Madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

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madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Family Edit. Little is known about Sofy's family but according to the Light Vanadis herself, her relationship with her family members is somewhat close. Her father. Lord Marksman and Vanadis is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Kawaguchi Madan no Ō to Vanadis light novel volume 1 . After Thenardier's death, the public celebrates the end of the war and Tigre is . diversity of the female characters and villains, but also liked the relationship between Tigre. Vanadis of Leitmeritz and a former member of the Silver Gale Mercenaries. In a end however, Fine is fatally wounded by Elen's slash that causes her defeat.

A longtime friend of Elen, Sofy is one of few Vanadis whom Elen befriended. As friends, Sofy often gives advises to Elen regarding her duty as a Vanadis. Nevertheless, she becomes Elen's crucial informant about Zhcted's and other kingdom's condition.

madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Since her affection with Tigre, Sofy often teases Elen about her relationship with Tigre and even requests her to "lend" Tigre for herself Sofyonly to be constantly reminded by Elen that Tigre is solely belongs to her Elen. Edit Vanadis of Olmutz who is prided of her House's prestige status as a Vanadis. Like Elen, Sofy also befriends with Mila as she views her like a friend.

After Sasha retired as a Vanadis and became a Vanadis Mediator in her place, Sofy often seen mediating both Mila and Elen from fighting against each other despite knowing their heated rivalry due to their different upbringing and conflicted personalities. Edit Sofy and Valentina. Unlike her fellow Vanadises, Tina's origins and agenda remained an enigma.

While they are seems to be friendly towards each other on the surface, their real relationship however is hostile, making them as rivals.

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For Sofy's case, who knew Tina longer than any Vanadises and even the King, she is among the few who see through Tina's lies and even suspects her ulterior motives and vile ambitions could endangering Zhcted's years long establishment. Ultimately, Sofy's suspicions comes true as Tina did schemed her plot to become the Queen of Zhcted, from manipulating Eugene and Ilda into civil fighting, her rise of influence when received support from Kazakov's former retainers, to even her role in Ruslan's unexpected yet suspicious recovery.

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Since the aftermath of Zhcted Civil War which Tigre won, Lim becomes one of his 7 concubine after his ascension to be king and she has a child with him. Edit Leitmeritz's champion archer before Tigre's position as Leitmeritz's only prisoner of war, Rurick is also Lim's fellow Leitmeritz soldier.

madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Like Lim, Rurick is also one of Elen's devoted and loyal general of Leitmeritz. Contrasted to Lim however, Rurick is rather open-minded and also seemly tended to tease her from behind her back with Tigre.

madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Edit Lim and Titta Tigre's housemaid and one of Lim's few friends whom she tolerates. Among all of Alsace residents, Titta is Lim's closest friend after Elen and they often shared stories to each other. Even after Alsace returned to Brune after it's brutal Civil War, their friendship remained strong, from searching Tigre in Lebus to their return to Brunedespite the housemaid did not participate any warfare with neither Tigre nor Elen.

madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Titta stumbles upon Lim's likelihood of teddy bear ever since Titta become curious once Lim finds a teddy bear and her personality becomes not as usual at Vorn's Manor but eventually Lim requested Titta to make a new Teddy Bear. In an aftermath of Greast Army's ambush towards the Moonlight Knights, where Lim worries over Elen's disappearance during the aftermath, Titta comforts Lim by making a teddy bear for her. During their first meeting, Lim confronted Mashas in a living room who mistook Alsace has fallen into Zhcted's hand.

Through Tigre's explanation however, the misunderstanding is cleared.


Through Tigre's longtime friendship with the old earl, Lim considered Mashas as an ally until the end of Brune's Civil War. Even after the Civil War, the friendship between Mashas and Lim are mutually good.

madan no ou to vanadis ending a relationship

Sometimes Lim asks some advice from Mashas about warfare since he is more experienced on the warfare than Lim herself.