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friendly fire drama ending relationship

In its first season, Lifetime's scripted drama UnReal became a The season 2 finale, 'Friendly Fire', brought to an end a sophomore year of an obvious lashing out following the destruction of her own relationship with John. Friendly Fire is a Hong Kong legal drama television series produced by TVB under executive producers Tommy Leung and Man Wai-hung and starring Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Sammy Leung, and Sharon Chan. Contents. 1 Production; 2 Plot; 3 Cast. Main cast; Other cast Though JJ is still perturbed by the refusal of his marriage proposal, Chris. UnREAL Ep. - "Friendly Fire" - Day 06 of 07, June That sounds like good news for Season 3, but it's hard to believe the drama will again partake In the penultimate episode, she ended their relationship because it was.

UnREAL: Season 2, Episode 10 - "Friendly Fire"

That Jay orchestrates the surprise return of Ruby Denee Benton offers Darius a genuinely unexpected happy ending, but it also highlights how much more compelling the backstage drama is in comparison. In fact, if "Friendly Fire" proves anything, it's that whatever appeal there may be in the outcome of Everlasting's season, it's ultimately less significant, regardless of any real feelings that may have developed between the suitor and any of the women vying for his affection.

Quinn and Rachel are the ones we care about, above anyone else. Their relationship will never be a simple one, and that's part of why it's so engaging.

Apart from whatever differences and difficulties they have, they remain connected with one another, more so than they do with anyone else. And screw your mom. It's also impossible to imagine anyone else being able to comfort Rachel so matter-of-factly.

Friendly Fire

Every scene between the two is a highlight, but this is one of the best. UnREAL has had some missteps this season. The race angle had many promising moments, yet it ultimately failed to really deliver in any real way. If it had been more focused, to the exclusion of some of the extraneous plots, such as the unbelievably quick relationship that sprouted between Quinn and John Booth Ioan Gruffuddit could have made a more lasting statement.

Unfortunately, it ultimately came off as more of an idea than a fully fleshed out arc. The season 2 finale, 'Friendly Fire', brought to an end a sophomore year of the series that was overstuffed and badly paced. The effect is a largely underwhelming and unearned ending that completely jumps the shark in the final moments.

friendly fire drama ending relationship

Throughout the second season of UnReal, Quinn continually pushes the producers of Everlasting to create a year of television that will rival the "suicide-level ratings" of the previous year. But, as the producers rush to manipulate all the contestants, the suitor, and each other, UnReal is just as guilty of attempting to use every trick in the TV book to maintain or surpass its ratings - or its critical acclaim - in its second year.

Among the storylines used in season 2 of UnReal are: Rachel's abuse at the hands of her former partner Jeremy Josh KellyQuinn learning she cannot have children and her subsequent rejection of her boyfriend John Ioan Gruffuddthe revelation that Rachel was raped by one of her mother's patients as a child and has since been manipulated and emotionally abused by her mother, and the show's take on the Black Lives Matter movement with the police shooting of Darius' cousin Romeo Gentry White.

UnReal Season 2 Finale Review: A Poor Ending To A Messy Season

However, the result of adding in all the additional story beats is that UnReal season 2 comes off looking just as ratings-hungry as the series it satirizes.

As a result, UnReal's take on Black Lives Matter is used to further the character arcs of its white characters - completely missing the point of the social movement beyond one line from the producer Jay Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman who accuses Rachel of trying to portray a story that isn't hers to tell.

Then, the plot concerning Romeo's shooting is completely swept under the rug in favor of focusing on Rachel's declining mental health, which leads to two other overarching story beats in which Rachel comes clean about her rape and the destruction of Mary Ashley Scottthe contestant who committed suicide in the previous season due to negligence of the crew.

friendly fire drama ending relationship

Romeo's thread comes to a close in 'Friendly Fire' with his sudden return and in seemingly perfect health as well as a brief interaction between him and Rachel in which he tells her, "You got me shot. We don't talk again, ever. Meanwhile, Quinn is bent on ending Everlasting with a bang that leaves Darius and the two final contestants in some form of misery - an obvious lashing out following the destruction of her own relationship with John.