Kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise Kira Yamato Gundam Seed Building Kit: Toys & Games

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

After meeting up with Lacus in episode 36, Athrun was compelled to reconsider who his real In SEED Destiny., Kira and Lacus's relationship is more mutual. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne Clear Case B: Toys & Games. Runner x8, sticker x 2; Kira Yamato appears in his original Gundam Seed outfit Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise Bust Lacus Clyne Gundam Seed Building Kit.

After tonight, it would mark the forth night of staying with Lacus, and he had enjoyed it. Waking up every morning to both Lacus' loving kisses and tasty breakfast was indeed fit for a king.

He smiled now to himself and sighed happily. It was a great place, here with Lacus… above the Earth. Suddenly, Kira's thoughts turned to Athrun Zala. Athrun and Kira had been fighting up until then, and nearly killing each other. Kira would no longer hurt any more of his friends.

The Aegis held the Strike firmly in its mobile armor mode, about to destroy it. Athrun, in a swift move, activated the self-destruct mechanism on his mobile suit, then used his flight suit jetpack to escape before his mobile suit exploded, killing Kira and the Strike. A new doorway of hate for each other opened in their heart. They fought an immense battle, and this was the result. Later, they would meet again, and they would decide to work together to end Patrick Zala's tyranny.

Athrun helped do his part, even though the wicked Patrick was in fact his father. Patrick was killed, however, by one of his own men in the heat of an argument. Kira hadn't seen Athrun since. When he first awoke to Lacus, however, she told him that Athrun was with Cagalli, and that's all he knew. When Lacus woke up, he decided, he'd ask her. Kira returned to peaking out the window.

In the end, Kira saw no reason for fighting for either group. And then, the Archangel itself was all alone, aided by no one. Lacus turned over in her bed, her sheets making a rustling sound.

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She then let out a small gasping noise, and then hushed back to sleep. She's so peaceful like that, Kira thought. Lacus was dressed only in a t-shirt and midnight pajama pants. Kira laughed to himself at the thought, when he first seen Lacus even pant less he wormed behind his suit, with a freaked-out look in his eyes. It was a funny moment. Suddenly, Lacus began to quietly snore. It wasn't usual for her to be snoring. But it wasn't loud and obnoxious, but more like sweet and pleasant sounding.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

Kira thought again to himself. I'm in love with her. Did it appear and feel strange to him, being in love with her?

Kira loved her with his heart and soul combined. But lately with these visions of Flay…he wasn't sure. He had indeed deeply cared about Flay, but when it all came down to her behavior; it would appear that she deeply hated him because of his failure to protect her father and his true existence as a Coordinator.

But he stuck on the thought of them being together. But when she died, and he envisioned her flying over him telling him that everything was going to be alright, all he could think about was Lacus Clyne.

And now with Lacus, he was. He was finally in a state of bliss. No more battles would be fought, and he and Lacus would live free under the stars, always. The very thought of himself and her together opened up a doorway in Kira's heart; this time it was a doorway of love and retribution. He would live now only to protect Lacus from any dangers sought.

This was his promise to the sleeping Lacus. Kira, very suddenly, turned to the more physical portion of Kira and Lacus' relationship.

Kira had been with her for a total of eight days and eight nights, and made love with his sweet companion for the past six. It had indeed been a very interesting six nights, at that! Kira had not expected so much energy and lust in such a woman. Especially one at 16 years old! He was surprised as well as treated to an unforgettable experience each and every time.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

Everything with their lovemaking changed, always something different. Kira really didn't expect this in her at all! So she begins to manipulate him into believing she likes him; she kisses him, takes up the typical girlfriend role, and eventually sleeps with him all of this despite the fact that she is technically engaged to Ssigh, who is also on Archangel. She asserts that he'll protect her, though deep down what she really wants is for him to die.

Although Kira doesn't really ever seem all that into the relationship the closest he came to being aggressive about it would probably be when he got on Ssigh's case in the desert arche doesn't seem to grasp the fact that she's manipulating him for a while either.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

They part on a bad note before Kira goes out to what would be his last and worst battle with Athrun. She talks to Ssigh and tells him she never really had feelings for Kira, but he casts her aside because he doesn't seem to care anymore.

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After the battle, when Kira is announced as being MIA and probably dead, Fllay seems satisfied - that is what she'd been hoping for after all, and yet she seems to be troubled by something. A few episodes later she is kidnapped by Klueze, who becomes like a new father-figure to her, and she is forced to be in constant company of the people she hated - coordinators. Over the course of her time with ZAFT, she comes to realize she was wrong and is later given a Neutron Jammer Canceller by Klueze and sent away in an escape pod.

Kira tries to rescue her but fails, and she ends up in the Dominion, where she confesses to Natarle that she knows she was wrong.

When Dominion is in battle with Archangel, Natarle sends Fllay and the rest of the crew to an escape pod while she holds off Azrael.

Unfortunately, while Kira comes very close to rescuing them this time, the pod is hit by one of Providence's piloted by Klueze funnels and explodes. What happens next is very hard to explain, because it isn't very clear what exactly happened. Fllay's ghost appears in front of Kira, telling him what she didn't get a chance to say while she was still alive. Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise Bust Lacus Clyne Gundam Seed Building Kit: Toys & Games

She says that her true feelings will protect him, then disappears. It was said in a director interview that the point of that scene was "what Fllay wanted to tell him", so it's assumed that her ghost didn't literally appear before him and talk to him.

The public and supporters from different company defended Tech Angel to no end and the court dismissed the case. Seigel felt if they could talk to the owner of Tech Angel and not Mu they could form a partnership because if things keep going as it is now they will have to drop out of the technology market and that was a big no to him.

Lacus on the other hand didn't care about anything anymore. Lacus's heart was hurt beyond repair the only thing she did for the lasted five years was work at her company and though about how bad she hurt Kira, She even remember like it was yesterday.

Flashback Lacus, had called all of her friends over to her house except Kira because didn't want him to know that she was engaged to another man. You aren't making the situation any better,'' Mir shouted. I tried to talk my father out of marring but he wouldn't listen to me and say it's final,'' said Lacus. You were going with Kira all this time knowing you were engaged to another man you were asking for this happen and you didn't call it off with Kira yet? There no better way I can say this, but I'd say get married to Zack, however I will not support you on it if you go through with it, but I'll be at your wedding because I'm your friend.

Cagalli was so mad she couldn't believe Lacus kept a secret like this from Kira all these years, her temper was at boiling point, she could no longer hold back.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

She knew this day would come not only did she know, but she waited a damn week before the wedding to tell him, how do think he's going react to this news your his best friend, you should know him better than anyone beside me once he finds out,'' Cagalli replied as she was clearly in enrage. Athrun knew Cagalli was right, Kira will not take this news very well he hope Kira can let go of Lacus and move on, but he knew that will likely not happen.

Lacus, was getting depressed she wanted tell Kira about her situation that she was in, but was to scare of Kira leaving her for another girl once he found out. It was now or never she had to tell Kira she's getting marry in one week and hope to god he will understand, she though to herself as she slowly dial his number. Meanwhile Kira was at home working on his latest project until he got a phone call, he answered phone only to hear the voice he been wanted to hear all day.

Lacus flinched this was going to be very hard for her. Kira, hung up the phone he could tell something was bothering Lacus and whatever it was he will be there to help her through it. After Kira put on his clothes and was just about to walk out of the door until he got another phone call. After ten minutes of listening to the caller had told Kira everything about Lacus relationship with Zack and include Lacus called all of his friends over to her house to discussed her relationship about Zack after that the caller hung up.

Kira, was beyond shock his heart felt like it just vanish this would explain why Lacus was acting strange, but he wouldn't believe any of it until Lacus told him herself he immediately lock up his house and made a run toward the park.

Lacus, was waiting under the tree where they first met she begin to worry Kira was ten minutes late. Lacus heard someone call her name and to her surprise it was Zack. This was bad with him here Kira could show up any minute she had to do something fast before Kira sees him.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship marketing

Zack has finally made it to where Lacus was and wonder why she standing by a tree. Lacus panic she had to get rid of him fast before it was too late. Lacus had no choice she just wanted him to leave soon as possible. Zack was happy he was be beginning to think she didn't like him. They grew closer and their lips met Zack on the other hand had plans he try to deepen the kiss, however Lacus push him back the moment he try.

Lacus eyes widened she didn't know what to say since Kira had just caught them kissing. Kira's anger was showing little by little he didn't know how much he could take before he explode with rage, Lacus saw his expression slowly changing she didn't won't anyone to get hurt because of her.

Lacus told Zack to wait for her by the car and he understood and went to stand by the car keeping his eye on Lacus. When Lacus look back she saw Kira was already leaving she chase after him when she finally caught up to him Kira stop her in track. Lacus couldn't believe what she just heard but had ignore it she just wanted Kira to forgive her.