Tna house show meet and greet

Thoughts on TNA house show in Hagerstown - Baltimore Sun

tna house show meet and greet

been to a wrestling show and he loved it. I have to applaud TNA for another job well done on their house shows, from the meet-and-greet to the. O-CAL VAL TO MEET AND GREET WITH TNA FANS AT PHILADELPHIA SHOW ON NOVEMBER October 26, Nashville, Tennessee. TNA News: Weekend House Show Lineups, Notes From Hogan Meet & Greet, From Nick: The Hulk Hogan meet and greet was a lot of fun.

Matt Morgan was signing autographs by the merchandise table. When the show actually started, Jeremy Borash came in the ring to give out the backstage passes. One of the TNA employees wanted Borash to stop giving them out. But Borash kept giving them out. Robbie E was trying to show Tommy how to fist-pump, which was a funny sight.

He grabbed her by the hair and put her in the corner.

tna house show meet and greet

Good 10 minute match. Sarita — Typical Knockouts match.

tna house show meet and greet

Angelina Love did her very nice ring entrance. Angelina and Sarita are so pretty in person.

Thoughts on TNA house show in Hagerstown

Bully Ray in a Tables Match with Mick Foley as the special guest referee — Bully Ray gets typical heel heat by pushing a member of Atlas security and trash talking at fans. Bully Ray stalls a little before the match starts and pushes the ref. The ref grabs a microphone and says him and the rest of the TNA roster are sick of Bully Ray bulling people around.

So he called in a special guest referee and out comes Mick Foley to a huge pop!

tna house show meet and greet

Mick Foley is dressed in sweatpants and a Bruce Springsteen Tour jacket. Beer Money came out to a nice pop.

tna house show meet and greet

Young and Roode start out the match and run back and forth through the ropes, in that Young slides out and Roode acts frustrated. Later on, when Roode and Orlando Jordan are in the ring, Roode jumps out and jumps over the barricade and sits in an empty seat in the front row which was a funny sight.

He joins them in the Beer Money chant. Young landed hard on his head.

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Young shakes hands with Roode and Storm after the match. Intermission — Angelina Love is signing autographs at intermission. My friend and I head backstage with the pass we bought. He was favoring his right shoulder for most of the contest, and he later posted on Facebook that he suffered a broken collarbone.

tna house show meet and greet

This was exactly the type of match you would expect from these two teams — fast-paced, high-flying and plenty of innovative offense and high spots. In one unique spot, Max and Jeremy Buck were both down on the mat, and the Guns tied their legs together. Then Chris Sabin locked one of the Bucks in what appeared to be a variation of an abdominal stretch, while Shelley slapped a crossface on the other one. The Guns eventually got it together and won the match with Skull and Bones.

Dinero came out first and got a mixed reaction, but he played heel well enough to turn the crowd against him. Joe got a big babyface pop.

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Before the match, Dinero acted like he was going to give his sunglasses to a kid in the front row, but he was just teasing him. Later, Joe grabbed the sunglasses and gave them to the kid. After some back-and-forth action, Joe hooked on the Kokina Clutch and Dinero tapped out.

As Dinero began making his way to the back, he turned and faced the crowd and started clapping and bowing to them in a show of appreciation. After Dinero stepped through the curtain, however, he immediately came back out and flipped off the fans. That was a nice touch. TNA world champion Mr.

Anderson defeated Jeff Jarrett; Kurt Angle was the special referee Angle got the biggest pop of the night when he was introduced. Jarrett and Anderson both did a nice job of playing to the crowd. Jarrett made the cover, but Angle took his time in getting back in the ring and then did a very slow count.

Anderson kicked out at two. An incensed Jarrett took a swing at Angle, but Angle blocked it and nailed Jarrett, who turned around and fell right into Anderson, who hit the Mic Check for the win.

I videotaped interviews before the show with Mr. I hope to get them posted by the end of the week.