Kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship

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kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship

Dec 11, Touch, power and romantic subtexts in Kuroshitsuji. Posted on . From Chapters 1 – 64, I count 85 instances of Sebastian and Ciel in contact with each other. outranks the other in the earl-butler, master-demon relationship. Once you finish the second season you can tell how mean Ciel can be to Sebastian, but I won't explain just 'cause I don't want to spoil. Aug 13, Today I wanted to talk about the relationship of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Ciel gets his revenge, and Sebastian gets to claim his soul. I do also believe that Ciel began to form at least a slight emotional connection to his demon butler.

Now let's list five of the reasons why their relationship is just perfect, and how they complete each other in spite their mutual hate. They Are Like Family amazon jp We know, a devilish butler doesn't probably need a family.

I don't really get Sebastian and Ciel's relationship. Someone help? - Kuroshitsuji Answers - Fanpop

The same goes for Ciel, who is rich enough to pay servants. Even when it's like this, Ciel and Sebastian become a family. It's a distorted and grotesque version of a normal family, but the truth is that thanks to the contract he formed with Sebastian, Ciel can call his butler and have him doing anything, as long as he takes his blind fold off his eye and shout an order.

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Even the contrary is true. Whenever Ciel needs it, Sebastian is there for him.

5 Reasons Why Ciel and Sebastian Have the Best Master-Servant Relationship

The thing is, Ciel is still a kid. It's only natural that sometimes, as every kid his age, he gets sick, or finds himself in trouble. That's when Sebastian, as a perfect butler of the Phantomhive, intervenes and fix everything back. As we said, it's a distorted version of a normal family, but still Ciel feels safe under Sebastian's guard.

Even though they're only bound together by a contract! Ciel Gives Orders, Sebastian Performs As we said, their bond is strong, even though it depends on the contract. Yet, Sebastian is willing to do anything Ciel orders, even when it's apparently impossible. Let's not forget one important matter though; Sebastian is a demon.

His nature is wicked by definition, and so even though he accomplishes every thing Ciel orders, there are moments where he takes the time to enjoy teasing Ciel. For example, he puts intentionally Ciel in a dangerous situation, just to be sure to save him at the last moment. Like for example when Ciel and Sebastian were investigating about the Circus, during the Book of Circus series, and Ciel asked him to free the snakes after the first-stringers.

Can you guess what Sebastian did?

I don't really get Sebastian and Ciel's relationship. Someone help?

He freed the snakes, yes, but when Ciel was still hidden in a tent trying to get a clue about Joker and the others. And yet, Ciel found himself face to face with a snake, and was saved by Doll. Of course, when he asked Sebastian for explanation, he justified himself saying that he just followed Ciel's order to free the snakes after the first-stringers, and that he wouldn't have let him die, no matter what!

Buy now Sebastian is a demon; he is tricky, wicked and without a single trace of human sentimentalism.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship

He is cold, and act without really understanding human pain and struggles. That's a coherence to be expected. If theirs is not the most complex and brilliant connection in the show, I don't know what is. Now I often browse the media where the Black Butler fandom is present like Tumblr, the Facebook group I am a part of, and Instagram, and I see their bond, relationship, or connection, whichever you may call it, and it is interpreted in a variety of ways.

I have seen fan art, cosplay, fan fiction, funny little memes or posts, etc. Now I also assume we have all thought at some point how exactly these two view each other. Based on their exchanged dialogue and interactions with each other, I'm sure it did become fairly clear that Sebastian is Ciel's pawn, and Ciel is Sebastian's dinner.

That is after all the whole purpose of the contract.

5 reasons why Ciel x Sebastian have the best master-servant relationship

Ciel gets his revenge, and Sebastian gets to claim his soul. Of course, we all know from many situations in everyday life that sometimes, the one with the highest status is the one who permits others to touch him or her as they offer their services, but never touches them in return eg a customer in a spa. Also, the ones with the lowest status may often initiate touch when they cling to stronger people for help and protection children, for instance, instinctively grab hold of adults they love and trust when they feel afraid or insecure.

So a mere assessment of who touches whom may not be the whole picture — one must also look at the context in which the touching takes place. Nonetheless, it remains generally true that those who make contact with others often have, or are often seen to have, the upper hand.

I find the politics of touching as they relate to Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis very curious in Kuroshitsuji Black Butlerand will be analysing what the initiation and frequency of the interactions mean as far as I can in this entry. Ciel receives touch more often than he initiates it Barring a few occasions when he interacts with those who outrank him in the world of the English peerage — Queen Victoria, the Marquess of Midford and the Marchioness of Midford — Ciel Phantomhive is the highest-ranking main character in almost every scene in the Kuroshitsuji manga.

Yet, we find numerous instances in the manga where Ciel is touched by other people, and very few where he initiates the touching. Naturally, there are good reasons for his preferring not to touch, for he makes it very plain that he does not like being in physical contact with others. The surface reason appears to be that he considers it impertinent of these individuals to touch him without permission, but the underlying implication throughout the manga is that he has disliked physical contact with others ever since he was abducted and abused as a ten-year-old.

kuroshitsuji book of atlantic moment (why is sebastian named sebastian)

He was certainly physically abused, but there is a strong implication that he was also sexually abused. Considering his aversion to touch, and his high social status as an earl, it is striking how often Ciel is the recipient of unsought touches from other people, many of whom are well below him in rank.

Much of it may have to do with the fact that he is a child of 13 years old he is 12 when the manga beginsand everyone else is older.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship

Most of these occur when the two of them are clinging to each other on the cruise ship while the zombies attack, or he is shielding her from the bear during the hunt, or protecting her from the rushing water on the sinking ship. Lizzie, as his cousin, childhood playmate and betrothed, would understandably be someone Ciel would feel protective of, so his relative readiness to initiate contact with her, especially in an emergency, makes perfect sense.

If we set Lizzie aside — and if we do not count Sebastian just yet — it means that Ciel is shown initiating physical contact on only eight occasions with six other people: