Relationship statement for immigration sample

Partner Visas - writing your own statements (sponsor & partner)

relationship statement for immigration sample

Immigration Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent Your own statements should detail the history of your relationship and explain how . a really good stat dec kind of outline sample on the diac website in a pdf (search for. As part of the immigration application we are required to provide I am writing this statement in order to vouch for the loving relationship. Respall's Latest Australian Migration News . Statements.

The degree of companionship and emotional support that the parties draw from each other. Whether the parties see the relationship as for the long term.

Examples of assessing the nature mutuality of the relationship in regard to the above components include an assessment of: The partners' knowledge of each other's personal circumstances this could include background and family situation and could be established at a possible interview.

If parties who are or until recently, were living separately claim that their separation is or was not permanent, officers need to consider their reasons for the temporary separation. I have drilled down into this area of the application process and have developed many styles and structure of writing a support letter of a genuine relationship in lodging a valid, genuine and most importantly continuous partner visa application for Australia from the Philippines.

Please do not lodge a weak or unsubstantiated or badly evidenced partner visa application as the Minister has given a directive to refuse them immediately once a case officer peruses them initially after lodgement. It is not a great way to start your application.

relationship statement for immigration sample

The current Visa Application Charge is Aud. Thank you and Mabuhay! It also means who does the ironing, who cooks, who hangs out the washing and does the vaccuming. If you have kids, who drives them to school? Who helps with the homework? Talk about any property you own jointly, joint financial arrangements. DIAC are not so unreasonable as to expect you to have something that it is just not possible to get due to local laws.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

You may not have joint bank accounts, but you may well be able to prove or at least describe how you each contribute financially. You may NOT be young! I know of a couple who married in their later years, after meeting up again in later life.

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  • Nature of the Household: Who does the dishes?
  • Partner Visas - writing your own statements (sponsor & partner)

You may keep assets separate because of children from previous marriages. That is very common these days. How did you feel if you were apart? Do you share you day when you come home?

Does he wipe away your tears when you are homesick? Just explain them clearly. Perhaps there was a sick parent back home and you had to be apart for a while.

Maybe one of you had a visa that expired and had to leave.

relationship statement for immigration sample

Your future plans Well, what ARE your future plans? Set up a business? Set up a medical practice in the country? You need to show you have some! My Statement of Relationship was six pages long. Too long might look like trying too hard! Only you can make a decision about whether you have covered all the aspects DIAC are looking for.

Also, the length will depend on the length of your relationship. Clearly talking about a six year relationship might take a bit longer than talking about a twelve month relationship!

I tend to think quality wins over quantity though! DIAC add a note at the end of the category list: Above all else, just be honest about your relationship. You will probably be interviewed. The questions may involve what brand of camera your partner owns, but will certainly cover the contents of your Statement of Relationship. What DIAC wants is the truth and evidence to support your application. We were introduced to each other through a common friend name of friend and how you both know the friend.

We started talking and exchanged numbers. After the Christmas party we stayed in touch through phone calls, messages and facebook. Here you can mention the places you went to, what you like doing together. This can include cooking together, taking long walks, going to the gym together etc. We stayed at a number of different hotels write down the hotel names if you can remember.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

While in the US, we went to a baseball game see if you can find the tickets to the game, showing seats next to each other. In Spain we went to …. Was there an incident that brought you closer as a couple?

Relationship evidence - take it seriously

When did you first move in together? How did you decide on that? Have you made any big purchases together applianced, car, insurance etc.

relationship statement for immigration sample

This part might be longer than the others for some couples. It all depends on your own story and the longer you have been together, the more likely it is that you have shared many experiences together.

Nature of the Household: Who does the dishes? This part is probably the toughest to prove with evidence, so explaining in your statements how you run your household can be a crucial factor. XXX is usually the one to do the dishes while I am in charge of vacuum cleaning.

relationship statement for immigration sample

Details of any shared financial and other responsibilities you both took on. Grocery shops, gyms, clubs shared accounts in any form can be useful etc.

relationship statement for immigration sample

Provide proof such as bills addressed to both of youbank account details, maybe emails to your real estate agents or bank.