Mirabell and millamant relationship quizzes

mirabell and millamant relationship quizzes

Then, Mirabell can offer to help Lady Wishfort out of this shameful situation if she will allow Mirabell to marry Millamant (who he loves at this point in the play). Test your knowledge of the tangled relationships between the characters in William Congreve's "The Way of the World," directed by Michael Kahn. "The Way of the World" runs until November 16, , at the Lansburgh Theatre. Visit ogloszenia-praca.info for more information about. The Way of the World: Explain Mirabell and Millamant's relationship. Explain Mr. and Mrs. Fainall's relationship. Mirabell and Millamant love each other and love.

"The Way of the World" Relationship Quiz

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mirabell and millamant relationship quizzes

Act 1, Scene Up until recently, Mirabell had been hiding his advances toward Millamant by also flattering Wishfort. Mirabell disagrees with Fainall, suggesting that scandal He explains that he loves the entirety of Millamant, both her charms and her flaws During this conversation, Mirabell learns that Sir Wilfull is related to Mrs.

mirabell and millamant relationship quizzes

Fainall remarks that if Mirabell were to marry Millamant, then he, Fainall, Millamant, and Wishfort, respectively. He admits that in doing so, she has the power to Fainall, evidently in approval Fainall, Mirabell spots Millamant from afar. She begins to set up her own simile, Fainall changes the topic, asking Millamant, why she took so long to meet her at the park.

Millamant complains that she Fainall enquires again what took Millamant so long to arrive at the park.

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Mincing reminds her that she stayed to look She asks him whether Millamant is aware of the plot, probably through Foible. When the play opens, Mirabell is impatiently waiting to hear that Waitwell is married to Foible.

During Mirabell's card game with Fainall, it becomes clear that the relations between the two men are strained.

  • Who does Mirabell want to marry?
  • William Congreve
  • With whom is Fainall having an affair?

There are hints at the fact that Fainall has been twice duped by Mirabell: Fainall is Mirabell's former mistress, and Mrs. Marwood, Fainall's mistress, is in love with Mirabell. In the meantime, although Millamant quite clearly intends to have Mirabell, she enjoys teasing him in his state of uncertainty. Mirabell bids fair to succeed until, unfortunately, Mrs.

"The Way of the World" Relationship Quiz

Fainall and Foible discussing the scheme, as well as Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall's earlier love affair.

mirabell and millamant relationship quizzes

Marwood also overhears insulting comments about herself, she is vengeful and informs Fainall of the plot and the fact, which he suspected before, that his wife was once Mirabell's mistress. The two conspirators now have both motive and means for revenge. Fainall now dominates the action. He unmasks Sir Rowland, the false uncle, and blackmails Lady Wishfort with the threat of her daughter's disgrace.

The Way of the World

He demands that the balance of Millamant's fortune, now forfeit, be turned over to his sole control, as well as the unspent balance of Mrs. In addition, he wants assurance that Lady Wishfort will not marry so that Mrs.

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Fainall is certain to be the heir. This move of Fainall's is now countered; Millamant says that she will marry Sir Wilfull to save her own fortune. Fainall insists that he wants control of the rest of his wife's money and immediate management of Lady Wishfort's fortune. When Mirabell brings two servants to prove that Fainall and Mrs. Marwood were themselves guilty of adultery, Fainall ignores the accusation and points out that he will still create a scandal which would blacken the name of Mrs.