Jun and kazuya relationship goals

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jun and kazuya relationship goals

Kazuya's goal is taking over Devil's powers and using them to .. the sort of relationship Jun and Kazuya had but not necessarily the fallout of it. Lars's goal is to bring peace by defeating his half-nephew, Jin Kazama. Ending Description: Lars, Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi, Jun and Asuka are sitting around a . that is central in Norse cosmology, in connection to which the nine worlds exist. ogloszenia-praca.info In Tekken 6 he appears to have abandoned that for a different goal (possibly because of the.

There are dozens of pieces of evidence that suggest that he did.

Kazuya Mishima

Heihachi recognized a picture of a burnt corpse with tattered wings, and immediately knew for sure that it was his son. Heihachi sensed a familiar dark power lurking in Jin in T3, and knew to be wary of him based on his prior experience with Kazuya it's in the story description.

In Hei's own T3 ending, he's choppering Jin to safety, but then changes his mind only after seeing hints of another transformation. This is the same reason why Hei shot Jin in Jin's ending, because he clearly already knew what lurked within him because he had faced it before.

In T4, Kaz is depicted with scars on his back where his wings would have been, and is shown in Devil form mere days later, again with the tattered wings. It is unquestionable that Kazuya, after having lost half of his powers, appeared in Devil form in and immediately after the volcano event. It is absurd to believe that, at full power, Devil couldn't manifest itself mere hours before, during the events of T2 and it did, as depicted ingame.

The Mishima T4 ending can easily be interpreted as Devil referencing the battle that took place, his near-death, and his current "resurrection.

Narratively, presuming that Devil Jin would have been the first appearance of a Devil character in canon is ludicrous, as Namco had decided on the theme of the Devil lurking within Kaz since T1, and the finale of T2 was again the climax of that plotline.

And dozens of other things.

The Story So Far -- Kazuya Mishima

The strength of Devil as well seems to be overestimated by many Tekken fans. Devil is merely a parasite that happens to augment the host's power, but it can't even exist physically on its own.

It's clearly mentally weak as well, at least compared to the main Mishimas and Kazamas. With Hei in his prime, vowing vengeance, training himself to the max, and Kazuya's shattered mind, thinking that there's no way that Hei could defeat Devil is again overly presumptuous. I was going to quote ya but I don't have the character limit due to this new account. Jun and Kaz has always been a mystery as it's hardly stated what happened between them. Advantage is like a woman, if you're not careful I've always liked the story actually.

Small tidbits like Michelle's pendant being the key to unlocking Ogre. The sub boss usually being the core reason for certain bad events in other character stories. Jinpachi being briefly mentioned in Wang Jinrei's Tekken 2 Japanese story bio before Jinpachi was ever a final boss.

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There are some other things. To be honest though, After Tekken 5, I felt the story was going a bit downhill. And you always have to reconcile some problems such as everyone in the roster magically being multilingual and having their clothes change for no reason at all.

Some spoilers for Tekken 6 below I actually did like Scenario Campaign by the end of it, because not only did the Mishima perspective of events about power get highlighted so thoroughly but Jin's counterpoint about the accomplishments of religion, governments, and such being no better of an accomplishment than what he did on a world scale. It's the truth too but many people ignore his statement and only focus on the presumed weaknesses of the story and hatred for Lars.

I know Azazel was random and he was a pretty terrible final boss but I did like the fact he was explained in-depth along with Jin's plan really just being his own self-centered desire to destroy himself. Kazuya's hateful and really wanted to kill Heihachi for throwing him down a canyon at the age of 7 leaving him to die, forcing him to grow up in an abusive family relationship emotional and physical abuse.

jun and kazuya relationship goals

Not sexual abuseand making his one-time friend Lee Chalon into a hated rival As a child, Kazuya became friends with an Orphaned Lee Chalon.

Heihachi found out about it, adopted Lee Chalon, and kept spoiling him just to make Kazuya hate them both. Jun comes along with her psychic powers, is horrified by what she learns about Kazuya, and tries to give him love and affection that he didn't have growing up.

She hopes Kazuya doesn't completely give-up his soul to the Devil for power Jun's bio states she sensed an evil presence in Kazuya so she knew what was going on to some degree. Heihachi reaches the final round of Tekken 2 and beats Kazuya in his human form. Kazuya decides to just give-up on the concept of love altogether and turns his back on Jun by giving up his soul to the Devil completely.

He rises as Devil and then proceeds to lose to Heihachi a second time. And the rest is history, Heihachi decides to just throw Kazuya into a volcano to get rid of him, Jun is attacked by Devil trying to flee Kazuya's body and take Jun's unborn child.

Jun beats it back and lives in seclusion raising her and Kazuya's son. So, I think Kazuya did care and maybe even love Jun at some point early on.

jun and kazuya relationship goals

TTT1 kind of hints at it with Devil's ending. But she's a secondary priority compared to Kazuya's lust for power. He might just hate her now because she's just a hindrance and Kazuya may need to kill Jin to get all the Devil power back, which is something he knows Jun wouldn't be for.

That's just my take on it all after following the story since first playing Tekken 1 to now. I know Harada hasn't been very forthcoming about the relationship but that's probably because he either doesn't care or never really was part of developing the story.

As shown within the intro to Tekken 4, Heihachi discovered that Kazuya's remains had been taken by G Corporation and sent in his Tekken Force soldiers to seize their data. What none of them expected, however, was to find Kazuya, alive and angry.

Tekken 7: Mishima-Kazama Family Tree

Kazuya single-handedly defeated the entire squad and swore to "get everything back". In response, Heihachi announced the fourth tournament so that he could obtain Kazuya's Devil Gene, but Kazuya was not fooled by this announcement and knew the tournament was a trap orchestrated by Heihachi. According to Kazuya's story mode, his reasons for entering the tournament were not only to avenge himself against Heihachi, but also to reclaim his lost half of the Devil Gene from within his son, Jin.

During the tournament, Kazuya battles his way to Round 7 In Tekken 5, it's stated that he also defeated his adopted brother, Lee Chaolanalong the wayto fight Jin. The tournament officials announced Kazuya as the default winner of Round 7, and that he automatically qualifies for the final round to face Heihachi.

However, Kazuya sensed Heihachi's hand in Jin's disappearance. According to the storyline in Tekken 4, Kazuya met Heihachi and wanted to know the whereabouts of Jin, but did not tell Heihachi it is to claim his Devil half back from Jin. Heihachi would only tell Kazuya after the match.

Heihachi, as in the pair's previous battle, emerged triumphant but was still willing to take Kazuya to Jin Heihachi's real intentions were to capture Kazuya as well, so that he could have more of the Devil Gene. Afterwards, Heihachi escorted Kazuya to a family retreat in Hon-Maru.

Heihachi then showed Kazuya the body of Jin, tied high up to a wall with chains. The devil within Kazuya started to surface, as Kazuya's eyes glowed red. Kazuya, as the Devil, explained to Heihachi that he lost half of himself to Jin when he was thrown into the volcano by Heihachi and wants to reclaim it from Jin. He then flung Heihachi out of the room with a telekinetic ability to show him "a taste of his power". The Devil then tried to absorb the half from Jin, but was somehow prevented.

A struggle then abruptly ensued as Kazuya fought with the Devil over control of his body. Kazuya is successful, the Devil somehow submitted to Kazuya and becomes a part of him.

jun and kazuya relationship goals

Kazuya then had complete control over the Devil, but to get the full power he needs, he tried to awaken Jin so that he could obtain the rest of the half. The Devil subconsciously taunted Jin, telling Jin to curse him and hate him. When Kazuya finally takes control, he demands Jin to wake up. Jin awakens and shouted that by defeating Kazuya he will make everything right. Confused and angry, Jin attacked Kazuya and defeated him.

Kazuya lay unconscious as Heihachi awoke and challenged Jin. He is also defeated however. Afterwards, Jin slowly transformed into his devil form and prepared to kill his predecessors, starting with Heihachi. As Jin was about to strike, a vision of his mother appeared, and he stopped himself before he could do so.

Kazuya did NOT rape jun

Jin let Heihachi live, telling him to thank his mother for being spared, and used his wings to fly away. Tekken 5 Edit Tekken 5's intro cinematic depicts the next events. Merely moments after Jin had fled, Kazuya awoke along with Heihachi. Suddenly a squad of Jack-4 robots, propelled from unknown aircraft, crashed through and ambushed Honmaru. The robots identified Heihachi as one of the targets and tried to take out both the weary Kazuya and Heihachi.

The two fought off the attackers together, but eventually, Kazuya took an opportunity to flee and threw his father to their enemies. As Honmaru exploded from a self destructing Jack-4, Kazuya transformed into the Devil and flew away. When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 was announced, Kazuya entered to exact his revenge against Heihachi, the man he assumed was holding the tournament, and his son Jin, who defeated him at Honmaru. Along the way, he encountered Ravenwho confronted Kazuya about leaving Heihachi to die on Honmaru.

Kazuya defeated Raven, demanding to know how much he knew about the incident. Raven admitted that he knew nothing and that his organization was merely observing the event.

However, he warned Kazuya of what lay beneath Honmaru and was unleashed in the blast.

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Kazuya continued in the tournament and encountered Heihachi at the site of the destroyed Honmaru. Heihachi relayed that he had nothing to do with the tournament and was trying to learn who the true sponsor was.

Kazuya realized that the explosion had freed Jinpachiwho Heihachi had imprisoned underneath Honmaru for the last 50 years. After defeating Heihachi, Kazuya met with Jinpachi, who proceeded to transform into his Devil form while challenging Kazuya to destroy him.

Kazuya lost and retreated. In his ending, Kazuya won the fight and held a dying Jinpachi in his arms. Kazuya reflected on his youth, spent affectionately training with his beloved grandfather. After a moment of nostalgia, Kazuya's evil side surfaced, and he punched through Jinpachi's chest, killing him and turning him to dust. Satisfied with himself, Kazuya grinned and looked back, as if ready to take on his next opponent.