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Boyd's relationship with Raylan and upcoming projects with Quentin Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter). And when Boyd confronted Ava about lying to him, he was more concerned about the true nature of her relationship with Raylan (Timothy. I just think the relationship between Raylan and Boyd — like to And also knowing that he was going to have this relationship with Ava [Joelle.

'Justified' postmortem: Erica Tazel talks Rachel's past and how to manage Raylan Givens

It seems like a very collaborative process and obviously, you have a very different perspective as an actor than the writers in terms of how a scene might work in practice and how you can add depth in unexpected ways.

This show has afforded me that experience. I ask a lot of questions. We can do it. Well, it starts with a very basic idea for me which is, "How do I still enjoy going to work?

If a movie is a marathon, television is a race to the death. Everybody wants to be liked, and everybody therefore just does what works. How do you keep that character interesting? I read an interview that you and Walton did where you described Raylan and Boyd's relationship as the crux of the show.

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They're not really together for the first four episodes, but then their stories start to overlap. Can you talk more about their dynamic and how it's constantly shifting? Right, they are kind of the yin and yang of the show -- they define each other in a lot of ways. Raylan could have gone the same way. It seems like one of those things.

He survived two bullets to the chest, one from each of his soulmates: He also endured countless attempts on his life, innumerable betrayals and a litany of would-be Harlan County kings. How does it feel now that the show is finally ending—or, how did it feel when it ended for you? You know, it was much harder than I anticipated. It was very, very difficult and we tried to stay in this very Zen place, and when it was over, I just broke down. It was a real cathartic experience I think for everyone.

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But it was sad, and then thankfully, right after that, they did them out of order. I got to do Boyd Crowder on a high note, which was him and the prison sanctuary. I got to go out on Boyd Crowder and preach it.

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Yeah, so it was. At this point, every fan of the show is more or less aware that Boyd was initially supposed to die in that very first episode.

raylan and ava relationship advice

Was that something that you had hoped for, or had you thought at all about that, as you were going through the process of the final season? You know I have had my designs on the ending that I wanted for Boyd, for a number of years.

And I pitched it to Graham [Yost] for the end of Season 3. I saw it and it was this beautiful trajectory, and I thought it was a fitting way to end this journey that I had hoped to continue on. And it ended with a bullet for Boyd. It would be very, very painful for people to see Boyd actually die. And there was such a start contrast between that final scene between Boyd and Raylan in the Bennett barn and how angry Boyd was, and then the scene in the prison four where the Boyd who obviously has a lot of affection for Raylan comes through.

Sometimes I think more than probably Raylan loves him, or Raylan would ever admit.

'Justified' postmortem: Erica Tazel talks Rachel's past and how to manage Raylan Givens | ogloszenia-praca.info

I would imagine he slept for the first two years and then finally kind of came out of this dark, morose hole and only to really be able to look at what he did, and to atone for it.

I always really enjoyed the end of Season 1, which had a similar tone.

raylan and ava relationship advice

But I thought it was really gratifying to see it come full circle and end on a scene like that after so many seasons of the two of them ending a year on different sides of the spectrum.