But are you sure about this? We apologize for imposing on you. He had assured her that everything was fine and that he didn't mind her staying over, and she thanked him once again before cutting the line off.

He heaved a sigh and dropped back into his couch. Of course he wanted to share the same bed with her, but he wasn't confident regarding his self-control. He was still a man after all, and she is his girlfriend. After two years of being with her, he had never bothered rushing her into things which she wasn't… mentally and emotionally prepared for. He shook his head, not liking where his thoughts were leading him. This was why he was so cautious of letting her stay here.

He was always a gentleman, and he knew he must keep his hands to himself. He closed his eyes tiredly. All this worrying was getting on his nerves. He had to sleep it off… It hardly felt like hours that he had closed his eyes when he felt something move beside him. Eyes sore and somewhat groggy, a fork of lightning illuminated a head of chestnut hair and slender body next to him, and he nearly yelled in surprise, for a moment images of ghosts, poltergeists and white ladies flashing in his mind, but then she sniffed, and he recognized the figure of his girlfriend, who had curled up against him and found his chest to lean her head on, trembling a little as she did so.

I didn't mean to wake you up… it's just that the storm's making it hard for me to sleep…" He heard her mumble somewhere against his chest. They were silent for a while except for the harmony of their breathing, and he felt that he was slowly coming awake.

You'll wake up sore in the morning. We can sleep on the bed together. Now let's move it. Knowing that she was too lazy to actually move, he picked her up easily in his arms bridal style and went for his room. He laid her down on his bed, and proceeded to gather the blankets from the couch, then stood tentatively on the edge of his bed. His heart was beginning to beat harder against his chest. Chihaya was the only girl who had the unmistakable talent of making his heart race like this it was a wonder he hadn't had any heart attack.

God, he was going to sleep beside her. He was going to sleep with her! Chihaya shifted, and looked up to him, not saying anything, probably just wondering what he was doing still standing at the edge of his bed like an idiot.

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I am so screwed. His heart went ba-dump in his chest, which he had no doubt she actually heard. He stiffened when she laid a kiss on his jaw, whispering goodnight that was lost at the sound of the raging storm.

Now how the hell am I going to sleep? He wrapped an arm around her instead, silently praying that if he wouldn't be able to sleep, then at least God would take pity on her and let her sleep. He closed his eyes, even knowing how futile it is with the girl he loved asleep on his bed with him. They had always fallen asleep against each other like this, but he would be fooling himself if he said that this was not different out of all those times that they shared a bed, a tatami mat, or a futon together.

They were together on his bed, which doesn't normally happen. Despite of having girlfriends before, he never had a girl share his bed with him like this. Just sharing it now with Chihaya was proving to be the most daunting task he ever had, because it was making him use all the self-control he had stored in buckets within him.

Chihaya x Taichi? spoilers allowed!

Mashima you moron… Chihaya's breathing turned shallow for a few minutes, then suddenly hitched. She then opened her eyes against the top of his chest. Chihaya's hands curled against the fabric of his shirt as she remembered the question she was about to ask earlier. This seemed to be a good time to ask him regarding it, because it was bothering her since a week ago, but she didn't know how he was going to react to it.

She took a deep breath, and forced herself to grit the words out. She felt him freeze, obviously caught off-guard, and she hurried to explain. Then she suddenly felt him shake against her and she was about to ask why when she heard him chuckle.

I just never thought this day would come. His reaction was strange, even to him as well, but he thought, that somehow, Chihaya had finally grown up. Though the question was making him embarrassed, he felt strangely relieved that she was willing to talk with him like this, and that he didn't have to be the one to open it up to her.

The answer surprised her. Impossible, but he could still try. So this was the reason why despite of having a new girlfriend nearly after three months or so, his relationships never lasted long and died almost a natural, stagnant death. He was never a flirt, she knew that, and was a loyal, caring man, but she had always wondered as to why he never had a long-term relationship. He had never cheated, never lied to any of them, but for a reason unknown to them then, women seemed to just find something off with him and would leave him before you could even say 'karuta'.

She blanched, not knowing how to exactly answer his question. Lovemaking is a natural way to strengthen a bond between two lovers. He felt like he was adding fuel to the fire that was beginning to course through him. Chihaya forced herself to grit out her next statement, which had him totally caught off-guard.

Did she just ask him to…? Was it because you think that you'll be forcing me into something I don't want? In answer, she shifted as she pressed herself against him, lips inches from his own.

I promised your mom I will take care of you, and I don't want to do something that will break that promise. You can still turn back, while I'm still at my wit's end. Arata sees Taichi as his teammate, just like how he sees Chihaya as his teammate. Arata still holds onto the past, the fond memories he shared with both Taichi and Chihaya in Tokyo when they formed a team then.

And I will explore the complexities behind this later on. A rival usually refers to a worthy opponent in the field that one is competing in. But no worries, this is just my very brief input. In fact, this matter has already been brilliantly explained in this post.

That is not the case at all. Unlike the past, Taichi has come to terms with the fact that Arata is a worthy opponent.

You acknowledge someone as a rival when you believe that he or she is of match with you. He or she is someone who is equal or comparable to you. In the least, Taichi would like Arata to see him as a rival as well. This is why when Arata asks him, he denied saying anything. Which brings to my next point.

The Yoshino tournament arc sheds light on this. Arata continues to battle with his feelings during the Meijin Western Qualifiers Up till that point, he had only seen Chihaya as a worthy opponent.

Realising that Taichi is becoming stronger and possibly someone who is on par in terms of skills in karuta frightens him and disrupts the belief he always had Taichi and him playing alongside each other. The thought of playing with Taichi makes him anxious and nervous, just like how Taichi has always felt with the thought of playing against Arata. For Arata, the stakes have become much higher. While everyone in the Karuta world seems to have a scorn toward Suo for his Karuta style calling it 'nasty' and 'sick', Taichi doesn't.

On the contrary, he seems to like it by saying that he 'can't help but finding that style fascinating'. They had a rocky start because Taichi claimed that Chihaya was his girlfriend and asked Suo to stop his advances on her, much to Suo's dismay, who used to say he's not obliged to do anything that Taichi says because he hates him.

Taichi always came prepared with sweets to bribe him with, though, and confessed his lie about Chihaya and cleared the air between them. Suo showed, on more than one occasion, that he's interested in Taichi's Karuta, interestingly enough calling him a 'nasty player'. Later on when he found out Taichi quit Karuta, he told him that he admires him, for even though he doesn't like Karuta he still tried his absolute best in it, and admitted to not liking Karuta either.

Suo and Taichi are last seen practicing Karuta together. History Taichi used to go to the same grade school as Chihaya and was the smartest in their class. He used to tease Chihaya which led her to attack him. They were good friends, but when Arata arrived, he was annoyed that he wasn't the only one that had memorized all of the Hyakunin Isshu.

He tried to get Chihaya's attention and threatened to not be her friend anymore if she stands by Arata's side. Because of this, everyone ignored her - per Taichi's orders - the next day for associating with Arata. Taichi returning Arata's stolen glasses. He later challenged Arata to the karuta competition they were having at their school. On the day of the competition, his mother was there holding a camera to film him during the match as she believed he would win as usual and tried to encourage him to win.

Taichi won all his matches and made it to the final against Arata. In order to win, and not get scolded, he cheats by giving Arata a shaken soda to spray him, in order to make him wash his face and take off his glasses. He steals Arata's glasses while he is washing his face and Arata only catches his small figure. Chihaya and Arata start searching for them, but they don't find the glasses for Arata's match.

During the match, Taichi is beating Arata as he switches the cards, but is then interrupted by Chihaya saying that she'll replace Arata in the match. He is eventually defeated by Chihaya and all three of them win an award.