Huey and jazmine relationship problems

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huey and jazmine relationship problems

create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . Huey and Jazmine get together see how there relationship develops and ( Jasmine is trying to solve a Calc problem and Huey rests his hand on her thigh) + . He is the legal guardian of Huey and Riley, after their parents were in some sort of He had a close relationship with his sister, Cookie Freeman, who was the Robert often ignores Huey's advice, when Huey tries to warn his grandfather or Robert seems to have a soft spot for Jazmine, referring to her as "Little Baby" and .

He glanced at Huey. He turned around and knocked on my window. I rolled it down. Can I get a hug? Caesar flicked me off and walked towards his house. I climbed into the passenger seat. Huey left the neighborhood and he could see the scowl on my face. Why do you care what I think? Apparently I'm too uppity and whiny for you!

And I'm just alright to Huey Freeman! I know he was going to tell me that I shouldn't worry about what he said to Caesar because it was bullshit, but I still cared. You always blast your music. What matters is what you said," I told him, staring at him as he pulled on our street.

Although, the words 'Jazmine,' 'fuck' and 'baby' do come into play. Jazmine, you are better than alright," he answered. He looked back at me. I enveloped him in a hug.

He gave me a look, but it made me smile even bigger. You know you loooove me. He looked down at me and smirked. I flicked his nose and opened the door to get out, but I was pulled back into his lap, kissing my neck and shoulders. He stopped and raised an eyebrow. I walked up to the door and unlocked it. I sighed and went straight for my room to start to get ready.

huey and jazmine relationship problems

I honestly think I don't deserve her. That girl is the sweetest person on the face of the earth, and she needs someone who's ten times better than me in every sense. Someone who isn't afraid to take her out and show her off to the world, something I can't do. But she chose me. She says she doesn't mind staying at my house, but I can see the flicker of sadness flashing through her eyes when I say we can't go to the movies or walk to the park together. She thinks I can't see it, but we've been friends for too long for me not to notice it.

I told her once that if she wanted to leave me, I would completely understand. I didn't treat her good enough and I wouldn't try to change her mind if she wanted out. She replied, telling me something I would never forget. I probably was sitting in my turned-off car for a good seven minutes before I realized I needed to get inside my house.

I unlocked the door and expected the loud TV to be blasting throughout the house, but I was met with silence.

Freeman Family

I sat my bag down near the door. I walked up the stairs, slowly and carefully, trying to listen for any sounds.

When I arrived at his door, I swung it open quickly.

huey and jazmine relationship problems

I looked over to the bathroom door, where I can hear the shower running. I shoved as hard as I could into the door. It took me four tries to finally break the door from the frame. I expected the worse, like my granddad on the floor. Is he sleeping… on the toilet? His drowsy eyes then fixated on me.

What the hell are you doing in here! He stared behind me. You gonna send me to an early grave! I can't be yelling at you and your dumbass brother all the damn time! I sat down on my bed and closed my eyes, hoping to get a couple of hours of sleep. Put some fucking clothes on! Riley barged into my room. I'm tryna be right by taking Cindy out to eat afta her practice! I shrugged my shoulders. That ain't my car, Huey; I ain't paying for shit.

Ever since Riley got his driver's license four months ago, Granddad thought it would be okay for both of us to share a car. And since my brother is an irresponsible prick, the car usually stays in my possession. Where's the extra key? I tried to smother him with my pillow, but he rolled over and pushed me off the bed and hitting the metal frame. He attempted to jump on me, but a swift kick sent him to the wall. His breath was raggedy and there was blood trickling out of his nose. She should drop your sorry ass!

My blood was boiling. As soon as the words left his lips, I got up and punched him his eye, immediately causing a bruise to form. I looked into the mirror. The damage wasn't too bad, although I had two small cuts below my eye and on my lip where my face collided with the bed. I smirked; at least I was doing better than Riley was. There was a knock on the door and Granddad opened it without waiting for my response.

What was the point of knocking at first?

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You know how much money I put in that car and how much money Riley hasn't put in! I huffed and shook my head. He held out his hand again and I went into my pocket and pulled out the other key that I always kept on me.

He snatched it out of my hand. I'm leaving, so don't kill each other! It was getting close to seven and I was hoping that Riley would be out of here by now, but he was still lagging around. Doesn't Cindy have a car that you ride in everyday? Someone was still pissy about getting his ass beat.

With that, I headed downstairs and went to inspect my car before he tries to pull the "That Was Already There" stunt again. As I opened my door, Jazmine stood there, about to knock. She looked at my cuts and gasped. Does it still sting? She tried to touch my eye, but I turned away. Riley's borrowing it and I have to make sure my car is okay before he takes it and ruins it," I explained, noting every little detail on the outside.

I saw the flicker again. She walked to the back of my truck. I glared at her. She then sat down on the front porch and looked forward. I rolled my eyes and continued to inspect my car, although I was thinking mostly about her comment. Did she really think that my car came before her? I turned around and saw Riley looking at me with a smirk. I pushed past him and continued to the house. I stopped in my tracks and faced him.

That's why she keeps on takin yo shit. Do you know where Jazzy is? He always knew where Cindy was, but did I know where Jazmine was?

huey and jazmine relationship problems

She was sitting on my porch, waiting for me, like she always did. Jazmine stood up and looked at me smiling. I opened the door for her and shrugged nonchalantly. This is how it started. He and Riley are raised by their grandfather Robert. He's usually very calm, even in frustration, but when he's in a foul mood watch out.

One arc in the comics had him sulking in a particularly drawn out bad mood, and Jazmine tries to cheer him up by giving him a card When he sees this, Huey explodes on her so badly that she starts crying and he immediately apologizes.

I thought it was the thought that counts! Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Riley's and Caesar's red. Red to Tom's blue. As early as Season 3, he claimed to be retired from revolutionary activism or "domestic terrorism" depending on one's views. Huey gets an entire comic arc about how he can't get himself to just mow the grass. Even afterward, him doing absolutely anything he can to avoid doing it becomes a Running Gag. The nerd in him will quote Obi-Wan Kenobi and he's repeatedly overreacted when he's given news of bad black movies etc.

Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers! He's often at the receiving end of this. Granddad outright him asks him how making himself miserable will help bring any real social change. Small Name, Big Ego: While Huey isn't so concerned with self-image like Riley is, he does have some traits of this due to being a self-described revolutionary activist, believing he could change the world despite not doing much besides complaining all the time. In the episode, "The Block is Hot".

However, that is still a natural element to his character. He's smart yet stoic. In the TV show, he serves this role to his Granddad as well. Huey is a far-left radical who preaches socialism and black nationalism. It varies greatly whether he's a strawman of a fringe extremist. Huey is stoic and often blunt, but when the chips are down, so is his personal barrier.

He's the main character and Straight Man to his brother and granddad. Most of the show focuses on the schemes of his brother and his granddad though. Where do we begin? Huey owns a real sword and an electric shock glove, has planned a prison breakout, brought nunchaku to a cinema, kidnapped Ruckus and hijacked his school bus, and he created a bomb with the intent to assassinate Ed Wuncler II although in Huey's defense, Ed II is a loan shark who isn't above murdering people.

Initially, he was something of a milder case. But as the series progresses, he has his faith challenged in ways that force him to accept there are forces he can't understand and sometimes he can't make a difference. As the series progresses, Huey starts to become more and more hopeless to the point of eventually giving up on society and accepting that his outlook is not enough. We never get to find out who his parents were.

Huey thinks that Luna has finally moved on from her personal troubles — until she commits suicide with a hand grenade, which he then points out. Violence Really Is the Answer: He strongly believes this. He creates an electric shock glove called the "Black Power Fist"an emergency power generator during an outbreak of salmonellaand chemical explosives he considered killing Ed II.

Huey, who is known to be a far-left radicalis actually on the federal government's watchlist of suspected " domestic terrorists ". While Huey is sometimes shown to be engaging in illegal activities, he never actually has the chance to do anything terroristic.

Wise Beyond Their Years: In the cartoon he certainly acts like this, but the reality is that it's just that: In truth, he just has more common sense than Robert or Riley. He certainly is very mature for his age and he has plenty of knowledge, but he doesn't have all of the intelligence to back it up. While a skilled martial artist, he is often the one kissing concrete when he gets into fights, though to be fair, a lot of his opponents are adults and elite badasses.

The only fights he has won or at least, had the advantage in, were against either those in his own age group, or just Mooks. In a one-sided way with Jazmine, who is much nicer to him. Regina King Huey's younger brother, a wannabe gangster and juvenile delinquent with an eye for trouble. He's determined to do anything stupid enough to build up his "reputation". In the comics, Riley originally had short hair. Much later on, he grows it out into an afro much like Huey's, before changing his hair into the cornrows that he has in the show.

He didn't understand how you could do that to his brother. He even objected to me coming here. And I had to beg and plead on your behalf, but I don't know why I did," Jazmine uttered harsher. Truthfully, I'm just sick at even looking at you. Cindy ran as fast as she could, holding her mouth, to her bathroom and unleashed everything that was inside her stomach.

Jazmine had broken out of her angry trance and rushed to her friend. She looked to see Cindy over the toilet. Cindy got up from her spot to flush the contents and to brush her teeth for the fifth time today.

And it wasn't even 2 p. Duh," she explained, breaking the ice in a joking matter. Cindy bit her lip. Jazmine saw her friend and lowered her eyes. I mean I do know that my best friend is smarter than that. I would know that she learned in health class to use a condom, right?

Cindy tried hard to fight back tears. We were at his house and he ran out of condoms and we decided to go for it anyways. Then after, we just stopped using them all together. That was the earliest time, though.

I didn't mean to though! It was a text from Huey. Okay, I'm leaving now. She sent him a quick reply and closed her phone. Huey's waiting for me," Jazmine started to leave. Jazmine knew she couldn't keep a secret from Huey, but she could at least try for Cindy's sake.

She nodded and walked downstairs. I hope Cindy feels better! Cindy's mother waved as she closed the door. Jazmine got in the passenger seat of Dorothy and buckled herself in. Huey grunted and made a right. She thought about Cindy and Riley; on how they were going to handle this, on how their families, especially Granddad, were going to handle this, on how she didn't want to end up like her.

They passed a drugstore on the right side. Jazmine looked at before turning to Huey. Like right now," Jazmine said with confidence. Besides, do you really want ask Riley for something like that?

Huey rolled his eyes before pulling into the Wuncler's Pharmacy by his house. Huey got out and followed Jazmine into the Family Planning section of the store. They both winced, but for different reason. Jazmine because of Cindy; Huey because he didn't want to be in this aisle, at this time, for someone to catch him. She loved to get under his skin. He just wanted to get this over with and go home. He walked over to the concealed case of condoms. There were over twenty different boxes in the case: He was definitely getting dizzy.

Maybe we should—" "Okay," Jazmine started, taking control. Jazmine blushed as she realized she said that a little too loud. Huey looked back to the display of protection, surveying each one.

Grab the Magnums and let's go. He grabbed a bobby pin from Jazmine's hair and proceeded to pick the lock. It was one of those simple locks that were easy to break. He unhooked the box and tossed it to Jazmine, who instinctively caught it. He closed the case again. Jazmine started to walk to the pharmacy counter when Huey stopped her. The guy knows my granddad," he said, point at the pharmacist behind the counter. Huey could see Jazmine shaking a little as she looked around for anyone.

She gave him a sarcastic look. It was Huey's friend Hiro; the Japanese-American boy who you could have sworn was black, if you only heard his voice and DJing skills.

Jazmine tensed up significantly and Huey just stood there. His body must have reacted before his mind, because before he knew it, he was walking to the counter, dragging Jazmine with him.

She put the box on the counter. Hiro started to laugh. Her demeanor immediately changed from embarrassed to confused.

Huey Freeman

I said y'all would; he said Huey would be too scared to make a move. I guess someone owes me 30 bucks! Huey handed him a fifteen dollars and grabbed his bag. Jazmine waved at him "Bye, Hiro! She got in the car after Huey. She went to Huey's room hoping to find him. Instead, she found Riley, getting ready to go somewhere. He turned back to her. He kept going down the stairs, but she followed him. I'm goin' to party," he finally sighed. Jazmine was about to say something, but decided to close her mouth.

huey and jazmine relationship problems

She shooed him off. He needed to get out the house. He smirked and nodded his head before heading out the door. Huey came from the kitchen. She sat next to him and shrugged her shoulders. He rolled his eyes and turned the TV to Cheaters. They were at the point where the man was confronting his girlfriend. She wasn't even looking at the TV.