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Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine and Spike Spiegel. Find this Pin Спайк & Джулия – 11 photos Cowboy Bebop, Couples, Couple, Romantic Couples · Cowboy. If you were shipping Spike and Faye, then have we got some bad news for you. The lovely couple met during their time on Cowboy Bebop. McGlynn's guidance paired with Blum's talents resulted in perhaps the most iconic portrayal of. Not to mention the fact that Jet had to force him to leave the Bebop and Watanbe was asked about Spike and Faye's relationship and this is.

Tension that was going to break as soon as one of them made a move or a slip of a hand. Both, Spike and Faye felt it. Both needed to get rid of it. It was three in the morning. Time passed oddly while under the influence. Spike smelling Faye's hair, telling her how her violet locks smelt like rainbows and unicorns; Faye rolling around the old mattress, claiming she was a pig in a blanket.

Both danced along to the upbeat yet horribly talented musicians.

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Something along the lines of party music. They could care less. Both teased each other relentlessly with lewd gestures. A single touch of a hand on her thigh or a graze of finger tips here and there. An index finger luring him in closer or the tormenting motions of her breasts bouncing as they jumped and pumped at the muggy air.

Through their incoherent minds, Faye sat back and watched Spike create his own show. They passed the vodka bottle back and forth, reveling in the burning sensation in the back of their throats. Faye let out series of giggles as Spike attempted to dance along with the fast-paced music but ended up tripping over his bare feet. She tipped over from the chair she sat in, in a tireless heap of chuckles.

A heated flush covering her cheeks caused by the alcohol that drove through her system, infecting her body like a virus. Spike took the last gulp of the addicting yet cheap beverage and stood over the bubbly Faye, slightly heaving through his nose from the physical exercise as he silently loved the way she looked at that moment.

Her laughter turned into stifled titters with her shoulder shaking occasionally. A huge grin still plastered onto her face.

The scene of him tripping and brushing it off kept replaying in her blurred mind. To Faye, she proudly can say Spike is a doof.

She stared at him from the ground with drunken eyes, a loving look glistening through her orbs. He looked so tall, so intimidating standing over her, yet so handsome. She wanted to love him, to kiss him, to make love to him and tell him how much it hurt to see him walk away from her in just those few seconds but all the darkening thoughts dissipated when silence greeted the two smashed comrades. The song changed again. Spike and Faye heard it before, more than enough times. A somewhat slow but sensual song that Faye couldn't get enough of.

A type of anthem in Faye's mind. It reminded herself of bounties and whatever the hell those bozos always get her into. Whether it be an alluring secretary and her male counterpart as her so-called boss or an innocent high schooler and her douchebag of a boyfriend.

All relevant to the reminder of Spike. Find my one true love tonight. Do you think that he could be you? The atmosphere between the two began to thicken with each breath they took. Spike's intoxicated eyes were glued to Faye's distorted form for some odd reason. As though she was the only thing he lived for, dreamt for. Why the cowboy was bizarrely staring at her as if she were a goddess was beyond Faye. She laid there, her body curved in all different directions, singing to the tune effortlessly.

A crooked smile plastered itself on his thin lips and made his way to the wooden chair claimed as hers, watching her little show unravel. While I'm walking down the avenue. Blood surged through his veins as the vixen below him closed her eyes and smiled. Throughout her faded mind, Faye remembered the time she sang for the jerk while he was mummified.

Laying fruitlessly upon the yellow couch like some sort of limp vegetable. The way he peered at her form through his bushy hair as she casually scanned the Cosmo magazine quiz on 'Are you good in bed?

The way he just stared at her like an angel. The way he rasped out in pain the stupid, 'You sing off-key,' comment. I can't stop what I love to do. So I murder love in the night, watching them fall one by one they fight. Do you think you'll love me too, ohh, ohh," Faye moaned the words at bit too loudly as Spike tapped his heel with the beats.

He was partially ashamed that he knew this song all too well and partially stunned at the woman laying futilely on the floor, singing to her heart's content. Rolling over to her stomach, she placed her hands next to the curve of her breasts and pushed herself off the dirt-filled carpet of the motel room. Hidden pupils watched her dance to the song while her voice roared through the music.

She swayed around in circles, waving her arms around and around, looking up at the ceiling with arms up as if she were touching the stars. As if she were a star. She looked almost boundless. On the warpath, cause I love you just a little too much. An endearing curve of his lips loved the way Faye seemed to finally be at peace.

Although, Faye abruptly stopped her waving and made her way to the old radio. Sashaying her hips to the beats of the song. Bent over the tiny dresser like a table, she turned the dial to increase the volume.

Each beat, each hit of a drum, each clap in the song vibrated through their bodies. All the sounds of whatever was outside these run-down motel walls mixed with the music and echoed in their ears. Although she was caught up in her dancing, Faye felt the need to titillate the cowboy.

Swing her hips, run a hand through her violet tresses, keep the bent posture, expose more skin than necessary. Anything to spur the cowboy on. Through, Spike's sloshed vision, he couldn't help but find the vixen's drunken stupor extremely alluring. Wait, did I dance? When did she start dancing? Everything meshed perfectly together. Thrills sent down his body to the organ in between his legs.

He stumbled over his feet, thinking as though they were rocks popping up from the ground to intentionally trip him. Glaring at the floor with all the hatred he could muster, Spike was about to say some rudeass comment at the innocent carpet when his voice was swallowed up in Faye's noisy singing. Love you just a little too much, much. Feeling the vibrations of each pulse, each timed beat of the music notes throughout their heated bodies, Spike outstretched a calloused hand to caress the curve of Faye's hip.

Faye visibly flinched, tensing at the single touch when her stressed muscles soon relaxed at the knowledge of whose hand that belonged to. There was only one other person in the room anyhow. His hand was warm on the bare skin of her waist. Faye could feel the small twitches and ticks of each movement from the man behind her.

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Standing to her full stature, Faye ceased her singing and dared a glance over her perfectly shaped shoulder to see a sexually frustrated looking Spike. Emerald eyes traveled down the length of his body to his growing manhood, proudly making itself known to the world.

A smirk lined her lips in mischief. She brought Spike closer by hooking her arm behind his neck, forcing him to bow his head into her shoulder. His chest now pressed firmly against her back, Faye sighed at the comforting warmth. Glimpses of his future actions flashed before her eyes. A lingering touch here and a squeeze there, a heated kiss with tongues and teeth, scratching and clawing at skin, the warmth of each other's bodies.

A soft groan escaped her lips. A hasty snatch of a perfectly manicured hand to a cigarette was made when Faye took an inhale of the sweet nicotine the burning butt of the cigarette gave her. Spike rested his hands comfortably on both sides of her hips, guiding each countermovement from left to right with the timed beats.

Dancing in the dark, I shine. Like the light I'm luring you,' The singer's voice cooed. Dewiness was gathering around them when he felt her pert ass grinding against the sensitive nerves of his groin as she heard his breath catch in his throat. Faye could feel his shaft waking from it's slumber in favor of stiffening and grinding against her nether regions.

She laughed inwardly, thinking how much the man changed since he left the Bebop. From the relentless teasing insults and competition to end up being pressed up against each other with sparks rousing under their skin. A groan rumbled it's way up Spike's throat as Faye blew clouds of smoke into the atmosphere. One glance over her shoulder changed the way a single man looked in her eyes. Hazed and clouded with desire, dilated pupils darkening with lust, Spike stared at Faye's plump lips, wishing that the cigarette placed between her mouth were his lips crushing hers.

Without stopping their movements, Spike's deft hands crept higher, grazing the soft skin of her sides until reaching the rough elastic fabric of her suspenders. A subdued moan escaped her swaying form.

Faye's hold on him tightened, lightly scraping the back of his neck with her nails when the cancer stick in between her index and middle finger rose up to meet his slightly parted mouth in an offer.

He tentatively glanced at the cigarette, a seductive glint in his eyes. Spike took the stick between his lips, inhaling the toxic air through the burning tabacco. The butt of the cigarette glowed an orange tint masked behind black nicotine.

He locked his gaze on the beauty before him, noticing her gaze hadn't left his as the tension rose with each gyration, each touch of skin against skin, each intake of the addicting drug. It always seemed contact with the cowgirl felt as though you were simmering, burning with desire from the inside and out. On the verge of slamming her against the metal walls of the hanger and taking her.

Vigorously pumping his dick into her wet heat as moans and cries would spill out of her mouth in pleasure. Not giving a ratsass if Jet, or even Ed, walked in on them. Letting the cigarette go, he allowed the smoke to calm his intoxicated senses and puffed out clouds of smoke. The smoke dissipated when Faye tilted her head towards his, capturing his lips in a tentative kiss. His lips were surprisingly soft, not what Faye expected from the cowboy behind her.

His lips were thin and locked with hers like a lock and a key. He tasted of vodka and cigarette smoke. Everything seemed to fade off into the distance. The storm, the music, the memories. Everything except for the two bounty hunters in the middle of a vacant motel room, grinding against one another while alcohol, lust, and something foreign but all too familiar drove their actions.

Though she wouldn't openly admit it, she loved how his lips molded with hers perfectly. After pulling apart for what felt like forever, Faye peered at Spike through heavy lids, focusing on the gyrating of hips against a stiffening dick.

Pink subtly colored her cheeks at the doing of his ministrations. Soft sighs left both, Spike and Faye's throats in quiet rumbles. Dipping his head closer to her heated body, Spike allowed the tip of his nose to travel across the delicate skin of her neck, inhaling her scent like a vampire would to suck the blood of it's next victim.

This is Spike we're talking about! He can't know what you feel! She tried to push away but her body said otherwise. The vixen strained her neck to expose more skin to the very well enticed cowboy eagerly creating friction between the two. A smug grin weakly grew across her features as the man strayed on her ear. Faye could feel his hot breath curling around the shell of her ear, hearing the soft groans through the boisterous acoustics.

Continuing to tease her, Spike nibbled on her earlobe, pulling the piece of flesh between his teeth gently but firmly. The only thing keeping her sane through the rushing of her blood in excitement is the drunk lunkhead behind her flushed body, his clothed chest pressed firmly against the nerves of her back and the singer's slow, seductive voice that felt as though they were hallucinating together in time and space.

Everything seemed to slow down to the speed of a sloth around the two. Baby, let your fantasies unwind. We could do what you want to do, ooh, ooh,' The lyrics echoed into Faye's brain. She couldn't think coherently. The lunkhead probably couldn't either.

With every sway they created, warmth greeted her core. Every little move from the cowboy made her body ache for more. Spike began trailing kisses in a path from the sensitive skin hiding behind her ear to the curve of her shoulder. Each of his light pecks tingled with warmth spreading throughout her body.

Trying to stifle the strange noises coming out of her mouth, Faye bit her lower lip. The cowboy's hands traveled up even higher in dangerous territory, his fingers plucking at the hem of her silky yellow crop top. Oh the sweet sensations! He leaned close enough to her ear to whisper the words, "Baby, I'm a sociopath, sweet serial killer.

On the warpath, cause I love you just a little too much, I love you just a little too much. Faye loved the way his voice sounded when he whispered in her ear. The slight touch of his lips on her ear sent a thrill shivering down her spine.

Blowing out smoke, Faye offered the last of the stumpy cigarette to Spike while turning in his arms. He took the cigarette gladly without breaking the eye contact, one arm still wrapped loosely around her waist to keep her close. The shortened cigarette glowed orange as he inhaled and faded back into black. The cigarette hung limply in between his index and middle finger. When the same hand brought the dark haired beauty closer, he cradled the back of her neck while rubbing slow sensual circles near the curve of her jawline.

A jawline anyone would love to graze their teeth with. Capturing her lips into another kiss, Spike's tongue flicked out against her lips for entry.

Plump lips parted to take in the smoke he exhaled as his tongue delved into her cavity. Their tongues tangled together, lapped against one another, coaxing each other's in a playful struggle as delicate hands roamed his covered chest, flirtatiously plucking at the buttons that would be better off on the floor. Spike relished the soft playfulness of his partner's fingers. Teasing and mischievous yet lively and juvenile. Exactly what the cowboy enjoyed. Keeping their lips locked together, Spike's hand trailed down her spine, ghosting over her skin as goosebumps pricked on her body.

That hand hid under the waistline of her hot yellow shorts and onto a firm cheek. Gently giving the flesh a gentle squeeze, Faye gave a small whine. Intensity withing their kiss growing. With the vixen's hands still frozen on his chest, Faye began to push him back.

Their kiss broken for a second, she gripped the cigarette from between his fingers and burnt out the cancer stick in the used ash tray next to the bed. Met face to face with the cowboy, Spike's features contorted with bafflement.

A drunken giggle slipped out of the girl. Allowing a crooked grin to brighten his lips, Faye pulled herself together and continued their trek with one another. She teasingly nudged him closer to the bed, the backs of his knees colliding roughly with the edge of the mattress. Falling with a thump, Spike, slightly surprised, balanced on his elbows to watch his comrade's little show. Don't want one, what's the thrill of the same toy?

She straddled his hips easily and hazily gazed into his clouded eyes through drooping lids. He looked so helpless, so not himself. Though since their little encounter near the liquor store, she was soon proven wrong that the man beneath her is the same asshole six months ago.

Dipping down to the drunken cowboy, the vixen placed languid but passionate kisses on his thin lips. Calloused hands roamed the porcelain skin of the woman's thighs, ghosting along the surface as he brought the backs of his fingers to create imaginary paths back and forth to the rhythm of their kisses. Pressure grew with his erection pressing incessantly against her inner thigh.

Deliberately rubbing her clothed folds against his member, she moaned against his lips. Going deeper in their kiss, Faye settled with undoing his loose tie that always hung limply around his neck. She always hated the stupid tie. Even though it always looked hot the way he wore it around his neck, he could never or rather never would attempt to fix the stupid fabric to actually look elegant.

But then again, this is Spike we're talking about. Never seeming to care how sloppy or unkempt he is through his choice of clothing that would rather be preferred as dapper and sophisticated to the vixen.

Though at this moment, all she could think about was the cowboy naked before her eyes, the mewls that would coerce their way out of the cowgirl from his own doing. Yanking off the tie, she threw the flimsy piece of cloth to the side of the bed, landing in a small heap. Smugly, she brought her hands back to his chest, popping each of the buttons on his shirt. Faye eased her mischievous fingers inside the open cloth and slid them back over his shoulders.

Spike, stealing more kisses from the woman above him, shrugged the thin button-up to joined his tie on the floor. He yearned to hear the indulging moans from his female counterpart as his touch made her shiver with excitement. Itching to touch his chiseled chest like she's always wanted to, Faye clawed at his skin.

A shudder ran through Spike's body. Stopping at the scar across his abdomen, Faye gave gentle pecks on the rough skin. Her mind focused on the one source that could bring her a sensation of bliss and gratitude, Spike. Faye almost missed the fleeting caresses along her pale skin when Spike gripped onto her pert ass and squeezed both cheeks. Delighted in the soft whimper that came from the woman, Spike repeated the motion. The cowboy couldn't stop a smile from forming, a playful vibe radiating off him.

Faye felt a smile curve his lips as their kisses became more sultry, more heated with each tick of a clock. Faye faltered a little when Spike bit her plump lip between his teeth, groaning an inaudible name. Though she could be wrong. Deciding she would rather leave the subject alone and not ruin the mood, she drew her head back and lured the cowboy in closer.

Thin yet moist lips moved to the woman's nicely shaped neck as she slyly brushed herself against the man's growing erection, repeating the movement over and over again. Tilting her head back, she exposed her throat to the cowboy.

One hand gripped the back of her neck and the other glided up her soft skin to unsnap those suspenders of hers. Coating the bruised spot with his tongue. A rough palette created a trail of wet saliva from Faye's collarbone up her throat, past her chin and back to her lips. How is it that this cowboy can coerce this vixen to crumble within a single touch? A sharp snap cracked through the unsnapping elastic suspenders and a surprised moan rumbled in her throat.

Spike felt the blood rushing rapidly to the growing organ when Faye's hand raked her way down his bare chest to reach her desperately needed prize.

Teasing the man before her, nails scraped along his abdomen down to the downy hairs that continued a trail beneath his pants. Suddenly, Spike stopped Faye by her wrist. Perplexed, Faye needed to show the cowboy that there were two playing this game of satiation. There were always two playing this game even on when they were on the Bebop. He just didn't know it. Smirking, she rose to her knees and straddled the cowboy. This would make him lose it.

Faye nudged closer until she settled squarely on his erection. Pressure began to spur between her core and his hard member. She threw her head back as her hips gyrated to the melody of the song, a cry of pleasure beginning to thrill through her petite physique. Wet stickiness began to leak from between her legs. A sigh spilled from his lips and grasped her hips to control her gyrations. Mischievously glaring at the cowboy, she hated being controlled.

Most of all by him. Though this situation could be an exception. Faye bent down and placed her hands on his bare chest, a leverage in her terms. He could see her cleavage poking through the shirt. Those gratifying breasts that bounced with each movement, that became erect from their sensual ministrations, restrained in a silky crop top. The button seemed as though it was about to burst. Dear Gods, Spike wanted nothing more than to just take her right then and there. Perspiration coated his hairline, completely ignoring the liquid.

He came to his elbows observing the vixen with dilated eyes, darkened with eroticism. The violet haired beauty leisurely unbuttoned her top, making a show out of it. Just hearing that faint snap of a button undoing, Spike sighed.

Faye deliberately shrugged the top off languidly, landing in the heap of clothes. Full breasts were soon exposed to the man between her long legs. Tight nipples erect from their arousing ministrations. Taking in the sight, Spike clenched his teeth. Raising his hands, he cupped her breasts, kneading the mounds of flesh on her chest. Faye noticed the muscles in his jaws clamping together as she ground her hips against his. He had those eyes again.

Those eyes that stared at her like she was a piece candy in a candy shop.

Why Spike Raced Toward Death at the End of ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Those eyes that held intensity with each growing gyration. A smirk followed each movement of her hips when Spike's eyes glistened with something she's seen before. Quickly, he brought his hands back to her hips in favor of bringing the vixen under his skinny body.

He seized her by her wrists and held them together above her head. Similar to when she was cuffed to the railing on the Bebop. The position then silently offered her body to him. Back then he would've scooped her up and taken her to his bed just to be in the same position. Seeing her beneath him, vulnerable but yet so frisky.

A minx in his eyes. He wanted to see her writhing, to see her screaming his name in pleasure as he would thrust his way deeper into her, to see the change in her eyes from the anticipating bliss to the loving, helpless little girl he saw in that video.

Bringing her in for a kiss, Spike hid his hand under the hem of her hot yellow shorts as their lips clashed together. Abruptly, the blasting music ceased. Everything shut down into the quiet hum of the rain and wind outside the walls. A flash of lightning illuminated their heated bodies in silhouettes as the roar of thunder soon followed.

Silence met the two lovers as the only harmonious sounds were the smacking of each other's lips against one another, the occasional groan and the rustling of sheets and clothing. Spike felt her shudder in excitement as a deft finger caressed her wet core. Faye spread her legs wider, practically inviting the cowboy to continue his adventure. A mischievous smile met his lips and took the silent offer gladly. She could never get enough of it as much as it did irritate her to no end.

Spike moved that finger to brush against her engorged clit. Repeatedly stroking the sensitive bundle of nerves, Spike trailed his open mouthed kisses down the flawless porcelain skin of her neck to her plump breasts. A healthy blush coloring her chest. A moan left Faye as Spike took a nipple into his mouth. Warmth from the cavity of his mouth blanketed her supple skin as a rough tongue lapped at her flesh, feeling her nipple bounce back into place, erected with enticement.

Spike's grip loosened and soon released the vixen's wrists. Slender fingers laced through his mossy hair and raked her nails lightly on his scalp. His hair seemed more fluffy and soft than she ever expected. A pillow of heaven in her eyes. But then again Spike is never what you expected. Suckling on the flesh, Spike allowed a groan to slip past his lips and vibrate against her skin.

He glanced at her through glazed eyes and found the vixen with closed eyes, plump red lips caused by the smug cowboy, being chewed on to stifle the satisfying moans and mewls that left the beauty beneath him.

As Spike continued his actions, he pulled Faye's silky shorts down. Down her desirable thighs, past her knees, resting at her ankles. Just watching those legs work could sent shudders up his spine. Kicking off the shorts, the fabric fell onto the carpeted floor. With Faye stark naked under him, Spike leaned back, taking in the view. Sheets crumpled underneath the couple, violet hair splayed across the pillow, hands roving over each other's physiques.

Soon enough a thick finger entered her core. Muscles clenched tightly together. The same finger twisted and pumped through her slick wet muscles. His pulsing member painfully aching to be in his finger's position. Brows furrowed together in gratification as a satisfied smirk crossed her features, a giggle exiting her throat. Spike crouched down where his fingers connected with Faye and licked her sex, lapping at the bundle of nerves.

Green hair tickled her sensitive skin and giggled at the mixed sensations. He added another finger and thrusted them into her. Her giggles ceased and moans replaced soon after. Each mewl intoxicated the man above her. He wanted to hear more. He wanted to hear her scream his name.

Each lap of his tongue, each pump of his finger was met with a sigh or groan of arousing excitement. Moans spilled out of Faye's parted lips like water as Spike sped up his pace. The feeling of being riled up a theoretical wall began wearing Faye down to the friction of pleasure. Both could feel the contracting muscles around his finger, coming closer and closer to her climax. Muffled noises left the cowboy's lips in vibrations. Each vibration was matched with a deafening mewl from the beauty before him.

His member aching to be touched within the confinement of his pants, desperately needing the vixen soon. In the back of his mind, he groaned for her, longed for this moment ever since they met in that casino well over a year ago, he wanted her to no end. Holding her down by her hips from her small thrusts, Faye allowed piercing cries to leave her mouth as she reached her peak.

Faye's fingers tightened in his strands, keeping her grounded. Sparks blazed underneath her skin as sweat began coating her body. She badly wanted those fingers to be replaced by his hard dick, stretching her core in all different directions.

Gradually slowing her thrusts to the waves of indulgence, Spike slipped his fingers out of her core in favor of his pants and came to stand of his knees.

Faye could feel the pleasant throbbing pulses in her, the soft thrumming of the rhythm he created, her sweet nectar, sticky and wet, against her skin between her legs.


All waiting for the cowboy. A hand reached out to the cowboy and replaced his hands with her smaller ones. Gazing at him, her tiny fingers hooked onto his belt and lured the cowboy in towards her form. She quickly undid the clasp of his belt and removed the leather strap that hugged his hips, soon falling to the zipper and button of his pants. She tugged the clothing off down his thighs, past his knees and kicked it to the heap of tangled clothes.

Emerald eyes couldn't stop staring at the bulge from the growing organ. The same bulge she knew from their time on the old ship. Groaning at the memory, it replayed before her eyes. Faye decided to wash the Redtail since they were docked for repairs. Violet hair scrunched into a bun as she wore a tank top that clung to her curvaceous figure and shorts riding up her hips.

Jet told her, and emphasized, to leave the hanger door opened. He was getting whatever the hell it was to repair the Bebop. Before she knew it, water and suds covered front as she washed the Redtail. Resting a knee on the hood, she reached as far as she could. Done with the cleaning, she glanced over at the door and found Spike leaning up against the threshold, arms crossed his chest.

Her eyes trailed down his body to find a bulge rising in his pants. Hooking a finger at the hem of his pin-stripped boxers, Faye pulled at the cowboy closer. Now hovering over the vixen, he saw a glint of mischief beam in her emerald irises when that same hand grasped at him. She tugged the thin boxers down to expose the cowboy in his stark nature.

Slowly circling her hand around his shaft, she bit her lip, never leaving his eyes. Deft pulls of her hand made him groan. His hips slowly thrusted with each jerk of her hand as his head hid in the crook of her neck. Fingers teased his velvety head as he groaned her name. Such beautiful legs, smooth and silky. The sight of her disheveled state forced muscles to tense and clench. A small smile curved at the corners of her lips when he tugged at her earlobe. She could feel the tension rising with each moan, each touch of skin against skin from one another, each spark of friction between them.

Toes curled into the boxers at his ass and jerked the piece of cloth down. It's a skill Faye never really thought was useful but was soon proved otherwise when the cowboy above her purred helplessly. Faye gave a slight nod in understanding. She was more than ready at this moment. He watched her face contort into bliss as he inched himself deep into her. Faye inhaled a shuddering gasp and closed her eyes at the heavy pressure building up in her core.

Legs tightened their hold on Spike's waist as another snap of thunder roared through the storm but both seemed unfazed, lost in their own worlds like it was an illusion. Their hips lethargically circled and thrusted in that rhythmic beat they found within each other's body.

Hands clasped around the sinewy muscles of his shoulders as the man grunted at every thrust. Her nails dug into his skin, creating little crescent moons on his shoulders while Faye gasped the cowboy's name. A thrill tingled it's way down his spine at the sound of his name escaping her lips. Why the hell didn't they do this before? They had plenty of opportunities on the Bebop. A groan rumbled in his throat when her legs pressed into his ass, both could feel the pressure growing.

Spike could still taste the sweetness of the nectar she secreted on his tongue. His kisses felt as though it were a drug. An addictive drug that gradually became more erotic, more sultry with each pump of his shaft. Raking her nails down his muscled back, Faye heard a groan vibrate against her lips, followed by a deeper thrust. A teasing smirk crossed her features in a challenge.

She knew what could make him tick. Leaning back to stare at the vixen's eyes, Spike's thrusts began to quicken.

Grasping her hip in one hand and scrunching the pillow beside her head in the other, Spike grunted. She spread her legs even wider, feeling the muscles stretch as he obeyed gladly. His thrusts became more faster, harder, deeper as his head bowed, resting his forehead on her bare shoulder. Faye laced a hand in his mussed hair as the other grasped at his back, trying to keep herself grounded. The air around the couple became thick and humid.

The overwhelming cacophony of their skin slapping against each other and the springs squeaking it's protests endlessly as Faye matched his pace. Sweat glistened on their foreheads at the physical and emotional exertion. The lightning cast shadows of their silhouettes on the pealing walls of the room. Moans and cries mixed with grunts and groans, creating a harmonious song of their own. Hips clashing, sweat dripping, everything felt so right. My steps going closer to my destination to the swordfish to the syndicate.

Until, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine to hear a click of a gun go through my ear drum, but I showed no reaction. Why are you going? You told me once I remember telling her that, to let go and move on, and I was sincere. Damn, what I'm doing now just makes me look like a damn hypocrite. Maybe I should have followed my own advice.

I knew that she was trying to stop me. I didn't blame her, and I didn't try to argue. I leaned into her and was face to face, close enough for our noses to touch, close enough to kiss her. I wanted to, just to feel her, touch her. I wanted to take all the pain in her soul away from her, or maybe I wanted to kiss her to tell her I'll never see her again and I do care for her and this is my way to say good-bye.

One of them is a fake, because I lost it in an accident. Since then, I have been seeing the past in one eye, and the present in the other. I had believed that what I saw was not all of reality She hurt because of me, I knew and I felt the guilt of betraying her. I saw fear in her eyes. She feared me because she knew she was expecting the worse. She didn't want to hear it, not what I had to say.

You never told me anything about yourself! Don't tell me stuff like that now! I know its too late to tell her this now and I do regret not opening up to her before, maybe if I did She had to understand why I 'm doing this.

Before I knew it, the dream was all over. I thought she would understand my reasons but She brought up her past. Her past is what pained her. Damn this woman trying to stop my fate.

There was no place for me to return to It only makes her pain more, only making me want to stay, only making me wanting to comfort her, wanting me to stay with her, making me fall for her. No, I fell for her the day she hummed and seeing her day dream while she played with her deck of cards, after I woke up from the incident at the church.

She didn't hum off key, actually it was beautiful. I hated the fact it sound so beautiful and to make me think Julia was the only one.