How to meet and marry a prince

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how to meet and marry a prince

Want to follow in Kate Middleton's footsteps and marry a prince? Well forget Parties are also key for finding a future royal spouse. “Parties are. Here are 7 rules to finding your prince As Prince Harry gets ready to marry American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, more than a few of. Want to follow in Kate Middleton's footsteps and marry a prince? Well forget kissing frogs and try playing tennis or putting your party shoes on. Social network .

how to meet and marry a prince

Andrews nine years before he actually proposed. Italian journalist Beatrice Borromeo, a member of the ancient aristocratic House of Borromeo, met her prince not at a ball, but while studying with him at Bocconi University in Milan. Getty Images Rule 2: Don't be afraid of a break up. After Prince William and Kate and broke up inKate was famously spotted out and about having a great time.

Just days after she split with Prince William temporarily in AprilKate proved she was just fine on her own, stepping out on the town with a smile.

What are your chances of marrying a prince? Better than getting conked by an asteroid

Getty Images Rule 3: Give back After meeting on a blind date, what really brought Meghan Markle and Prince Harry together was their mutual passion for making the world a better place. She added with a laugh, "I think that's what got date two in the books, probably.

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Get sporty Since Princes are obviously looking for good role models to represent their nation, elegance and grace seem to be high on their list of priorities. Prince Albert 's wife Princess Charlene of Monaco, an accomplished Olympic swimmer who dove right into her role, and even sometimes evokes comparisions to her late mother-in-law, Grace Kelly.

Olympic swimmer Princess Charlene looking fit and fabulous in Getty Images Rule 5: Long-shot odds are not intuitive. Golfers, for instance, are more likely to be run over by a golf cart 1 in 1, than to hit a hole in one 1 in 12, Rory might not guess that she has a better chance of becoming a professional athlete 1 in 27, than a neurosurgeon 1 in 98,or of being president 1 in 10 million, gender aside than a saint 1 in 20 million.

She's evidently less likely to spot a UFO 1 in 3 million — a privilege claimed by both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, against astronomical odds — than to die by meteor strike 1 in 1,, according to a Tulane University scientist.

Want to marry a royal like Kate and Meghan? Here are 7 rules to finding your prince

And what's her shot at becoming a princess? Science offers a model for calculating rare events, the Drake Equation, a means of figuring the probability of extraterrestrial life. It estimates the relevant factors — the number of stars, planets per star, the proportion of those in a habitable zone — to arrive at the overall probability.

Each estimate is a guess, but not a random one, and increasing any factor raises the overall chance. So Meghan Markle's switch from Ms. Her marriage lifts the historical odds of a union between royal and commoner, especially an American one.

Under the strictest definition of "prince," not lots: There are only about 60 unmarried males over age 15 among the royal houses of Europe, with a proportional rising generation.

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If Rory vies with other princess contenders from Europe and America — let's say females between the ages of 20 and 40 — that's a field of 60 million. The probability of finding her prince: That doesn't sound bad; it's more likely to happen than getting conked on the head by an asteroid. But to improve Rory's odds, let's look beyond Europe.

There are royals in Africa and Asia, including a new king elected in Malaysia every five years; he and his sons retain their titles for life.

how to meet and marry a prince

But few of them speak English, and Rory has scant chance of studying, say, Malay number of American universities consistently offering the language: Saudi Arabia has 7, princes, but I'd guess the odds are heavy against a cross-cultural marriage there.

Perhaps Rory has a greater likelihood of forming a new monarchy, or allying with one. The size of two tennis courts, Sealand has seen two violent coups by hired mercenaries, one kidnapping and an international hostage negotiation mediated by a German diplomat.

After a devastating fire inputative Prince James grandson of Paddy scaled a grappling-hook ladder to replant Sealand's flag on the platform.