Fz8 horsepower and torque relationship

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fz8 horsepower and torque relationship

The FZ8 has dramatically more torque than a supersport, based on .. bore/ stroke ratio and the overall shape of an engine's torque curve. It often seems that people are confused about the relationship between POWER and TORQUE. For example, we have heard engine builders. The Devitt owners' reviews guide has Yamaha FZ8 motorcycle reviews by building solid relationships centred on trust and excellent customer service. It came with an increase in engine capacity cc, and was more a It gives out 60ft lb torque with a bhp which may not seem that great, but fares well enough.

The relatively upright ergonomics, with ample seat-to-peg distance, provided a comfortable mount for the miles, or so, that we sampled. The FZ8 has excellent fuel injection with very little snatch, or abruptness, when opening the throttle.

The power delivery is very linear and smooth, and comes on remarkably low for an inline four. Decent acceleration out of corners can be had from as low as 4, rpm, and power increases seemingly all the way to the 10, rpm redline.

This is more than ample, and the FZ8 is much easier to ride on the street with its usable power readily available in real world situations at real world rpm levels. The FZ8 has dramatically more torque than a supersport, based on my seat-of-the-pants analysis, below 8, rpm where you need it on the street. We had a blast carving extremely tight, twisty tarmac in the hills above Malibu where the FZ8 turned in quickly, but held its line through bumpy corners.

fz8 horsepower and torque relationship

Although it lacked the latest sportbike rubber we were running on Bridgestone BTsthere was good feedback from the front end and confidence at significant lean angles. In short, the FZ8 is a blast through the canyons. The nimbleness of the FZ8 is coupled with outstanding straight-line stability. The bike tracks where it is pointed without any argument, encouraging a very light touch on the bars.

fz8 horsepower and torque relationship

On occasion, the rear shock seemed to rebound a bit quickly while pushing the pace through bumpy pavement, but this did not slow us down. At the same time, it offers comfortable, upright ergonomics and, in our opinion, attractive styling. Runner-up in the horsepower battle, the FZ also allows some headroom up top.

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Additionally, we also noticed a somewhat snatchy response from closed to open throttle. In fact, we have yet to come up with genuine drawbacks. Tuned for grunty power but with a willingness to rev, the is at the same time both mild-mannered and aggressive.

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And lest we forget, the Triumph sings our song, too! But, as we learned in the Shiver vs.

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This naked Ducati managed Like the Shiver, the Monster sports a steel-tube trellis frame mated to aluminum side plates. It will make riders of all levels feel like a hero.

fz8 horsepower and torque relationship

Its claimed wet weight figure is 61 pounds heavier than the Triple R. While not the snappiest turning motorcycles other than the SRR, of courseonce set into a turn Beemers are known for their stability.

Why Do Horsepower And Torque Cross At 5,252 RPM?

The neutral-handling FR was no exception, offering the most trustworthy front end feel of the group. And yet it can be turned in sharply despite its longest-by-inches wheelbase.

2011 Naked Middleweights Shootout

Ride quality on the BMW was also neutral-ish: Past experiences with the Shiver left us with generally favorable opinions of its handling. Ergos, cockpit, rider environment, etc. Despite having roots in sportbike design, part of the appeal of these motorcycles is a reasonable amount of comfort in mind for the rider.

And while one or two have sportier seating positions, each provides a mostly upright, open rider triangle. Our BMW and Triumph testers both had accessory flyscreens fitted that modestly but appreciably increased wind protection. Its ergos make it everyday livable. Mission mostly accomplished, but naturally we found a peccadillo or two.

fz8 horsepower and torque relationship