Are we done yet ending relationship

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are we done yet ending relationship

smoothly morph in a sort of "What About Bob" way from pain to rewarding relationship. . I did think the mother's reaction at the end was a little extreme and that could have .. ARE WE THERE YET contains numerous episodes not unlike a. In this 'Are We There Yet? But in the end the two men recognize their common ground and give of themselves to help one another through their problems. If they've done their best and end in appreciation of the other's efforts, they need not to and try to push away as-yet-unrevealed needs in hopes that the deepening love How do we communicate and can we resolve important conflicts?.

It's also about the kids who really want their life back like it used to be and haven't quite understood what has happened. Finally, it's a movie about how these people who have so little in common with each other come together and learn to understand, like and appreciate each other for who they are.

The whole movie is a metaphor with some very impossible but very funny moments representing the struggles people go through to find the inner beauty in each other.

are we done yet ending relationship

It is unfortunate that jaded movie critics are paid to go to early morning screenings in a room full of jaded movie critics to watch a family comedy and then deem it a "bad movie". I prefer to listen to the voices of the REAL movie critics, the people who paid their hard-earned money to go see the movie. If they laugh, it's funny.

Are We There Yet?

I've been to two sold-out screenings of this movie in theatres full of parents with small children, groups of young and older teenagers and groups of adults. At both screenings there was much laughter and even applause at the end.

One of the best parts, is when you hear a small voice point out the obvious to the other people in the darkened theatre, that the kids are responsible for the results of their behavior.

are we done yet ending relationship

Congratulations to that child's parents for successful instruction in Right vs. I have also read some other user comments and critic's comments that accuse this movie of being a racial stereotype. It's not so much a racial stereotype as it is a personality stereotype - Nick Persons is a 'playa', formerly known as a 'ladies man', and he looks, dresses and acts the part, as have the ladies men of every generation.

The divorced mother with two kids, well, I bet there's one in your neighborhood. One truck driver is of the older, hard-core family values type with a southern accent played by an actor from the southern United States and another is a gung-ho Canadian out to help someone in need, played to hilarious perfection by a Canadian.


I have also read some incredibly cruel comments by people directed at the child actors. If their performance as the confused and desperate 'demon spawn' made you feel so strongly that you must write paragraph after paragraph saying so, then I guess that makes them pretty good at their job doesn't it? When they lose their luggage, they reluctantly drive. Believing Nick is only their mother's friend, the kids are tamed but still misbehave and show Nick no respect.

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At a truck stopthe two learn from one of Nick's friends on his cell phone that he not only dislikes them, but also lied about not having feelings for their mother. They then show less restraint and cause mayhem throughout the trip, hijacking Nick's car by having Kevin fake an asthma attack, injuring Nick in the testicles with a plastic axe, signalling to truck driver Al Buck that they have been kidnapped which results in heavy damage to Nick's car, much to his horrorand ultimately running away to visit their father.

Nick pursues them on a horse but falls off. Once they arrive at their father's house, however, they learn their father has not only moved on, but has a new family.

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Feeling betrayed and abandoned, they warm up to Nick, as he does them. Nick tells them his father also abandoned him. Throughout the rest of the trip, the threefind themselves in several more mishaps, but each setback only strengthens their relationship. At one point, Kevin has to get an inhaler refill from a pharmacist working as a clown at a chaotic children's New Year's Eve party, and during this, Lindsey reveals her singing talent, doing a karaoke version of Aretha Franklin 's song " Respect ".

Back on the road, Kevin vomits on the car's windshield and then they pull into a conservation area to clean out the car. While Kevin and Nick feed a deer some cookies, Lindsey accidentally scares it with a camera flash, causing the deer to fight Nick, resulting in him losing his keys.

are we done yet ending relationship

Because of this, Nick tries to hotwire the car using his lighter, but he accidentally sets the alarm off. After stopping the alarm, Nick slams the car's hood down, causing the lighter to tip over and set the inside of the car on fire.

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The car then explodes. Nick angrily blames the kids by pretending it was their fault making them cry but calms down and apologizes immediately afterwards. The trio tries to hitch a ride from Al Buck, but he leaves Nick behind and drives off, still thinking Nick is a kidnapper.

Nick hitches a ride from the driver of a billboard truck. To Al's surprise, the kids physically attack him in the van, leading to a chase that ends when in Vancouver, where Nick fights Al, along with several men dressed as snowmen.