Naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

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naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

Naruto left the village for another 5 years to mature and find himself. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Adventure - Naruto U., Hinata H. Hinata finally works up the courage to confess to Naruto and there relationship does her relationship revolve around ignorance. Chapter 3: THE RELATIONSHIP. Naruto and Hinata just stared at each other. " Hey beat it, get out of here! i need this table for new customers!.

Neji smirked slightly and wrapped his arms around Tenten's waist. She leaned into him. To his delight Ino looked quite pissed. Hinata, having known about Tenten and Neji for quite some time, giggled at Ino's reaction. She didn't even notice that Naruto was sitting on her bed and that he was right next to her. Oh, but Ino did and she laughed when Hinata finally realized it. Hinata was so shocked that he was there that she yelped and almost fell off her bed.

But he caught her. She looked at him and saw the warm glow in his cerulean eyes. How she wished he would kiss her, but he didn't. When are you getting out of this place? I'll be right back.

Hinata was blushing like mad. She couldn't believe he had done it again. Hinata noticed Ino was still laughing at her and she blushed even more.

I got to tell you something. They said you can't come. Besides by the time I get out of here it might already be done. I really mean it. I'm gonna be late for my curfew! I know when you get to leave. I never even noticed. You can even ask old lady Tsunade.

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Tsunade's eye started to twitch at his reply. I'm staying right here! Just be careful of that arm of yours for a few more days. You're lucky we were able to heal that arm.

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Your leg had a nasty sprang, but that was easy to heal. Now that gash in your abdomen was difficult to heal, but nothing we couldn't handle. You should be careful of that for a while too. Considering wouldn't completely heal it. Just remember what I told you.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

You can leave at any time you want okay. But remember we don't take in free loaders. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were pronounced heroes, even though Sasuke had to serve jail time due to his felonies prior to his arrival to the battlefield.

When NAruto came home, he felt a bit empty. He still felt upset about Jiraya's death. A month after the war ended, Naruto went to the Hokage's mansion and told Tsunade that he would embark on a journey, world wide and follow the foot steps from his master. Of course, she let him go. After 5 years, Naruto decided to come back home.

He matured drastically, but still kept his immaturity, and is showed from time to time. Naruto's body changed; he had some more muscle than he had before he left. Naruto Resembled Minato, also keeping the whiskers he had on his face. Naruto also had gotten taller by a few inches.

He was now 5' He was very excited to see the familiar faces from the friends he knew and loved. Naruto approached the main gates, and was greeted my Koketsu and Izumo.

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You decided to come back? This trip was an emotional expirience. I enjoyed it, but I love Konoha Village. Naruto walked through the village, astounded on the progress it had while being rebuilt.

Up the road, Naruto heard familiar voices leaving a restaurant. I had flashbacks on how I acted, and i was disgusted on how I acted.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

I must see Lady Tsu. Oh my god you are finally back! She had missed him, as did the rest of his friends. It has been a while hasn't it? Naruto felt different because Ino wasn't very nice to him. See you guys later! I will catch up with you soon.

Naruto reached the Hokage Mansion, and was prepared to talk to Tsunade about his adventures. He greatly missed Tsunade. As he walked to the door, he knocked. Naruto opened the door to see Sakura, Shizune, and Lady Tsunade in the room.

He was very happy to see Sakura. Although, he did not feel the same way as he did. Naruto's crush on Sakura appeared to vanish. I learned many things. I also felt like I have matured, and feel capable of having responsibility of myself. He has really grown up. Jiraya would be very proud of his student. Also, I have a gift for you. I saved it for you until you returned to Konoha. I know because of the invasion of Pain, you were left homeless. I want you to take this, for my appreciation.

You are almost like a brother to me, and I cannot have you homeless. I suggest you visit the house and see some old teammates. It is getting late. I hope you have fun at your new house! As Naruto exited the building, he began searching for his new house. Naruto was a bit confused, but he still kept his cool while looking. While looking, he stumbled upon Hinata.

He instantly began a liking towards her, even though he was gone for such a long time. He looked differently than when he did prior to his journey. Hinata did I really change tht much? You look completely different. She was much more attracted to him now than she was back then.

She noticed his muscles were bigger, he was getting much more taller, and his spiked blonde hair was getting longer. He was falling for Hinata. Naruto also turned into a bright red. Could you help me find my new home? Lets go search for your house Naruto-kun. Hinata still blushing on how handsome Naruto was, and Naruto getting lost in thought about Hinata.

Hinata is VERY beautiful. How did I fall inlove with her that quick? I feel like I am in a trance, and Hinata is producing it. I want Hinata to be mine. How could I have been so oblivious of her beauty? I will not let this opportunity go to waste.

Naruto smiled at his thought. Im just very happy to see you Hinata. I can't believe Naruto is back!

He looks very attractive, and seems to have grown up a bit more. He turned out to be a great person. After all Naruto had been through, he still kept his Nindo, his Ninja Way.

They both came up to this decently sized house. The house was colored tan, and had a a pathway to the entrance to the house. The path had beautiful cut out limestone which the Konoha Symbol was cut out in a nice pattern. The front yard was medium sized; just the way Naruto liked it.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

Naruto came up with a great idea! She felt as she would faint at any given time.