Big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

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big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

Richardson Mole is a rival comic book fan who appears in Big Hero 6: The Series . Hiro Hamada, Baymax and Go Go, whom he once again tries to flirt with. Fandoms · Disney Marvel, Fanart, Cartoon Ships, Honey Lemon, Big Hero 6, Lgbt . BFFs - Honey and GoGo I Imagine, Big Hero 6, Disney Characters, Disney. I think it would be so cute if Hiro had a little crush on Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6, actually in the original Marvel comics Hiro likes Honey but we ain't is based on and in it the Honey character 'flirted' with Hiro a few times.

They were sent to Canada once again, where they fought the newest incarnation of Alpha Flight until Sasquatch discovered the plot.

big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

Hiro Takachiho is a thirteen-year-old boy whose intelligence would astound the most brilliant minds around the world. He is an expert at creating new and unique technological wonders, including his bodyguard and fellow team member Baymax.

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Hiro does not want to join Big Hero 6 at first, but is forced to ally with the team when his mother is held hostage by the Everwraith. Hiro has recently constructed a flight suit that makes him more effective and versatile in battle.

Created by Hiro for a school science project, the synthetic entity known only as Baymax became much more to Hiro after the death of his father.

big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

Now the best friend, father figure, and bodyguard of young Hiro, Baymax is at Hiro's side every hour of every day. Other than acting as a father figure to Hiro, there is apparently much more to Baymax's role in the Takachiho family.

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It was revealed that Baymax has a "special relationship" with Hiro's mother. This probably results from the fact that Baymax's memory chips were programmed to retain the thoughts and emotions of Hiro's deceased father.

big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

Baymax is a synthformer who can morph his body into a dragon-like creature. When not directly at his creator's side, Baymax can be summoned during emergency situations via a wrist-mounted communication device worn by Hiro. Baymax's main power source is water, which can be used to instantly reactivate him.

Richardson Mole

After making a deal with Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Kiochi was allowed to return to Earth and exact vengeance upon the Silver Samurai. Wielding a demonic katana and permanently bonded to black variant of his foe's armor, Kiochi was reborn as the Ebon Samurai. However, upon learning that Silver Samurai had become the bodyguard of the Japanese prime minister, Kiochi abandoned his quest for revenge, realizing that murdering Harada would constitute a betrayal of his country.

big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

He subsequently left the team to accompany Sunpyre when she returned to the Microverse. An alternate reality version of Sunfire's deceased sister Leyu, Sunpyre Lumina is the crown princess of Coronar, a planet hidden deep within the Microverse. As a result of being pulled out of the Microverse through Honey Lemon's purse, Sunpyre worships her as a goddess, and joins the Big Hero 6 out of a sense of gratitude. She and the Ebon Samurai later left the team to return to the Microverse and oust the villains who had taken over Coronar during her absence Wasabi-No-Ginger a trained chef who uses various swords to fight.

Richardson once cut the power to Fred's house so he could buy the only surviving copy of Caption Fancy from right under him.

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The charges against him were never proven, since he covered his tracks to avoid getting into trouble with the law; and to keep Fred from getting revenge on his stunt. Despite being only eleven years old, Richardson appears to have crush on Go Goas he occasionally flirts with her.

Physical Appearance Richardson is a short overweight kid, around eleven years old. He has light brown hair and greyish green eyes. Richardson probably gets his surname from the mole on his left cheek.

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Richardson dresses in dark cream coloured shirt and wears a black short sleeve jacket on top with the initials S. He wears green pants and blue and white sneekers.

big hero 6 marvel honey lemon flirt

Richardson allows it, so long as Go Go is able to beat his high score for one of the Mole Hole's arcade games. She does so almost effortlessly, impressing Richardson.