Mikoto and anna relationship quizzes

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mikoto and anna relationship quizzes

For example, Anna's relationship with Mikoto. I mean, she's a little girl wearing lolita clothes that's stuck to his side like glue. Her emotional attachment to him is. What if Mikoto Suoh finally showed how much jealously he keeps inside of him? Quizzes & stories, Stories, Quizzes, People some cups, Yata playing some video games, Anna and Tatara were talking to Mikoto. As you continued to talk about your relationship, your cellphone did a "bip" sound, you. Do you like this ship? xD Or what's your favorite ship of K Project?.

However, her parents were killed in an 'accident', leaving her in her aunt, Honami Kushina 's care. At this point, Anna rarely talks, and wears a blue dress instead of red. During this time, Anna takes an interest in Mikoto, due to the fact that his red is the strongest, and she can see him clearly thanks to her colorblindness.

Meanwhile, Mikoto is shown to not be too fond of Anna, often referring to her as a brat and nothing more. Unfortunately, Mizuchi's purpose is all but beneficial, and he plans on using Anna to sync to the Slate, and make her the Blue King at this time, Scepter 4 is under the jurisdiction of Gen Shiotsuas the previous Blue King has deceased. Several instances show Anna's inner struggle to contain the trauma of what had been done to her prior to her parents' death, although without much success as hints of the torture that Mizuchi had inflicted on her when he had informed her parents that she needed to be " treated " at the center since she was suffering from an " illness " with her brain manifest on more than one occasion; prior to their deaths, she had informed her parents that she doesn't want to return to the center because of the torturous experiments that she is subjected to.

She reveals to her parents that Mizuchi was lying, and she is not sick, but has a special power that he is trying to exploit for his own selfish purposes thus his claims that she needs to be hospitalized, prompting them to decide not to hand her over to him.

After Anna's stress builds up after overhearing a conversation between the HOMRA members regarding her parents' deaths, she flees from them and ends up being brought back to the facility after an emotional breakdown where she loses control of her power, much to Mizuchi's pleasure.

Once she regains consciousness, he bullies and forces Anna to try and sync with the Slate, but it repeatedly rejects her; each time this happens, he proceeds to torture her, forcing her to endure the agony he inflicts on her by threatening Honami. During the experiment, Mizuchi has burnt, choked, and drowned Anna in a glass tube full of water, saying that the pain stimulates her and makes her power more potent and effective.

Luckily for Anna, HOMRA has been made aware of this, and breaks into the facility to retrieve Anna from Mizuchi, who in a desperate attempt to keep her from leaving, threatens her once again before he is finally apprehended by the Rabbits. The downside is that Honami, being too involved, gets her memories of Anna erased, and no longer knows the girl is her niece. Furthermore, since Anna's dress was ruined during her captivity at the Nanakamado facility, the gang improvise with one of Izumo's shirts to replace it until she can get some new clothes; when they take her shopping,she chooses a frilly red dress with a mini hat that is on display in one of the shop windows.

She frightened him with her appearance and then proceeded to call him "boring".

mikoto and anna relationship quizzes

Afterwards, she walked away. Yata commented that he was getting angry over petty reasons and that it was insignificant, something Anna agreed with. Totsuka then asked if she'd like seconds, which Anna responded to in the affirmative. She then told Mikoto about them. Near the beginning of spring, Anna went out with her fellow HOMRA to play baseball, though instead of participating, she watched quietly from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Anna eyed Totsuka in the corner. Anna asked Kusanagi if they can keep the animal and charmed him into agreeing. She then brought Kusanagi outside to see what the animal really was and excitedly wondered what to name it. When told to bring it back to where it belonged, Anna reminded him about his initial consent. Afterwards, the horse was then brought inside to have a drink. When Mikoto was within sight, Anna asked him what to name the horse. She was shocked to hear him suggest "Basashi" as the horse's name and even more so when Kusanagi suggested to cook it.

Suddenly, the horse developed white fur and Pegasus wings, revealing itself to be a Strain.

K Mikoto x Anna FADED amv

However, Anna was too captivated with its beauty to think about it. As she stared at it, Kusanagi then put a hand on her shoulder and said that it was best to let it fly free.

mikoto and anna relationship quizzes

Anna turned to the horse and asked if it wanted to go somewhere, somehow causing the horse to go berserk inside the bar. Anna was then grabbed by Rikio Kamamoto who told her that they need to go for a walk, so as to avoid Kusanagi's eventual wrath. She is told to apologize when they head back and is given a fish cracker to eat from. Shortly after, Basashi attempted to fly using its wings but fails. Anna noticed afterwards that its pride had been damaged due to the fact it lacked any potential with its abilities.

While the Clansmen were all arguing, Anna said that they neglected Basashi's human rights and told Kamamoto that she won't hand him over to people who don't take good care of things. The tension built between both Clans startled Basashi and he fled from them, with Anna still riding on its back. Though scared, she realized that it was going somewhere it wanted to go. As he held out his hand to get her into the car, she shook her head and told them "this child has a place to go to" and apologizes as Basashi jumps down to the highway.

Basashi keeps running until it spots Mikoto ahead and hastily stops. Anna notices the king and says his name, though she wore a worried look on her face.

She tells Mikoto where Basashi wants to go and he grabs its reins and walks Basashi. Anna notices Munakata and Mikoto said to ignore him or "the sly one will attack".

It wanted to see the girl who took take of him all this time in that state. Seri Awashima notes that he has complained about being served food from her Clan yet eats it all anyway. He once suggested to name a horse " Basashi " and grew hungry once he looked at its shoulder, which is a known part of the horse to be commonly eaten. Mikoto possesses a genuine relationship with all of his Clansmen and cares for their well-being. However, since Totsuka's death, he has since been more quiet and distant towards them.

Nonetheless, his genuine concern for them has not wavered and he remains close to his Clansmen. Mikoto is an avid smoker, having smoked since his early twenties. History Mikoto hears about a recent beating. At some point in his youth, Mikoto met Izumo Kusanagi and became best friends with him. Mikoto and Izumo went to visit him in the hospital.

Once there, Izumo asked the kid, Tatara Totsukawho injured him so badly. He did not receive any answer to his question. Instead, he obliged Totsuka's request to scratch his foot for him before hitting the middle school student on the head. Annoyed, Mikoto left the two in the room and walked outside with a scowl on his face. Totsuka rose from the couch across from him and told Mikoto what they would eat that night. Mikoto then pondered why he ever became a King and expressed his annoyance at how he is viewed as one.

For that, Totsuka gave him a quick lecture about his becoming King. He does not respond to the younger individual's words. Instead, he asks of what type of dish they'll be eating and is explained more about tom yum goong.

Afterwards, Mikoto extendd his arm to the young man. Before they can shake, Mikoto released his flame-like Aura onto his hand. Mikoto then adds that overusing one's power does not benefit the person in the end. One of the Rakshasa men fires bullets at Mikoto but he easily destroys them with his Aura. He then says not to leave behind any ashes. He went up to bat and managed to swung a home run.

Cheating (Jealous!Mikoto Suoh x Reader) ONE-SHOT

While out, Chitose went to bat, and ended up swinging the ball toward a woman, who was coincidentally looking for him. When he had fled the area because of her, Mikoto went to give him a call, asking if he needed him to save Chitose. He was declined, however, leaving Mikoto solemn. Mikoto would go out to have a smoke, thinking to himself about how power caused him loneliness.

He was approached by Totsuka and denied sharing any thoughts. Mikoto was abruptly woken and he attacked in self-defense, burning part of the building. As Eric fled, Mikoto warned Totsuka to be aware of the non-member's murderous intent. Mikoto explained himself that he was in a daze and quietly apologized for his actions.

After the call was over, he got up to leave, telling Kusanagi that numbers won't matter when he's out to face the gang Hikawa.

He approached their gang quietly and left them unharmed. Mikoto returned to the bar afterwards to confront Eric. Mikoto studied Eric briefly before lighting his right hand with his Aura, then pressing it against Eric's face. When asked why he did such a thing, Mikoto merely stated that he felt weak from looking at Eric.

It was 9 PM, Mikoto was sitting on the couch of the bar, there was only him and Izumo. Maybe she didn't saw the message! Be positive" Izumo said, trying to calm down his boss. I'm starting to think that Yata and Tatara are right, she must be with some stupid guy" "Ah? Were you paying attention to the conversation between them? I would like to know what is wrong to tell everyone that you two are dating Do you really like her?

But I need to tell you something" He smiled, he started to get closer to you.

What's your opinion on Anna Kushina?

You couldn't move, his hands were grabbing on your arms. You are cheating on me, uh? Sho stopped kissing you. You heard Mikoto's steps walking away. I didn't receive any message from you!

Anna Kushina

Did you already fucked with him? You let a little "tch" escape from your mouth "Oh really?! Let me tell you something, what's your problem to assume our relationship uh?! What is your problem? Do you like me? Why we never slept together? Why we never kiss every day? He placed his right hand on his cheek and looked at you surprised "He was the one who kissed me! I never thought of cheating on you!

You are only mine. I knew I was wrong, I was being selfish