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stiles and lydia relationship

Lydia/Stiles is the het relationship between Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski on the television show Teen Wolf. Its portmanteau name is Stydia. The evolution of Stiles and Lydia's relationship has been just that, an evolution. They evolved and grew from a very one-sided, nonexistent. (Second disclaimer: After reviewing these pairings, I have to offer my condolences to Lydia. She got stuck with some real duds over the years.).

In OmegaStiles was seen spending the entire weekend in the waiting room outside of Lydia's room at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital for moral support, where he was sprawled out across three wooden lobby chairs, where he seemed to be having some very naughty dreams about Lydia. In her room, Lydia declined her father 's assistance in taking a shower while Stiles went to the vending machine for snacks.

Lydia heard the smashing noise caused by Stiles' attempt to shake his stuck candy bar, which had led to him accidentally knocking the machine over onto the floor. However, she ignored the sound in favor of continuing her shower. She suddenly noticed the water near the drain turning black, which led her to kneel down and reach for what could be causing it. She first began pulling out large handfuls of tangled dark hair before a burned hand reached out of the drain and grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs.

Stiles instantly heard the scream, recognized that it was Lydia, and rushed into her room, shoving past her father and Melissa McCall to see if she was okay.

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However, she was nowhere to be seen, and the water was perfectly clear, indicating that Lydia had been hallucinating the hand and the dark water. They then noticed that the window was wide open, suggesting that Lydia had jumped out of the room, leaving her hospital gown behind. Stiles, desperate to find Lydia, snagged her hospital gown from her room and rushed it over to Scott so that he could use it to get her scent and track her down.

Scott and Stiles were then joined by Allisonwho informed them that her father and several fellow Hunters left in SUVs, presumably to track Lydia, who they believed had been transformed into a Werewolf as a result of Peter Hale 's Bite.

Stiles worried aloud for Lydia's safety, and Scott assured him that they wouldn't let anyone hurt her again. Using Lydia's scent, they first tracked her to the Hale Housethough she was nowhere to be found. They then tracked the scent trail to a nearby ambulance, where a body had been brutally ripped apart inside, leading Stiles to wonder if perhaps Lydia really had become a Werewolf.

Stiles eventually caught up with his father, Sheriff Stilinskiand the two ultimately were able to find the naked Lydia coming out of the woodslooking incredibly disheveled from spending over a day running through the wild in a trance.

Stiles rushed to try to peel Sheriff's jacket off of her to help cover Lydia up, but in his haste, he tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground. Coach sent pairs of students to climb up the rock wall in the gym, and Erica and Stiles were sent up together; Stiles was able to easily scale the wall and return to the floor without incident, but Erica, a shy and timid loner, began to panic halfway up and was frozen in fear, unable to force herself to go any higher and still too scared and embarrassed to come down, either.

Stiles joined Lydia, Scott, and Allison on the ground, where Coach assumed that Erica was suffering from vertigo, causing Lydia to point out that vertigo is a vestibular disorder of the inner ear, and that Erica, in her words, was "just freaking out.

Stiles, who had been sitting on the bench during their lacrosse game, was tasked with breaking into Gerard Argent 's office to steal the Bestiarywhich they mistakenly believed was there, by Scott and Allisonin hopes of figuring out what the new shapeshifter was.

On his way there, he came upon Lydia and went to talk to her, despite Lydia's protests that she wanted him to go away.

stiles and lydia relationship

When he asked her what was wrong, she once again demanded that he leave because the last person she needed was someone to see her cry. Stiles insisted that she, of all people, shouldn't care whether people saw her cry or not because of how beautiful she looks when she's crying. Lydia, starting to slightly trust Stiles, remarked that he was going to think that she is crazy, but Stiles, knowing full well how unbelievable the supernatural world could be, assured her that there was literally nothing she could say that would make him think she was crazy.

However, Stiles, hearing the whistle being blown in the game and realizing he was running out of time to sneak into Gerard's office, groaned regretfully and asked her if she could wait five minutes, assuring her that he would be right back and she could then tell him everything. Unfortunately for them both, Stiles was then confronted by Derek and Erica inside, where they were then attacked by the mysterious shapeshifter that was later revealed to be a Kanimapreventing Stiles from catching up with Lydia.

Stiles realizes that Lydia probably knows so he tries asking her about it. In Party Guessedat Lydia's party, Lydia is less than surprised at Stiles usual tactics of impressing her. And she is hoping for someone less predictable to show up this evening.

Due to the fact that Scott was barred from playing by Gerard Argent due to poor grades, and multiple players were injured in the game, Coach had no choice but to put Stiles in the game. Stiles was predictably bad at first, but after he heard Lydia cheering for him in the stands, he managed to get the confidence necessary to make his first goal.

Motivated by Lydia's support, he was able to make several more goals, allowing the team to win the game despite being the underdogs.

stiles and lydia relationship

In Master PlanIn TattooStiles was in his Jeep talking to Scott about his separation from Allison when he realized that Lydia was driving her car right beside him, with Allison in the car with her. Stiles called Lydia out for acting like a ditz when she was, in fact, a literal genius. And then they danced together and it was adorable.

That was when Stiles and Lydia really started to get closer.

‘Teen Wolf’: The evolution of Stydia

Lydia started to see Stiles as a friend, and his feelings for her remained steady. It was really the end of season 2 that marked a change in their dynamic.

stiles and lydia relationship

With the Lacrosse team down some players, Stiles was put in the game! In 3A, they shared their first kiss. Stiles was having a panic attack, and to help him hold his breath, Lydia kissed him. It has been said by some that she only kissed him to stop the attack, and while that may be true, there is no denying that there was a spark in that kiss that surprised Lydia. However, Lydia either did not notice him or ignored him, leaving Stiles to lament her rejection and causing him to blame his best friend Scott McCall for "dragging him down to his nerd depths.

Stiles once again attempted to talk to Lydia, acknowledging that he knew that they didn't know each other well before stating that he believed they had a connection. However, Lydia soon revealed that she had been talking to someone else on her Bluetooth device for her phone the entire time while Stiles was talking and either didn't hear him or vaguely heard him and simply didn't care.

stiles and lydia relationship

Lydia asked him if it was worth repeating, and Stiles, embarrassed, said no and walked away just as Lydia's then-boyfriend Jackson Whittemore walked out of the clinic to leave with her. However, Lydia was too shaken to interact with Stiles, and Jackson was too intent on leaving the scene to go home for them to spend much time together.

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The next day, Stiles, curious to know what Lydia saw when the Alpha fled the scene of his most recent murder at the video store, went to the Martin House to talk to her. When he asked her what she saw that night, Lydia continued to repeat that she saw a mountain lion, since that was what she was told had run out of the video store.

Upon realizing how inebriated Lydia was, Stiles had her try to say a tongue-twister, but she was too high to be able to say it properly. It almost looked as though Lydia wanted to hook up with Stiles, and Stiles seemed willing to do so despite Lydia's intoxicated state until she called him "Jackson," causing Stiles to sigh in defeat and give up.

However, when Lydia passed out in his lap, Stiles took a chance and looked through her phone and was shocked to find that she had captured a video of the Alpha running out of the video store and sent it to his own phone before deleting it from hers. In LunaticStiles, feeling badly for Scott after his break-up with Allisontook him out to the Beacon Hills Preserve with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey he stole from his father's liquor cabinet.

However, though Stiles got extremely drunk, Scott realized that his werewolf healing prevented him from getting intoxicated whatsoever. Due to Stiles' drunken state, his encouraging pep-talk about Scott and Allison's relationship inevitably turned to Stiles talking about Lydia's strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, and 5'3" stature.

The next day, when Stiles learned that the impending full moon had heightened Scott's werewolf senses so much that he could smell jealousy, he begged Scott to go ask Lydia if she liked him and use his sense of smell to determine if she did or not.

stiles and lydia relationship

However, Lydia, who had strange unresolved feelings for Scott, started to make out with Scott before they could talk about Stiles, and Scott responded enthusiastically because of the full moon changing his personality. Afterward, Scott lied and told Stiles that Lydia was into him, but after seeing Lydia's perfect pink lip gloss had smeared, he realized that the two had made out and became angry. Stiles then brought up this make-out session that night after he tricked Scott and handcuffed him to the radiator to prevent him from running loose during the full moon.

He acknowledged that the full moon had influenced his behavior but still accused him of being a bad friend before rubbing it in by putting water in a dog bowl labelled "Scott" and laying it on the floor in front of him.

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In Formalityafter learning that Lydia had made out with Scott, Allison convinced Lydia to go to the winter formal dance with Stiles while she went to the dance with Jackson who had broken up with Lydia some time earlier just as friends. However, Lydia did not ask Stiles to the dance on-screen, though Stiles was seen dress-shopping with Allison and Lydia after school that day. While they shopped, Lydia dumped an armful of dresses into Stiles' arms to hold while she continued to browse the store.

That evening, Stiles drove Lydia to the dance, where the two ran into Allison and Jackson in the parking lot of the high school.