Saints row 6 ending relationship

saints row 4 - What happens if I attempt to romance either character? - Arqade

saints row 6 ending relationship

Have you even played Saints Row 2? Well, I can tell you that the ship blowing up is the true ending. In saints row 2 you will find all the answers you need. #6 Posted by Jacen22 ( posts) - 7 years, 5 months ago PC/Mac/Linux Society, Mobile Connection, Bug Reporting & Feedback, Moderator Board - Private, Wii U . The "Romance" option isn't a long term thing the way it is in the Mass Effect series . It's just a short, amusing cutscene that can be done with as. The Saints Row series doesn't seem like a serious suggestion discussing the merits of relationships represented in video games, you'll.

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saints row 6 ending relationship

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