Electronic customer relationship management and its strategies

electronic customer relationship management and its strategies

CRM pe rformance of the company may dramatically change over integrates sales, In a competitive business Kennedy [16] says that E-CRM is strategic. PDF | Customer relationship management is a business strategy to select and manage relationship with the most valuable customers. The concept of CRM when. A typical E-CRM strategy involves collecting customer information, transaction history and product information, click stream and contents information. It then.

In Multimedia Victoria environment for most enterprises [15]. Research and Development [9], they defined that E-CRM Electronic-commerce or e-commerce has evolved and is an integrated online sales, marketing and service became popular among most consumers.

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They also specified that E- most enterprises understand the effects of implementation CRM describes improved and increased communication of electronic-CRM or E-CRM to their business revenue between an organization and its clients by creating and and its status in the market.

Customer satisfaction, enhancing customer interaction through innovative however, is a method of measuring how a products or technology [9]. Benefit of E-CRM is to retain the existing been proposed by experts from various fields. Theories, customers, improve customer service, and to assist in models and related E-CRM methodologies have been analytical capabilities [8].

Dyche [8] also mentioned that suggested and implemented by different scale of business E-CRM is an infrastructure which provides support to models. For example, Cunningham et al. It is very important that measuring the profitability analysis, sales and marketing analysis, and performance of E-CRM in an organization in order to product analysis.

These analyses are still useful for the E- assist the companies to increase the revenue and enhance CRM implementation process nowadays. As mentioned above, E-CRM Many researches showing that cross-selling or up- requires implementation of conventional CRM using selling for existing customers can generate twice much Internet and web technology; hence, there will be gross revenue than new customers [25].

Besides, different influence to different type of companies or acquiring new customers require five times more than the organizations. This relationships demand longer period of monitoring, updating and IV. Customer Satisfaction maintaining comparing to conventional CRM system. Method of measure and evaluate how far products and As mentioned in the first paragraph, customer services supplied by a company can successfully fulfill analysis in Cunningham et al. In this paper, customer determine the overall performance of companies [19].

Customer satisfaction products and services. To increase responses about the company and its products and customer satisfaction, many companies have started services [7].

Email, phone, by Jelassi and Enders [16] where four criteria need to be web chat, SMS and other telecommunication device or taken into consideration during the process technology are few common ways for the organization to implementation. Customer selection, customer acquisition, further approach to the customers. Keep in touch is important between the Customer selection as discussed by Ahmed [2], refers companies and customers. Companies that develop new to customer targeting, segmenting, and mass way of interactions model to be able to contact with customization which fulfills the individual needs and current and potential customers will pioneer in their maintains a low-cost position via mass-market operations.

Satisfaction can be associated with feelings of acceptance, happiness, relief, excitement, and delight [14]. By collecting customer data and information, company can easily design customizable products or VI.

electronic customer relationship management and its strategies

E-CRM Implementation Literature Review services that fit different expectation of different support, efficient and cost reduction [2]. Achievement of customer satisfaction requires management help company to store and provide access to long-term of maintaining, monitoring and updating all customer information from each level of organization. E-CRM system provides as a tool that as a centralized knowledge base to handles and shares centralized all the customer data into single database customer information with the assistance of new storage and allow each department in the company to information system [9].

Other management system needed exchange customer profile. However, there are still some Analyzing customer data and history of purchasing unsolved constraints for small-scale companies after power is an important step to measure the effectiveness of implementation of E-CRM system. Most conventional E-CRM to the overall performance of a company [23].

Due to the transformation of business started, personal interest and preferences of customers process, changes of quality of service may lead to more will be recorded based on the history of communication customer disloyalty within the perspective of existing between employees and customers. Price centricity and customers. The Internet as a form of CRM that focused on eBusiness is terminology which includes all of the following: Competitive times such as these, internet can provide an overall better and more and a future to only grow more competitive in the consistent customer experience, and also allows for commercial industry, require competitive increasing data collection and better customer advantages to give companies a leading edge.

Kennedy furthermore notes that the percentage of using the Internet technology for internet can provide a platform for e-CRM CRM compared to pure dotcom companies. Along with the internet's ability to facilitate an through their research that customer loyalty, while increase in customer loyalty, some companies who partially impacted by the internet, also is go above and beyond institute a specific customer determined by a combination on online experience loyalty program.

This research supports the claim that 1. A world where customer expectations are often there is still ample room for companies to embrace higher than those of the offline world. A world where customer e-mails are left company's best customers and maximizing the unanswered for days.

There are those on both sides of the fence 4. A world where immediate responses are who argue for and against CRM, but the research expected but often times are not delivered.

A world where satisfying customers is simply company-wide CRM initiative will truly save not enough to keep them. They concern the underlying The researcher agreed with Smith and Chaffey that technology and its interfaces with users and other Customer Relationship Management is very systems. Pourasghar16 did not think there important in today's business in order to accelerate are differences between CRM and e-CRM.

He said good relationship between the organisation and considering the strategic perspective, no her customers and to create satisfying scene for differences between CRM and E-CRM exist as both customers in daily business transactions. Companies have to maintain mentioned further that while conventional consistency across all interaction channels and communication processes are often time delayed, across all areas of company customers interacts e-CRM allows organizations to always operate in with.

Web-enabling CRM touch points. He said e-CRM has become a application involves downloading applets to the requirement for survival, not just a competitive client — a time consuming process. CRM activities are mainly of two more than technology.

It requires socio-cultural different types. Reactive service is where the efforts on the part of the company to make it a customer has a problem and contacts the company. Also, every worker in different department Proactive service is where the manager has decided of a company should be saturated with e-CRM not to wait for the customer to contact the firm, but policy and culture.

If it is done this way the to be aggressive to contact the customer himself in company will have e-CRM system that makes order to establish a dialogue and solve problems.

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Today companies are being confronted by an e-CRM through e-Commerce Web Portal increasingly sophisticated customer universe, which expects and demands a higher level of According to Chaffey and Smithimmediate service across multiple access channels. This means your website needs to be updated via the channel of communication that they specify and kept fresh and tailored — your offerings need to to be communicated, or at least the channel be more attractive than the competition.

Customers not only want to shop and get In defining the scope of e-CRM, three different customer service through multiple communication levels can be distinguished: This includes the channels, such as the telephone, web chat, minimum necessary services such as website electronic mail, and the web, they desire the ability effectiveness and responsiveness as well as order to move seamlessly from one medium to another.

These are extra services such as problem resolution and automated response online auctions, online training and education. For any meaningful business several channels. In view of multi-point contact transaction to take place, trust must exist between with customers, e-CRM implementation requires the company and her customers.

There voice-over internet protocol VoIPmulti- must be tools of trust, sign of trust and reality of language support; messaging, work-flow and web trust in a company if e-CRM will be effective.

The e-CRM facilities to maintain a complete organised history system should provide access to customers through of a customer's contacts with a company, a variety of touch points namely web self-help, e- regardless of the communication channel used. It should also provide tier architecture to provide scalability, offer access to system users through various client flexibility and simplify maintenance Technosoft, systems such as personal computers, mobile p.

An open architecture is necessary to phones and personal digital assistants PDAs. The three tiers are listed below: Information captured by an e-CRM system helps a company Presentation tier. The 'presentation tier' to identify the actual costs of winning and includes interfaces for various types of access retaining individual customers. Depending on available 2. Having detailed technology and its accessibility provision there is to customer information from an e-CRM system be flexibility to access Local Area Network LANallows a company to predict the kind of Wide Area Network WANwireless, portal and products that a customer is likely to buy as well remote access via the Internet and offline as the timing of purchases.

In the short to connectivity Technosoft,p. This tier should comprise of a full- effectiveness. Customer data can be analyzed function database management system which from multiple perspectives to discover which could be software such as Microsoft SQL Server or elements of a marketing campaign had the Oracle. Although it was not originally included example Greenberg An e-CRM system provides a single should feature as a separate tier within the e-CRM repository of customer information.

The following benefits can be realized with proper e-CRM implementation: Greater efficiency and cost reduction. Automating customer data mining saves 1.

electronic customer relationship management and its strategies

An effective e- valuable human resources. Integrating CRM system enables a company to customer data into a single database allows communicate with its customers using a single marketing teams, sales forces, and other and consistent voice, regardless of the departments within a company to share communication channel.

This is because with information and work toward common e-CRM software, everyone in an organization corporate objectives using the same underlying has access to the same transaction history and statistics www.

We have different According to Kincaid, adding the customers with different behavioral pattern and to internet to our CRM efforts makes lots of sense but really discover individual differences in order to it is not necessarily clear sailing ahead.

They are privacy, security, and ease in order to identify their needs. Choices here are to take the traditional step-wise Once a company has identified the need for e-CRM, approach or an integrated one towards it has to plan for implementation for which improving work efficiency. Under the step-wise following aspects need to be taken into account.

This rarely produces good 1. Developing customer-focused business results because the goals of each department strategies. The objective of this step is not to can become too parochial, and departments try to change the customer to the company's tend to compete internally for their own benefit goals but to listen to the customer and try to at the expense of what's best for the company.