Horne and corden relationship test

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horne and corden relationship test

Mar 10, Surely there's no excuse for Horne and Corden's sketch show, asks Ed tests out the escape routes, counting the number of doors along the make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our readers. Mar 23, Gavin and Stacey star James Corden is to lay to rest his lay-about painter and decorator character Smithy tonight (Monday, March 23) and he. Nov 7, It's been a heady year for James Corden - but it's easy to become a bit of a prat, he says. show, the tour with Horne to test out material for the sketch show, the film Gavin & Stacey is a love story about a couple who start a.

On telly there are big announcements, or fights, or 'Is she going to turn up? The relationship between Corden and Jones is fascinating.

James Corden and Matthew Horne: suddenly the joke's on them

On screen, they seem two of a kind, equally irresponsible, equally youthful. Off screen, he's the overgrown schoolboy; she, at 42, is the adult. I ask her what are the nicest and most annoying things about Corden. He's an incredible friend. When the chips are down, he's absolutely there for you.

He's kind and loving and has a good heart. The most annoying thing is, he can be like an annoying little brother. I'll give you an example. I did an interview in a magazine recently, and I was reading it on set, and James just shouted, 'Are you reading that again? Well, the sole purpose of saying that was to embarrass me. One minute he's up, the next he's down. There's the impressionable and sweet James, and there's the worldly-wise James.

He has a self-assurance I find attractive - I wish I had some of that.

With 'Gavin And Stacey' Hints At A Reunion, We Catch Up With Cast Members - Where Are They Now?

I can tell which James he is by the way he laughs: So in Shane Meadows' TwentyFour Seven he is Tonka, a big lad who needs knocking into shape "Now listen, son, you can't go through life being fat and stupid," his father tells him ; in Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing, Corden's Rory is an obese, angry teenager who has a heart attack running; and as Timms in Nicholas Hytner's adaptation of Alan Bennett's The History Boys, he is the sweaty class clown who can't vault a horse in the school gym.

Fat Friends says it all. And, according to Corden himself, his character in Hollyoaks was based on an assumption that big people are unattractive people.

horne and corden relationship test

He says he does not understand why everyone always goes on about his weight in interviews, and insists that it has never been an issue for him. But I'm not sure I believe him. After all, he's too smart and self-aware not to realise that his appearance has defined so many of his roles. What's more, before our interview, his publicist stresses that I will be meeting a new, thinner, sexier Corden. And it's true, he has lost weight since his early days but, as he's quick to point out, he's still a fair remove from svelte.

It's a fascinating time in his career. Everything is on the cusp of change. It's impossible to say how he will be best remembered: The last appears to be his biggest concern. He recently watched a South Bank Show, and it has haunted him. I hope that isn't true - I've just turned It's his friend Jim Field Smith, who has just made his first Hollywood movie.

They are revelling in each other's success. He tells Field Smith that this is just where they had planned to be at this stage of their careers. Oh my God, this is huge! It doesn't get better than this.

How are you, baby? I'm sat in the back of a ridiculously large car with a journalist from the Guardian, so forgive me if I'm ever so slightly stilted. Then he notices my tape recorder. There's a tape recorder going as we're on the phone.

He leads me inside, says he'll just be a second, and goes back out to continue hyperventilating with Jim. A few minutes later he returns, and tells me that Jim is the most exciting comedy director in Britain, and if he could he would work with him every day of the year. We sit down and order food.

I get a beer with my chops, he gets a Coke with his burger.

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I tell him I assumed he'd be a boozer, like Smithy. I'm quite bad, I get drunk easily, especially when I'm drinking lager, which he drinks all the time. Back then, he was as lazy as lazy could be. He was a bright boy who left school with two GCSEs.

He could have got a grade A in drama, but he couldn't be bothered to hand in his coursework. In European studies he never made a single note, and when it came to the exam he wrote: I've done nothing because I wanted to do music and I couldn't, and then I thought about doing RE and I couldn't do that either, so now I'm here doing this exam in front of you.

I don't know any of the answers to these questions, so what I'm going to do is try and make you laugh in the hope that if I make you laugh enough you will give me an A and that would really shock everyone at the school. Corden grew up in a Salvation Army family in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - his mother was a social worker, his father a musician in the air force.

He comes from generations of musicians: Young James played cornet "badly" in the Salvation Army band and wished he could be out playing football in the Sunday leagues.

Sam Wollaston on last night's TV: Horne & Corden and Horizon | Television & radio | The Guardian

He wasn't good enough to make the team, but with a bit of application he might have earned himself a seat on the bench.

His father ended up going to Iraq in the first Gulf war as a stretcher bearer. Corden couldn't understand it - he was a musician, not a soldier.

horne and corden relationship test

He'd been away around four months. I went to RAF Uxbridge and we were waiting for his coach to come back, and I remember someone saying, the buffet's started, and being quite excited and going in and realising it was just a bowl of peanuts and crisps. I thought, you can't call that a buffet - you've got everyone's hopes up by calling it a buffet. If you call it a buffet, people will be expecting pastry-based stuff, a sandwich, maybe a slice of pizza.

That's my most vivid memory of before he got back. And then him getting back, just hugging him, and he smelled like the beach. He was anything but lazy, and wasn't impressed with his son's attitude. Nor were his teachers, who liked him but couldn't stand teaching him.

He was so loud and cocky. At 17, he got a job in the musical Martin Guerre and dropped out of school. You've got to have a ridiculous ego to be 17, on your first job, thinking, what's this - why am I just stood at the back? In my head I thought I'd walk in and they'd go, 'Wow! We should give him a song. I would never say it out loud. I was aware of how ridiculous I was being. I used to walk around saying, this is amazing, but inside I was like, 'This is bullshit.

He says it's rubbish, and his CV certainly backs that up, but what is true is that there were substantial periods when work was scarce, problematic or unrewarding.

In he was sacked from the film of Martin Amis's Dead Babies. I was crying on the phone to my mum and my girlfriend. I just don't think I liked it and it showed. I spent a year thinking, fuck, this is going to be the biggest film ever, and as it is it's regarded as one of the worst ever. That was just as bad. I made some good friends there, but you're never really treated like an actor who can make their own choices.

You're treated like a robot - you should do as you're told. And there's no understanding how somebody who isn't attractive in their eyes could ever be attractive to anybody. My attitude on Hollyoaks was the same as on that film.

horne and corden relationship test

I thought, this is not good enough. I was 19 to 20, and played the janitor of the college, and I had a pet rat and I always farted and smelled, and people would look at me and go, 'Ugh! They get a bit famous, it goes to their head and they think, wey hey, we can do it all.

But, weh hey, they can't. I'm sure there are more exceptions Gervais? I watched Horizon BBC2 to learn what to do in an emergency.

A man called Ed, a leading evacuation expert, is on hand to help. As soon as Ed checks into a hotel, he's thinking about how he can get out of it. That's why he'll never take a room above the sixth floor, because the fire-brigade's ladders don't normally go any higher.

I'll stick with the standard on the first floor. And then, when he gets in to his room, guess what Ed does? Does he make love to Mrs Ed, spontaneously and passionately, like they used to in the old days, before hopping into the bath together, filling it with all the bottles of free products and flicking peanuts from the minibar into each other's mouths?

He doesn't do any of that. Instead, he unpacks his smoke mask, and puts it beside the bed, just as he has it at home. But he showed her some of his computer models demonstrating how rapidly fire can spread - it must be exciting, being married to Ed - and now she can put it on in 30 seconds.

James Corden and Matthew Horne: suddenly the joke's on them - Telegraph

Anyway, back to the hotel. Ed tests out the escape routes, counting the number of doors along the corridor to the emergency staircase, and then walks the route all the way to the ground, so he'll know exactly where to go if it's dark and smoky. I'd rather be dead than Ed.