Neptunia rebirth 2 conquest ending relationship

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neptunia rebirth 2 conquest ending relationship

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation I finally reached the Conquest Ending and here are my thoughts. But if you have seen the dialogue( original MK II as well) between Neptune and Nepgear The same ending was in the ps3 version but it's presented much better in rebirth version. A simple and cute story about two girls going out on a date and simply enjoying project, please go look for Neptunia Mk2: Conquest Ending: Resolution. Roleplay Star Girl is the opening of Re;Birth 2, so I found it fitting. For Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation on the Or do I end up finding out that all/most of that has been scrapped, save some relationships? Basically, the continuity starts with mk2/Rebirth 2, and continues into though if you're really curious you should do the Conquest route first.

The CPU Candidate of Planeptune looked starkly different from how she normally did; as if determined to impress Uni, the girl had tied her bright purple tresses into a ponytail, and she now donned a white dress with a lavender tint, and a dark purple jacket with golden buttons and sequins; in addition, she had a gold-bead purse dangling from her left arm.

Uni's faced flushed again. Despite being led by Neptune, who Uni had to admit seemed a few eggs short of a basket, Planeptune was the most technologically developed nation out of the four landmasses, and it showed.

Contrasting entirely to the charcoal, "steam-punk" Lastation, the buildings in Planeptune were bubble and spiral buildings made entirely of stainless titanium.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 endings

Despite being made of metal, the Planeptunian buildings had a very creative way of regulating heat properly. While the sun gleamed off the reflective metal exterior, the heat created by the solar energy would be transmitted through underlying panels. The solar panels would then dissipate the raw temperatures exceeding comfort level into energy, decreasing the amount of energy expense each building has to use.

Doing this also powers the cooling units placed within the structures themselves, powered by the very heat that sought the boil the occupants of said towers of metal alive. This was the creativity and end result of Planeptunian technology that was the source of inspiration for Noire's creative drive when devising new technologies for her own land.

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Dates are supposed to hold each other's hands, after all," Nepgear smiled innocent back at Uni as she continued to pull the girl through the plaza, deftly weaving around crowds of people as if they weren't' even there. The two quickly boarded a moving sidewalk, following the red walkway with green arrows that pointed forward.

With even Nepgear having the common courtesy not to run on a moving platform, and Uni unable to fully pry her hand from Nepgear's powerful vicegrip, the two had a moment to simply enjoy the feeling of being hand in hand.

Despite the pale skin of Nepgear's hand feeling quite cool, just this simple act caused Uni to feel a strange kind of warmth. Before she could give this any further thought, the two came to a stop in front of the marketplace.

Taking a deep inhale, Uni could pick up several aromas that clashed together, but after several moments, she could distinguish scents that were familiar to her — okonomiyaki, taiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba, among others — and she only realised just how hungry she was.

If there was anything she and Neptune shared, it was a love of snacks; Nepgear was simply more subdued. With her mouth watering, Uni immediately knew what snack she wanted. With a soft smile, he looked up over his metal counter to notice his new customers, and his eyes flashed to Nepgear with no small hint of recognition. While she supposed Nepgear was oblivious to it, Uni recognized it; being a Goddess, candidate or otherwise, did produce a strange alienating effect from the humans.

They're on the house. She didn't want to come off sounding the wrong way, she was merely surprised; as a candidate, she was used to the kind of behaviour she'd seen in that clerk, but she always just thought it was natural and went along with it. Even Neptune pays for her own things when she goes to buy things like pudding. Uni wondered in amazement.

Even on her way to Planeptune, the receptionist hadn't made Uni pay even one credit to board the ship, and she hadn't thought anything of it. She figured, however, that worrying about it now wasn't the best idea, if she truly wanted to enjoy her date with Nepgear. Both of the girl's expressions changed to one of pure enjoyment as the unique taste of their preferred treat filled their mouth.

The creamy sweet taste of vanilla clashing with strawberries for Uni, and the rich texture and fluffy flavour of milk chocolate lit Nepgear's tastebuds alight. Given how many times she'd blushed in only a few minutes, it was a wonder the girl had blood anywhere else in her body. Letting the taste of chocolate fill her mouth, all Uni could think about was how Nepgear had bitten off this mere moments before, and she knew if her face got any redder, it'd be a tomato. Swallowing, she could only splutter in embarrassment, "Indirect kiss She was so lost in thought she didn't notice Nepgear leading her by the hand towards a bright, colourful building; it took the girl a moment to process that the next stop on their date was Planeptune's famous arcade — the Soni-C Arcade: Entering the arcade set the girl's senses on fire; bright flashing colours, the sounds of video games playing, and the chattering of the multitude of children and adults who flocked to the Arcade simply to have fun.

Entrance was free — fitting as to even play the games, one required credits — so Nepgear and Uni made their way into the massive crowd, looking for games they could play. Perhaps the attitude of the CPU was reflected in their nation a little more than she thought. As she and Nepgear were forcing their way through a crowd, another duo who looked like they were on a date passed by them — a red-eyed girl with ebony tresses who kept one eye hidden by her bangs, roughly pushing past them with a devilish smile on her face, and a boy with spiky blue tresses and brown eyes who followed her with a look of exasperation.

Feeling slight pity that the girl was giving the boy such a hard time, Uni tightened her grip on Nepgear's hand — socializing wasn't her strong point and seeing so many new people in one area gave her an instinctive drive to avoid them. Fighting as elegantly as she did on the battlefield was one thing but Uni seemed to stumble over her own feet when it came to anything involving even a slight gyration of the hips.

Nepgear herself took a stand on the second metal platform, and pulled up a selection screen for music on the dashboard console. Looking for the selection of songs by their good friend 5pb. Just as Uni suspected, this wasn't her kind of thing; anyone watching this girl struggle to match the timing of the arrows to her own feet wouldn't suspect she'd fought against the Deity of Sin nary a year before.

Uni shot furtive glances in Nepgear's direction, and to her surprise and slight envy, Nepgear was moving flawlessly; her timing was perfect and she didn't miss a single cue from the screen; just watching Nepgear move, in honesty, was enough to distract Uni from the game itself. With her numbers plummeting by the second, and, frustrated with her lack of balance, Uni was tempted to stop entirely, but at the same time, wasn't eager to quit just because she couldn't do it; she'd never been this way before.

Uni cast another look at Nepgear's graceful movements, and then at the screen, seeing the onscreen-streak count stay at the top as Nepgear matched the cues. Now moving in tandem, the two cast a look at each other, their eyes meeting, and they smiled and giggled before turning their attention back to the screen to finish their dance. Ima mezamete ku fresh!

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At Uni's suggestion, the two girls tried various other games in the arcade to pass the time, the first of which was bowling: She was perfect on the battlefield, perfect with paperwork, but she couldn't make a painted wooden ball roll in a straight line to knock over ten pins made out of pine.

The fact that she had to hold back her own strength as a Goddess Candidate certainly wasn't helping matters — these arcades were made for normal humans and Nepgear and Uni were anything but.

Pulling Uni away from the lane, she whispered, "Here, feel how I move your hand and the ball," Gently, she raised Uni's hand, raising it along the side of her body until her hand was raised higher than her head. As they got closer, the girls bent at the knee, the ball lowering further. With their palms directly underneath the ball, the girls gave it a slight rotation right before release; while slow, the spiraling sphere made its steady progress towards the pins, knocking over several with a loud clunk.

Of course, you need to apply a little more force if you want to knock down more than just a few," Nepgear replied. It wasn't that Uni minded being embraced by Nepgear, not at all; in actuality, she could feel something soft squish into her backside, and knowing it was Nepgear's chest made Uni incredibly flustered.

The next activity they pursued was Laser Tag: Uni breathed slowly in and out. For the strangest reason, unlike the dance challenge she partook, she felt a revitalizing sensation rush through her being. Sure, it was a game, and the simple objective of shooting a light towards the targeted area on their opponents' bodies.

But something about it sparked her expertise and love of battle. This was a challenge that brought out her inner warrior once again. Peeking up from a walled off barrier she could see the entire "battlefield" arranged for the players. It was plain as anyone could see that this arena was multi-floored, intended for large parties of two enemy teams to fight over a large area.

Haphazard obstacles such as tires, half-built structures, and many walls with holes or windows made it easy to hide and easy to shoot around.

neptunia rebirth 2 conquest ending relationship

Colored in green and blue, it was a direct contrast to the opposing team wearer's red and purple target "armor" each of them wore. Their little guns resembled simple two-handed pistols, easy to manage and not very heavy; the fact that they were wireless instead of the archaic wired models made it all the more easy to aim and shoot.

The booming music that played within the laser tag arena thrummed through her being, yet it created an ominous silence. The game had started two minutes ago and she had yet to encounter Nepgear.

She was starting to grow nervous, her palms already sweating around the holster of her mock weapon. A flash of light was all she'd see before a squeak of realization was let out of her mouth. The ring of being hit emanated in her earpiece mockingly, the sound of hollow laughter causing her to burn with infuriation from within.

Ducking behind the wall, she waited until she was respawned in the next ten seconds, cursing at her inattentiveness. She laughed giddily and performed a peace sign down at Uni, eager to rub in her first kill bonus. Ironically it hit the padding over Nepgear's exposed hand, causing a series of flickering lights to blink across her armor, showing that a hit has been earned.

The look of stark realization that her victory cry had earned her a loss of her own, she quickly ducked behind her housing and strung a string of curses inaudible from the distance between her and Uni. Seeing that Nepgear was on the top floor, she knew that she already had a distinct advantage.

It was time that she would take the fight to her and brave the downward fire. She had five more seconds and she pumped her legs as fast as she could. She continued to fire, the lack of an ammo limit being the perks of such a game, allowing her to unleash proverbial Hell as she kept on her laser-guided chase to Uni's movements. If it wasn't for the fact that she had already moved too close to the nearest rampart, she knew that her attacks would have more effectiveness.

Just as she reached the top, she saw another flurry of light discharges, one of which struck her leg and caused her body to flicker, her earpiece mockingly cluing her in on her obvious damage report. Uni gasped as she checked her surroundings. The benefit of a laser tag arena was that there were as many advantages in the surroundings as disadvantages.

While there were many walls and crevices to hide within, there would always be a hole or a window, or as Nepgear revealed the upper floor that can be used against the defenders. But on the other side, there would always be a special trick mechanism placed within the environment, allowing a special attack bonus for anyone to find it.

Just a second before the trigger was pulled, Uni leaped to the side, avoiding the stream of laser fire that was unleashed on the floor. As she tumbled to the side, she felt herself skid over near the edge of the second floor. Gasping, she barely kept herself from being flung off, and causing an unintentional injury to herself.

You have nowhere to run and that means I can keep unloading for as long as I want! It was one of three running across the second floor, shining a number of lights that shimmered the arena with colorful tones that accented the uniquely colored room scheme.

With a smile of her own, Uni raised her gun and fired at it. Nepgear widened her eyes, wondering why Uni fired past her, causing her to halt her own fire.

Turning around, she suddenly saw with an agape expression what happened. The formerly silver plated disco ball that shined a number of multi-colors turned a complete red, matching the hue of Uni's laserfire and team color. In a dizzying spin, the disco ball unleashed a sporadic amount of laser fire, simultaneously striking Nepgear's bodily target plating at a near instantaneous level.

The story will end in Chapter 6: The party defeats Arfoire, but shortly after the party discovers that they had only destroyed her body. After the CPUs assured to their sister that they won't get sealed with Arfoire that easily, they directed their attentions back to Arfoire and attack her again. Arfoire disappears along with the CPUs, their fates remaining unknown. Some time had passed, and the cast came to accept that NeptuneBlancNoireand Vert were sealed up with Arfoire.

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Nepgear gives her commencement speech in front of an audience in Planeptune. Somewhere in the audience, it was revealed that the CPUs had survived the ordeal with Arfoire.

Apparently, they were "late" because Neptune "struggled to get ahold of her leg that Arfoire was holding onto. Nepgear, UniRam, and Rom had gave out their commencement speeches. Then, Neptune appears "from the sky" as a result from her being catapulted. Blanc, Noire, and Vert reveal themselves shortly after.

The story then ends with an emotional reunion. Normal Ending extensions Edit Additionally, the Normal Ending may extend with more events if certain requirements are met. Although they are labeled as endings, all five "endings" are rather extra scenes that extend from the Normal Ending. All requirements must be fulfilled before the fight against CFW Arfoire in chapter 6. Human Ending Nepgear holds a sleepover with the makers.

Additionally, all Lily Ranks with 5pb. Nepgear invites all the playable makers to her place for a sleepover to celebrate their triumph against Arfoire.

Then the casts find their positions on where to sleep. After they find their positions, they discuss their plans on what they should do for the rest of the night. The scene ends after they talk about how they should stay in Nepgear's home everyday.

Both sisters of Planeptune "play hooky" from their work. As the sisters relax in their room, Histoire arrives shortly to "give them a piece of her mind. The scene ends with Histoire giving the sisters a break from work for 3 days. Leanbox Ending Vert dresses Nepgear up in a dress. Nepgear was doing some paperwork until Vert came over. Apparently, she's been coming over to Planeptune recently to visit and play with Nepgear.

Vert dresses Nepgear up in a pink dress. Chika and Neptune were watching from a corner, both jealous of how Vert and Nepgear are spending more time than them. The scene ends with Nepgear giving in to Vert and be a "doll to dress up. Noire must be recruited. Noire was training Uni, but she believes Uni is only half adequate because of her sole reliance on raw power.

Unsatisfied and determined to beat her sister, Uni drags Nepgear along and forced her for a training session. As Uni "trains" with Nepgear, under the shade of a tree, Neptune and Noire discuss on how each will surpass each other soon enough. The scene ends with Nepgear deliberately trying to run away from Uni, whose trying to land a hit on her. Blanc must be recruited. Nepgear visits Blanc's place in Lowee to read and to visit Ram and Rom. They slowly find their way into relaxing on Blanc like furniture.

She gives in the current situation she's in, rather being relaxed on like furniture than Nepgear, Ram, and Rom "making a bunch of noise.

The Conquest Ending is the ending result of Apocalypse: Savior's Sorrowan alternate chapter separate from chapter 6.

neptunia rebirth 2 conquest ending relationship

See the Chirper event with Arfoire Mom in Lowee.