I worked so hard and failed relationship

Why Relationships Fail: 4 Tips to Make Love Last

i worked so hard and failed relationship

Learn 8 important lessons from failed relationships that no one will tell you. How to Lead a Team More Effectively and Be a True Leader at Work . Don't just give them cold, hard facts; use the facts to make a point that they can use to better . Every relationship requires work, but all that effort and energy should churn out a relationship that's also filled with comfort and joy. If you've. 5 Signs You're Working Too Hard on Your Relationship is an outgrowth of negativity avoidance, and you fear that if you don't fix it, you'll fail.

And understanding is the key to life. Without communication made clear and correctly understood by both sides, arguments and agitation are likely to occur. Over and over, this results in one or both parties feeling like they are not being valued, appreciated or cared for -- even though sometimes it's unintentional.

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You discover the emotional side of yourself. Being in a relationship and letting someone into your life takes courage and strength. Letting yourself become vulnerable emotionally can make you feel so weak that you become so strong. It's hard to even really discover and understand who we are -- our passion, our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, the way we think and our own beliefs and core values -- let alone discovering the emotional side of ourselves.

When we're in a relationship, we become so vulnerable emotionally that we realise what makes us feel whole, what completes us emotionally and what fulfils our self-esteem and self-confidence from the inside out. What kind of love makes you feel loved?

i worked so hard and failed relationship

Everyone has a different definition and expression for love. And if two people with different definitions and ways of expression for love come together, they can feel unfulfilled because there's always something lost in translation between the two. To some, love equates security. Whatever love means to you, you'd only discover what it is that makes you feel loved from a partner by being in a relationship.

And if you're lucky, you only have to go through one. But for most of us, it takes several relationships to discover one that fits us most perfectly. You learn the value of give and take. Compromising can mean a lot of work especially for people growing up independently.

7 Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

To some, it's second to nature especially if you grow up in a big and close-knit family. There is chemistry -- and there is compatibility. The two don't always come together equally. If chemistry is higher than compatibility level, then there's a lot of compromise -- from the way you look at the world and understand things, what you believe in, to taste in music, food and lifestyle choices.

If the compatibility is higher than chemistry, then there's a lack of passion and boredom occurs. In a relationship, you learn the value and the art of give-and-take. We humans are selfish, and it takes willpower to be able to give and take when the level of difference and clash is high.

When it's too much to handle, you realize that this whole give-and-take thing is coming to an end. It's not going to work. The compromise cannot be compromised anymore. You become more empathetic. When you love someone, their happiness affects yours -- you want the person to be happy. Without realizing, you start putting yourself in the other person's shoes.

You become less selfish. You try to understand him or her. You try to make it work. Having not been in a few relationships, you would not know what it feels like to care for someone so much besides family that you try to understand them, rather than satisfying your own needs To feel the emotional intensity of transferable happiness.

When a relationship fails, it's when empathy becomes too much to handle. You may not feel the headache anymore, but what caused the headache is still there. Couples who understand that this is the greatest gift they can give each other will be the happiest couples; they will experience true love! Learning to love yourself will not only benefit yourself, but also your partner.

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A couple of ways to start loving yourself in action: I really, really love you! It may take some practice, but if you do this two or three times a day for a couple of minutes, you will feel the results! You are a magnificent human being.

Everybody has flaws and we all make mistakes. You can learn from them, accept them, and even be grateful for them, because they have helped form the person you are today. Choose to be happy. True happiness comes from within. When you are a happy person because you choose to be, this will rub off on your partner, or attract more potential partners if you are single.

i worked so hard and failed relationship

Being happy feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside! A few ways to choose happiness every day: People who see the world optimistically see opportunities and love everywhere they go.

Try not to worry about what others say, think, or do—even if they talk badly about you.

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The moment you get emotionally involved you have lost your inner peace. You cannot control everything that happens in life. Sometimes, bad things happen. We cannot escape from this; we can only accept it.

i worked so hard and failed relationship

Find something you love to do and do it on a regular basis. Meditation was the foundation of my whole transformation process.