Imago relationship therapy weekend workshops for adults

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imago relationship therapy weekend workshops for adults

Imago Relationship Therapy proposes that there is an unconscious purpose at intimate committed love relationships is based on the premise that as adults, we seek Do you counsel couples in addition to presenting weekend workshops?. Imago workshops often take the form of weekends away from home, where couples In Imago workshops and therapy, couples usually sit facing each other and your childhood relationships are bound to come up in your adult relationships. To search for a Getting the Love You Want workshop please Any couple may benefit from this workshop. The workshop is appropriate for you if: • You are.

Regardless of an intensive past characterized by love and tenderness, even stable and strong relationships may face challenges that they cannot overcome without help. The Imago Relationship Therapy follows a modern approach that provides solution-focused support and accompanies you and your partner through relationship and life changes.

Couples with different cultural backgrounds face special challenges in their daily routines that may be easily and gracefully overcome if the partners have a true understanding for each other. By activating your empathy, you will be introduced to a special form of compassion that may result in a stabilized and re-harmonized relationship.

It is not psychotherapy. Find out more about my qualifications.

imago relationship therapy weekend workshops for adults

What is an Imago? An imago is an idealized image of attachment figures like parents or siblings, which people subconsciously acquire during childhood. This ideal subsequently influences the decisions and actions of adults. The founders of the Imago Relationship Therapy, Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, assume that people always select partners that resemble the idealized imago corresponding with the mother or father with their positive and negative characteristics.

Particularly the negative characteristics of the imago offer the option to work through conflicts experienced during childhood and to overcome them. This is particularly the case in relationships, which are characterized by cross-cultural influences.

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While including elements of Positive Psychology and trauma-sensitive approaches I will support you to overcome these challenges. By positively changing your communication habits, you and your partner can experience a true understanding of each other — and appreciate and accept each other as who you are.

Mutual Acceptance based on Awareness The central factors of the Imago Relationship Therapy are empathy, understanding and compassion. Our early experiences of love with childhood caretakers have profoundly affected our patterns of perception and behavior in our current love life.

The frustration and struggle we experienced are a part of the development of a relationship as we merge our "agendas" and attempt to get our needs met.

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During the two-day workshop, you will learn a lot about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Using a format that encourages understanding, you and your partner will explore your personal needs and experiences and share them in one-on-one work sessions.

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The workshop will not solve all the issues you face as a couple, however; you can expect to leave with a roadmap of what will be needed for you to develop and foster the relationship you desire. Are we asked to reveal our private issues and concerns in the workshop?

Getting the Love You Want: The Couples Weekend Workshop

Other than sharing your first name and a few words about yourself as a couple, you are not asked to share with anyone but your partner. No pressure is placed on anyone to share or reveal personal concerns. However, we do create a safe atmosphere in which some couples chose to share about their lives, creating some normalcy around the struggles we all share.

Demonstrations of communication processes are done with couples who volunteer. Safety and privacy are highly protected and respected. Why should we attend the workshop instead of just reading the book and the exercises on our own?

However, the material is presented by Linda and Louis, who as a couple have been utilizing the concepts in their own relationship and in their practices as therapists. Their examples and the structure of the workshop assist couples in actually completing the exercises, learning how to share the information and in beginning to make changes in their relationship.

imago relationship therapy weekend workshops for adults

Many couples have not been able to work through the book on their own, especially if they are struggling with trust, anger and painful issues in their relationship. Do we need to be in therapy to attend a workshop? If not will we need couples therapy afterwards? Many couples have never been in therapy, read the book and decide to attend the workshop. When a couple is working with one of us in therapy, we recommend they attend a workshop as soon as possible.

We generally do not take therapy time to explain all the theory and experience all the exercises contained in the workshop.