Daine and numair relationship counseling

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daine and numair relationship counseling

Onua: Couple weeks. What kind of garbage advice is that? .. The relationship between Daine and Numair and the age difference and power dynamic initially. Post-RotG in an AU where Daine and Numair did not become romantically involved . Determined to prove him wrong, Daine thinks over their relationship so far. Numair Salmalin has tried everything he can think of, but she still won't say yes. Glancing down at her scaled friend, Daine grinned. Considering your past relationships, one would not take her for your type, physically speaking." "If you wanted advice on proposals, you should have asked a woman.

The First Adventure, published inyear-old Alanna of Trebond disguises herself as a boy to train as a knight in the kingdom of Tortall, only to awake one morning to discover she has gotten her period. She got out of bed — and gasped in horror to find her things and sheets smeared with blood. She washed herself in a panic and bundled the sheets down the privy. What was going on? She was bleeding, and she had to see a healer; but who? They were men and the bleeding came from a secret place between her legs.

Hunting frantically, she found some bandage and used it to stop the red flow. George takes her to see a healer who gives her the Tortall version of The Talk: And while a magic token might serve as an effective means of preventing pregnancy in Tortall, the moral is clear: Two or three years later, returning to the books as I so often did and still doit finally clicked that that was a contraceptive charm.

My first time through, I also missed the moment when Alanna finally decides to sleep with Prince Jonathan.

daine and numair relationship counseling

It was only as I came back to the books that I began to understand the full range of adolescent issues Pierce had addressed so deftly, realized that the stories worked on multiple levels — as adventure tales for children, as guides to the challenges and pitfalls of adolescence, as romances attuned to the many facets of youthful love and lust.

Pierce did not set out to write for an adolescent audience. At the time, Pierce was working as a housemother at a group home for teenage girls, and they became her audience.

daine numair

I told it to them the way I thought they would respect. I had lost any illusions about teenagers I had ever had. I wrote about the things those girls had taught me teenage girls thought and did and I was straightforward about it. Without knowing it, without really thinking about it, I just made a pact with my readers that I was going to be as straightforward with my readers as I could be.

Pierce promptly marched her to the nearest drugstore to show her the over-the-counter options. At the group home, one of the teenage girls already had a child, and another was pregnant, but Pierce discovered they knew very little about female anatomy or reproductive health.

So she located a plastic model of the female abdomen and uterus and used it to give impromptu biology and sex education lessons in the dining room. Kel also receives advice on birth control, this time from her mother, Ilane. Then, if you do get carried away, you can surrender to your feelings. Alanna and Kel and other Pierce heroines weigh seriously whether or not they want to have sex and with whom and what the consequences will be. Here is Kel debating whether to sleep with her friend and fellow squire Cleon: She wondered why he joked about making love to her but never tried to do so.

daine and numair relationship counseling

Squires tumbled girls of the lower classes all the time; they were infamous for it. Kel feared both possible explanations for his refusal to press her.

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Either her large, muscular body was ugly to him, which seemed unlikely when they kissed; or he meant to marry her as people of their station married, with the bride a virgin. When her agent, Claire Smith, suggested that Pierce turn the original Alanna manuscript into a series of shorter books for young adults, Pierce toned the stories down.

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But the books still featured forthright discussions of menstruation, sex, and contraception, especially when compared to other young adult fantasy novels. Still, Pierce has said that she encountered very little pushback when she began publishing in the s.

The only fight Pierce recalls with her first editor, Jean Karl at Atheneum, was over a scene in Lioness Rampant in which Alanna drinks wine as medicine.

daine and numair relationship counseling

Pierce pointed out that the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes was historically accurate, but she ultimately agreed to change the beverage to a mug of tea brewed with special herbs.

Read part 1 before reading this. DN Song of the Lioness - Rated: Applies to anyone and everyone. Good ol' DN fluff. Along the same lines as my other songfic. Rated PG13 for safety. It's Midsummer's Eve and everyone in Tortall is enjoying the romance and passion in the air. Everyone, it seems, except Daine. If only a certain mage wasn't being so darn noble Daine and Numair, their relationship strengthening daily, face their next hurdle-having their friends find out about them.

Thank you to everyone who reads and reviews my work. Thanks to all my amazing reviewers. Daine and Numair, in love and trying to find their way together, reach a turning point in their relationship - will they go forward, or stumble? Rating may be a bit high. When duty sends them the village Daine fled six years ago, she must fight against drowing in her past and hold on to her future. Daine must choose between her happiness and the destrusction of Tortall.

T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: When Numair comes to save her he finds a shocking sight and is asked and even more shocking favor Onua and Daine never met, but fate puts the wildmage on the road to Tortall anyway. Would Daine and Numair be so different in a modern era? K - English - Chapters: Exchanges, Perin, Numair and a good deal of embarrassment.