Rfk and mlk relationship help

Book excerpt: The untold story of MLK and RFK | Reuters

rfk and mlk relationship help

How Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination inspired RFK's greatest speech . either ideological direction, since there's scriptural and clerical support for Tye made about the JFK/RFK relationship was: “Bobby was all Gaelic. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Rose And how could they help stop the rioting that had broken out in ghettos across While his relationship with King had slowly improved from. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated. Kennedy was running for the Breaking big stories requires support. Subscribe to The [Read and listen: Robert F. Kennedy's speech in Indianapolis.] Kennedy's speech on.

Both had larger-than-life, tyrannical fathers. Both were deeply religious. Both were ever in a hurry, for each knew about the capriciousness and brevity of life. It popped up so often — in virtually every profile — that it became a running joke: People were forever diagnosing the many, many moments when Robert Kennedy changed out of that.

Perhaps that meant he never really did, or had and then relapsed. Though his faith occasionally faltered, there were few epiphanies. He just grew more famous, ambitious, revered and inspiring, loathed and threatening, angry, bitter, radical, desperate. That meant three years of tense telephone standoffs, telegrammed pleas for protection, stiff, formal, typewritten complaints, and, occasionally, compliments.

It was Robert Kennedy who had helped spring King from jail in Georgia; saved his life or so he thought when King huddled in the basement as an angry mob besieged a Montgomery, Alabama, church; pleaded with him to halt the Freedom Rides; and, when King refused to drop two aides with past communist ties, directed that his telephone be tapped.

Book excerpt: The untold story of MLK and RFK

Theirs was an uneven relationship, and for King, a slightly degrading one: And while he hectored, lectured, criticized, and exasperated Robert Kennedy, he also helped educate him. But a little boy with a distended belly sitting on the dirt floor of a shack in the Mississippi delta may have done more to change Robert Kennedy than Martin Luther King ever did.

The ostensibly spiritual King approached Bobby Kennedy with a hardheadedness that the pragmatic Kennedy would have admired. As a United States senator, Kennedy no longer lorded over King and had fewer plums to dispense. He was freer to identify with King, or to distance himself from him, and did both.

And King had fewer favors to ask.

rfk and mlk relationship help

So, over the last four years of their truncated lives, they barely saw each other — maybe only once: Inveterately social and intellectually adventurous, Kennedy probably invited more blacks to his home — the black essayist and novelist James Baldwin among them — than any white politician of his era, but Martin Luther King was never among them… And yet, their preoccupations and goals — ending the war in Vietnam; tackling racial discrimination in the United States, South Africa, and elsewhere; fighting poverty — increasingly overlapped… When, inKennedy visited Chief Albert Luthuli, the South African civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner living in internal exile, he is thought to have delivered a letter from King.

After Kennedy toured the poverty-stricken Mississippi delta, King praised him.

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It also eventually tempered his hatred of Castro and resolve to depose him, but that took a bit more time. The sad thing is that Bobby felt the need, because of his political ambition and determination to whitewash Kennedy history, to embellish and whitewash his role in the crisis when he wrote about it in his book 'Thirteen Days. What does this out-of-the-box thinking tell you about him? And how come so many people—many so-called intellectuals—got so many of these things wrong?

I have another brother. It also gave Bobby the most essential of cures for situational depression: After his election to the Senate Kennedy started championing the causes of the rural poor, the Chicanos, the blacks in city ghettos, and the forgotten whites. No one ever got elected in American politics by being a hero to these forgotten people, as we can see in present-day politicking. Why did he do it? He was as impatient as hell and ready to topple anyone who stood in his way.

He was familiar with old-style politics and politicians and hated both. All that was apparent in his attitudes about everything from poverty to fighting the wrong wars.

Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people. He may be reached at dermotmcevoy50 gmail.

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As Washington and many of the scholars he interviewed readily admit, few today associate President Kennedy with the more profound victories associated with the civil rights movement.

In reality, he proved lukewarm on civil rights. In most cases, he had to be forced into action; he responded too slowly -- for example, to the violence visited upon civil rights demonstrators during the Freedom Rides in and in Birmingham, Alabama in But African Americans who lived through the turbulent decade of the 60s, rarely mention President Kennedy without also referencing his brother.

Robert F. Kennedy's Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Speech

From the time John entered the White House, with Bobby serving as his attorney general, the Kennedys became fixed in the public imagination. In his capacity as head of the Justice Department, Bobby spearheaded much of the action on the civil rights front, but even this does not account for his place on the mantle of many homes.

For it is less what the Kennedys did while in office, but rather the frustration of hope they came to represent in death that defined them for a generation of Americans.

rfk and mlk relationship help

In life, the relationship was much more complicated.