Chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

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chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

Chris Evans was rumored to be with Naomie Harris - - Chris and Naomie were rumored to be dating after being photographed out together. Naomie Harris and her boyfriend Peter Legler enjoyed a romantic PDA on Wednesday evening as they headed out for dinner at Japanese. It goes without saying that people want to know who Chris Evans has dated. Long before she was Mrs. Justin Timberlake, Biel was in a long-term relationship with Evans — the actors dated from to Naomie Harris.

Dawson herself was adopted at the age of 1, which lead to her admirable and bed-emptying act. Carlton's only been in three confirmed relationships since her career took off inwhich happens when you waste your time walking a thousand miles just to see every guy you have a crush on.

chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

Thankfully, their first child was a girl, so they couldn't name it John McCauley IV and make it the unfortunate successor to an unbroken line of pretentiousness.

Supermodels generally get around, and Naomi Campbell is no exception. She's also been engaged twice, once to some dirty old Italian who was 20 years older than her and has somehow dated half the world's models, most even younger than Naomi.

Oh wait, he has money, forget the somehow part. Dirty old men and gold digging models go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Dunst is currently engaged to Jesse Plemons, which only further confirms that he sold his soul to some nefarious demon of the underworld at some point around Sadly, her relationship to Spider-Man co-star Tobey Maguire didn't last, because they were way cuter together than Dunst and the soulless husk of Jesse Plemons' body.

There hasn't been much relationship news on the Denise Richards front since she separated from Nikki Sixx in The mother of 3 is apparently content to be single, which is a shame, as anyone who listened to her legendary interviews on Howard Stern can attest.

During them, Richards freely talked about her sex life and her willingness to do just about anything to please her partner cue the "date" votes. Model Stephanie Seymour has been married to wealthy industrialist Peter Brant for 22 years, which probably means they signed a prenup.

Seymour had a much briefer marriage to Tommy Andrews a whole yearas well as short couplings with Axl Rose and legendary lothario Warren Beatty. She has 7 children, 6 with Brant. Model Brandi Glanville is rumored to have gone through two of Friends' leading men, David Schwimmer and Matt Leblanc; she was unable to complete the trifecta by hooking up with Matthew Perry. She settled instead for Ben Stiller, who could probably pass for Perry in the right light.

She appears to now be dating year-old Celebrity Big Brother co-star Jordan Davies, who's two decades her junior. Sienna Miller was rumored to have landed one of the biggest bachelor prizes in Hollywood, Brad Pitt, earlier this summer, before reportedly calling it quits with him shortly after.

Of course, one does not simply break up with Brad Pitt, oh no. There is a special place reserved in the darkest pit of Hell for those who do. Hope you enjoy spending eternity with Jesse Plemons. When Winona Ryder's not busy shoplifting, she's been busy stealing the hearts of various men, including current love Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

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The couple have been together sincethough they're likely never to marry, as Ryder appears to have a bit of a phobia about being one of those people; those people being divorcees. Ryder previously had lengthy relationships with Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. Model Kate Moss has been a busy girl on the dating scene. She's been married, she's dated dozens of guys, and she's had dozens of other rumored relationships or trysts. It's not surprising that everyone from Johnny Depp to Russell Brand to Daniel Craig have pursued her, as she's smoking hot to this day, even at the ripe old age of Wright's been married twice, including an year marriage to Sean Penn that ended in She dated Ben Foster, 15 years her junior, for a few years and was engaged to him before the relationship ended in She was recently applauded and criticized equally for demanding equal pay with her male co-star, despite Spacey also being a producer on the show and the bigger draw.

Yeah Kevin, I got your back bro. Del Rey recently dated G-Eazy, which ended in an awkward split, as the rapper dumped her for Halsey. Not only that, the vocals he had intended for Lana to sing on the song Now or Never, were also given to Halsey. The song was released in the middle of September. The year-old Preston still looks good, but has some additional baggage aside from her age: Yep, Preston and hubby John Travolta, whom she's been married to sinceare both members of the Church of Strange.

Some of that strangeness was on display when she gave birth to the couple's son Benjamin induring a "silent birth", where no one is allowed to speak unless vitally necessary, which is one of the Church's practices.

Preston and Travolta are currently working together on Gotti. Date Not all questions have been answered. They got engaged in and married in The couples over the top wedding had over one thousand guests attend! Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala Just. This couple takes the cake in the stunning features department.

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  • Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Josh and Yessica met in after the stunner asked HIM for his number. Later that year, the Indonesian beauty and her man got married and now have two ridiculously beautiful kids, Hunter and Java. The couple are still going strong, after 14 years of marriage. Josh is known for the hit show, Lost and for basically being the reason for watching the show. Ellen and Chris met at the grocery store in The two married in and have two daughters together, Stella and Sienna.

Chris, being the romantic type, proposed to Ellen on her 37th birthday! Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Ashlee is the slightly less known sister of Jessica Simpson, Evan in the son of music sensation, Diana Ross; so it only makes sense that these two would get together. The two married in and now have a daughter, Jagger, together.

chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

Evan is also known for his minor roles in hit films like, The Hunger Games franchise. The two were on and off from to While they were together, the two were often seen on red carpets, basketball games, and social media mostly hers. There was a time when we thought this adorable couple was going to tie the knot. They did manage to stay together for a few years, have their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, and all that before later filing for divorce in We still think about them every now and then… what if?

Janet met Wissam in in Dubai. The couple eventually married, but kept it under the public radar for well over a year good job! And adding a cherry to that cake? Most recently, Janet has discussed the fact that she has converted to Islam, her husbands religion. Jason and Lisa met in and married in The 80s were her time to shine.

They make for a nice couple, recently welcoming their daughter, Dream Rene Kardashian. Chyna has done wonders for her love, Rob, helping him through rough times. The Kardashian family is very close knit, and many of them have an affinity for African American beauties.

They laugh together, get through thick and thin together, and are just plain fun. The two married in and had a daughter, Chanel, in We foresee nothing that can tear these two lovebirds apart. Ice used to be a tough rapper back in the day, but he made a surprisingly successful turn to acting and devoted his time to his lovely wife, showing us how true love does it.

chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher Eddie has quite the romantic history. He is a father to nine, yes, NINE children, from five different women. The couple welcomed a daughter, Izzy, in May of The couple is undoubtedly gorgeous together, walking the red carpet showing the world their love for one another. Izzy is one lucky little one to have them as parents. Kimora Lee and Tim Leissner Kimora Lee used to be married to mega producer Russell Simmons, whom she had two daughters with you may remember them from their reality show and tour of their palatial home.

She was then in a relationship with Djimon Hounsou, and had a son with him. However, in she married Tim Leissner and had another son, named Wolfe. Kimora is a savvy businesswoman in her own right, she is a fashion designer and model.

chris evans and naomie harris relationship quiz

The two were previously linked in The two now have a son named Josey and are happily displaying their remarkable relationship through the streets of Los Angeles. Sadly, the two decided to divorce in November You know what the most important part is? That these two were together for as long as they were and they got an adorable son out of it. A lot of these couples have an age gap, making age just a number.

Thandie Newton and Ol Parker Thandie and writer-director husband, Ol Parker have been happily married sincewhich is considered an eternity in Hollywood. The two have three children together, Ripley, Nico, and Booker. Thandie is a mega successful actress, playing in films like, Crash, The Pursuit of Happyness,and televisions runaway hit, Westworld. The couple can be seen from Los Angeles to London, where Thandie and Ol are from, always toting their children around.

The couple share four children together and a bond that seems unbreakable. When Wesley was sent to three years in prison, Nikki stood by her husband throughout the entire ordeal. The love birds were together for three years before marrying.

Their names are inspired by her Korean heritage. Zac and Sami have since broken up, but their relationship was too adorable not to document on this list. When they walked down red carpets or were seen on the streets of Los Angeles, they were a statement couple, their looks and vibes totally setting them apart from the rest of the crowd. Wishing them both equally beautiful relationships in the future! Robert married Grace inand despite almost breaking up inthe couple powered through and ended up stronger than ever.

The two renewed their marriage vows inlooking as in love as ever. They have two children together, but Robert has six children of his own in total, plus four grandchildren.

Chris Evans on his ideal lady: “I like a big ass.

Now his latest film, Dirty Grandpa, makes us think he was method acting! So when he met and married Lilit, another Armenian woman who bares a dazzling resemblance to Kim, eyebrows went up and eyes rolled. Nevertheless, the two have two children together and seem to be as happy as ever.

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant Kobe and Vanessa met inwhen they were 21 and 17, respectively. Kobe and Vanessa are still together, going on 15 years now. However, the two did not part ways very amicably, and Johnsen actually ended up suing the comedian.

The suit was thrown out. Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker A lot of women enjoy the easy rise to celebrity status which typically comes with marrying a professional athlete. However, Italian Jessie James Decker was one of the few who did not have a need to marry for fame, she had already made her own!

So, she was already big by the time she got married to her football playing husband in