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Mason (Callum Blue) ( - ) claims he was born at a rock and roll concert behind a He is the only Reaper besides George whose doppelgänger has been He has an edgy relationship with Rube; they dislike, but tolerate each other. Dead Like Me was an (–) American dramedy show. .. [Rube, George and Mason are in Der Waffle Haus and Mason sees Daisy walk inside.) . So I sat there watching those 50 happy people gathered to celebrate a marriage, .. [ Clancy has given Reggie a poem, a portion of Shakespeare's Twelfth Sonnet.]. Der waffle, dead like me, george and rube Tv Quotes, Movie Quotes,. More information . And I keep hearing the second panel in Mason's voice.:) I miss Dead.

It feels like this episode brings a lot of the characters to a new chapter in their lives, particularly George and Clancy. I am loving how Dead Like Me explores the nuances of what it means to be a parent and what it means to be a child. In a series of flashbacks, we learn that George and her father would spend Sunday mornings together at a local diner, enjoying breakfast and their own silliness.

Like Joy, Clancy has his own unique view of how his daughters should be raised, and in his case, he wanted to avoid being invasive.

It was about letting George and Reggie come into who they want to be as opposed to being forced into some narrative or life. That just makes me wonder, though: Why has Clancy never shown his true self to his family? Why is he only comfortable in an academic setting?

Did something happen in his life that caused him to close off to his own family? And is it fair that his family never gets to see who he really is?

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I know that Mason has a one-track mind, and perhaps he really did have an ulterior motive regarding his initial interaction with Charlette, but I just need to say this.

Mason read those signs, saw the closed door, and acted to prevent Charlette from getting raped. More people should do that.

However, that does not create an obligation for Charlette to hang out with you and like you. Everett reviews Meet Zoey Violet Barrett. This is my take on the origins of the Gravelings. T - English - Humor - Chapters: George steals a penthouse to finally live in peace.

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She sits in her apartment one night to discover a note in one of her suitcases. Upon reading, she discovers the truth about Rube. The others feel something is off with George, but will she have the strength to tell them her discovery?

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Indefinite by DobbyRocksSocks reviews George is upset when Rube leaves, but that doesn't change when he returns. Can he convince her to stay in Seattle? T - English - Romance - Chapters: When, years later, she comes home, will it have worked enough for the two to have a working relationship? Rube wants her to come home. Can the two of them work it out? At least, she is during the day.

When things get 'noisy' at home, Rube offers George a place to sleep.

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