Spies michael frayn stephen and keith relationship

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spies michael frayn stephen and keith relationship

Keith and Stephen are best friends and when Keith tells him that his mother is a At the start of the book Frayn portrays a relatively harmless and normal relationship. As they follow Mrs Hayward, the "German spy", around it seems to be a . Discuss the importance and presentation of Mr Hayward in Michael Frayn's Spies. English Essay- SPIES Analyse Chapter six as a pivotal point in Stephen's Relationship Between Stephen and Keith in Chapter 6 of SPIES by Michael Frayn. How does Frayn display Stephen and Keith's relationship at the start of the novel ? Through analysis of Michael Frayn's novel, Spies, Stephen and Keith's.

All they observe is the banality of daily life in the Close, try as they might to add a layer of intrigue and suspense to that life.

Examine the presentation of the relationship between Keith and Stephen in Spies

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Stephen starts to feel bored and tired of listening to Keith order him around. This is ironic, considering that Stephen will later reveal that his father actually is a German spy—but a German working for the British side. Then he wonders if Auntie Dee could also be a spy, and imagines Uncle Peter coming home to his abandoned daughter and his wife exposed as a spy.

The end of the Close forks into the Avenue to the left.

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To the right, the street turns into a rough track that leads to an unused tunnel that the trains rumble over. Meanwhile, the older Stephen tries to remember the events as they happened in the correct order, but he is confused about whether a certain policeman came before the story began or if he had come again later.

The older Stephen describes consequent images of Uncle Peter returning home, surrounded by the neighborhood kids who are in awe of the military decorations on his uniform. He is not sure whether this is an actual memory or a product of his imagination. Stephen then briefly brings up an older memory of standing behind his father at night, with soldiers running in the streets.

Spies. How does Frayn display Stephen and Keiths relationship at the start of the novel?

Again Stephen expresses difficulty in trying to figure out the chronology of specific events, but this particular part of the story is unique because he is not sure whether a certain vision of Uncle Peter is a part of his memory or is a potential product of his imagination.

As such, Frayn introduces another potential obstacle to the idea of memory as a wholly accurate medium: What is also striking is that imagination can be as detailed and concrete as a memory, or even as present, lived reality. He feels shaken, and wonders perhaps if this is a ghost story, instead of a spy one. But she goes on walking normally down the street, past the pig bins and to the shops. The boys start to grow restless. He realised how badly Keith treated him and was tired from all the lies that Keith made up and was sick of being bossed around all the time.

"Three Streets in the Country(2of4)" Michael Frayn 1978

When Stephen tried to tell Keith that his father was a German Spy he ignored him as he was only concerned about his mother and wanted all of the attention. He wanted to go home but Keith tempted him to stay by spotting his mother. Stephen tried so hard to please him and come up with brilliant ideas or plans or suggestions but Keith either contradicted him or ignored him. When Stephen was on his own he was so determined to solve the mystery himself and achieve something so that Keith could be proud of him.

Keith almost sounds rather jealous himself and tries to make Stephen feel unimportant, but Stephen was aware of this but still continued being his best friend. We discover that Keith is not a very friendly or social person, he only speaks to Stephen in the close and never to girls, this is maybe because his confidence has been taken away by the way his father treats him.

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Keith acted strong and brave around Stephen but deep down he was frightened and insecure. It was an unbalanced friendship as one was more dominant than the other and this is shown even by they walk In single file one behind the other and of course Keith lead.

Remembering what he said, Stephen tried to reason slowly so that Keith could overtake him and resume full control of the operation and get the credit.

spies michael frayn stephen and keith relationship

Stephen was quite a scared, weak character and Keith took advantage of this by deliberately carrying on up to the parapet when Stephen asked to go back. When Keith discovered the box, Stephen warned him not to open it, but he insisted on anyway, even though it was empty but it could have been dangerous.

Relationship between Stephen and Keith Essay Example for Free

Keith was very stubborn and quite a torment. Yet again Stephen complimented him for concealing his true nature and managing too fool both their mothers.

He had been burdened with another secret that he had to keep from him but was afraid that their friendship could end if he kept it from him. He wanted to do a single heroic deed to prove that Keith was right all along that his mother was a German Spy by going through the tunnel.

spies michael frayn stephen and keith relationship

It would be a map or a plan of something perhaps. He felt ashamed and humble. He realised that Keith needed his company as without him there is game or there is no one to be braver than him, even after these revelations he still joins him.

spies michael frayn stephen and keith relationship

When they got there Stephen stopped being a cowardice and thought it was funny terrifying the tramp with a metal bar and wood.