Relationship lauer and couric

Everything You Should Know About Matt Lauer and Katie Couric's Relationship

relationship lauer and couric

Couric and Lauer had a close relationship while working together. Earlier this year, Lauer called Couric his "soulmate" in an interview with TV. Couric co-hosted “Today” with Lauer from to , when she left to have had consensual relationships with female subordinates, and. Katie Couric, the year partner of Matt Lauer on the Today show, has because it was completely contrary to our brother-sister relationship.

In a interview with Howard Stern, Couric shared that she and Lauer often crossed paths back then and hit it off right away. Lauer later joined Today as a fill-in news reader from toand news anchor in When it came time to find a replacement for Gumbel in the co-anchor seat, Lauer told The New York Times in that Couric was "in my corner.

From the introduction, the pair had a friendly and playful demeanor with one another. The publication stated that by MayToday had an average of 5.

relationship lauer and couric

Rose credited the co-anchors for much of the show's success, and commented on their undeniable chemistry. In the segment above, she reflected on her time with Lauer. It was the first time Couric had co-anchored the show since she left in Couric Celebrates Lauer's Year Anniversary on "Today" Couric was still filling in as co-anchor on January 7 when the show celebrated Lauer's 20th anniversary.

His former co-anchor led a "Most Memorable Moments" package and said in a featured interview, "It was extremely natural when Matt stepped into the chair and he just crushed it right away. What can I say? He had me at 'Good morning. It was embarrassing, because his secretary was sitting outside. He wanted to do stuff. Meet me there in five minutes. So I went—and we had an encounter. I finish, get in my driveway and there was a reporter from the National Enquirer waiting for me.

relationship lauer and couric

I reach out to Matt in an email. He left me to handle all this on my own, which I did. I told the National Enquirer that Matt and I were just friends.

Katie Couric Breaks Her Silence on Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Claims

What happened with Matt held me hostage. I was under his spell. Every time I turned on the TV, because I anchored the local news in the morning, there was his face. And he was acting all jolly and happy.

Katie Couric Opens Up About Matt Lauer's Firing from Today Show |

And here am I, carrying the weight of what had happened and fending off the national press. My experience on air as an anchor turned out to be so traumatic that I quit.

relationship lauer and couric

I was in a depression. It just shattered everything. I realize it might even sound dramatic. I knew Matt was unfaithful to his wife, because he was unfaithful to her with me less than two years into his marriage.

Everything You Should Know About Matt Lauer and Katie Couric's Relationship

But was I the only colleague? I had no idea there were other women out there. After I quit my TV job, I went and joined the army. What I found out is that I could be a journalist in the Army Reserve. In MarchI went off to basic training. When I came back, I worked as a field producer. It was the height of the war and celebrities supporting the military, so they thought it would be a good fit, which for me was an amazing step forward in my career.

When I was on my second deployment in Iraq inMaria Menounos called me.

relationship lauer and couric

Addie said something bad about the show. I was invited to this big dinner banquet in Philadelphia. Ironically, Matt was also being awarded that night for his excellence in the media.

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This time, there were no barriers to me being on TV. Ann was interviewing me.

Katie Couric Breaks Her Silence on Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Claims | Entertainment Tonight

Even though my situation with Matt was consensual, I ultimately felt like a victim because of the power dynamic. He knew that I was leaving, and that there was no better prey than somebody who is going to be gone. He went after the most vulnerable and the least powerful — and those were the production assistants and the interns.

He understood that we were going to be so flattered and so enthralled by the idea that the most powerful man at NBC News is taking any interest in us.