Was lc and jason relationship realtors

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was lc and jason relationship realtors

The series was originally narrated by Lauren Conrad as she completed her senior year saw the additions of Taylor Cole, Alex Murrel, Jessica Smith, and Jason Wahler. a major event such as a progressing relationship or a personnel departure. on some televisions to control the broadcast of the show into their homes. Lauren Conrad's Ex Jason Wahler Opens Up About His 'Downward that his alcoholism “a hundred percent” hurt his relationship with Conrad. Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad and other cast members Jason Merritt—FilmMagic/Getty Images Nestled in Orange County, the town's picturesque look and massive homes inspired MTV's initial pitch of a real-life and the friendships, relationships, and Cabo bar-top dancing were all.

Throughout its run, the series was led by seven season 1eight season 2and nine season 3 primary cast members, who were credited by their first names. By the conclusion of the season, all students had graduated high school, and departed the series before production of the third season began.

Consequentially, the program was revamped to showcase an entirely new group of current students. Younger students Kristin Cavallari and Talan Torriero were shown to be finishing their junior year. She and her friends Jessica Smith and Alex Hooser were involved in a conflict with Alex Murrel and Taylor Cole, though they appeared to have reconciled as the season progressed.

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County: 10 Year Anniversary | Time

Despite preferring to remain single during her senior year, Cavallari wished to continue her friendship with Colletti, though the latter faced difficulty coming to terms with their changed dynamic.

Shortly after, Torriero developed romantic feelings for both Cavallari and Cole, though both women were uninterested in beginning a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Jason Wahler dated Smith, Murrel, and Conrad in separate periods during production, though his womanizing tendencies placed a strain on each failed relationship.

After reality TV lost its sparkle, Lo moved to New York City where she now runs a website called Revelry House -— a one-stop shop for those who like to plan parties — writes booksfrequents music festivals and is attending culinary school.

He was handsome, loved to surf and genuinely cared about making a difference in the world. He put on fashion shows and charity events with LC, could hold a conversation about the artistic nature of clothes and makeup and his house was the number one go-to spot when a party needed to be thrown. Now Trey is definitely one of the success stories from the show. After high school he attended Parsons School of Design and was labeled one of the young designers to watch by Vanity Fair.

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As her other loyal bestie, Dieter had her back when boyfriend Jason showed up to her fashion show and proceeded to make out with his ex girlfriend in front of LC and Co. He lost yet another girl to Jason when his ex Jessica took up with the bad boy in Season 2 of the show.

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After graduating from San Diego State University, he now works as a hotel manager. After Stephen left, Kristin needed a new boy-toy to string around for a season and the loveable goofball fit the bill. Also like Stephen, Talan had no problem juggling two girls at the same time -— remember poor Taylor? Now Talan continued using his Casanova charm on the ladies when he graduated high school. After dumping poor Dieter in Season 1, Jessica quickly entered the most dysfunctional relationship that ever existed on the show, and we had to sit through endless episodes of her wondering if Jason was cheating on her -— spoiler: After a DUI arrestJessica got her life back on track, got married and had a few kids.

They live in SoCal —- shocker -- and though we have no idea what she does professionally, we do know she loves to actively tweet about TV shows. We honestly never understood what was so special about the kid —- and we use that term loosely because he looked like he was 28 not 18 when the show aired —- but he was kryptonite for the girls at Laguna Beach High.

Now After Jason kept LC from jetting off to Paris on "The Hills" -— something we will never forgive him for —- their relationship soon sizzled and his personal life quickly followed. After numerous arrests and more problems with drugs and alcohol, Jason went to rehab -— reality TV style of course -— and sobered up.

Oh my gosh, I have to do it! I thought it would be a fun experience to do with friends, and also a way to capture my high school experience on film. Something to show the kids one day! At that point, I was kind of shy and not really into boys yet.

I was late with all that. I was sort of removed. I was just starting to get into the whole popular, boy, boyfriend, party, drinking scene.

was lc and jason relationship realtors

So I was more on a periphery at that point, which is good. It allowed me to concentrate on school and things that were actually important to my future.

was lc and jason relationship realtors

They cast actual friends. I still see some of them everytime I go home. It seemed like a no-brainer. Did you have dreams of stardom, or think about becoming famous when you signed on? I was involved in musical theater. I was the lead in the musical at that time.

Lauren & Jason- Everywhere I Go

The timing was such that I really felt that that was what I was supposed to do with my life. I had just gotten cast as the lead in the musical. I was loving it.

was lc and jason relationship realtors

I really felt that God wanted me to kind of pursue that more in-depth, so I definitely had those aspirations before the show, and being cast really reaffirmed that for me. Acting and being a celebrity was never really the path I wanted. It was a popularity thing. It was the cool thing to talk about.

was lc and jason relationship realtors

What was filming like while still being a high school student? They wanted to do it like Real World. We can have cameras in your bedroom.

We had set times after school to meet during the week. I would say we filmed anywhere from two to three times per week from p.

was lc and jason relationship realtors

What were the most deceptive elements of the show? I honestly think Laguna Beach was pretty good. They did some scripting in the sense that they would set up scenes. But it was based on real-life things that were going on.

I think for the most part, it was accurate. I mean, we were all friends, and it was high school.